Rivals 3 – Episode 6 Breakdown & Scoring

Birthday cake or birthday suit? It’s raining nudity fantasy points!

Ep 6 - Birthday Cake or Birthday Suit

Ep 6 – Birthday Cake or Birthday Suit


Title: The Naked Truth

The episode starts with partying at the bar and a quick shot of Christina and Kelly Anne kissing (10 points each). It took a lot of slow motion replays and investigation into what Kelly Anne was wearing to get to this conclusion, but we’re confident that it happened.

Rivals 3 - Ep 6 - Christina and Kelly Anne Kissing

Rivals 3 – Ep 6 – Christina and Kelly Anne Kissing

Devin & Camila are flirty and make out (10 points each) before being shown getting into bed dressed and then kissing. As they are dressed, no coitus points for them… this time. First time we’ve seen Camila get some action in a while… if ever? We need to build a real challenge history to track things like this.

Rivals 3 - Ep 6 - Ashley and Tony in Bed

Rivals 3 – Ep 6 – Ashley and Tony in Bed

Tony & Ashley hook up (20 points each) and we see some blurred Tony privates, Ashley’s too, when it’s all done (10 points each). They admit to kissing, but nothing more. However, since they were barely dressed under covers, we’re going coitus on this and no kissing since they didn’t show it and that’s certainly just Tony and Ashley downplaying their hook up.

Simone thinks Ashley is a slut. Will there be another fight between these two? No, because they used all their insults on each other last episode.

The challenge is called Laps of Judgement. It’s five “Would You Rather?” games in a row, marked by hanging a token on a hook for each completed task.

It’s worth noting that T.J. is wearing a Muhammed Ali shirt whenever this was filmed and it’s airing the first episode after The Greatest died. That’s how on point T.J. is. He rocks at life.

Rivals 3 - Ep 6 - Thomas and Simone Choosing to Eat Brains

Rivals 3 – Ep 6 – Thomas and Simone Choosing to Eat Brains

The first choice is eat cow brains or cow balls. Amanda & Nelson, Sarah & Bananas are seemingly the only teams that go for the balls. A lot of dry heaving follows, but Nany and Cheyenne are the only ones really shown with organ meat coming out of their mouth (5 points).

The second lap task is to use a laso to pull in a barrel or throw 5 rocks into the barrel. The rock people do better, in general. Wes & Nany and Jamie & Kelly Anne struggle with the laso.

Third action is to take a queen sized mattress or 5 tires up the sets of walls. Everyone goes tires except for Vince & Jenna, who actually take Devin & Cheyenne’s mattress, making T.J. inform them they have to go back and bring THEIR mattress up. Le sigh. Vince & Jenna drop from 2nd place to way behind. Sarah & Bananas are in the lead because maybe the balls were easier to swallow?

Task 4 is a puzzle, which Sarah solves easily. Most teams seem to breeze through this… most teams being not Camila & Tony, who lag on this one.

Meanwhile, Christina & Nate are freaking out because they can’t find their token/key/maker thing that they have to hang on the hook to show they’ve completed the task. MTV never gets into the detailed rules of their challenges, but they clearly need this token because they are looking for it everywhere and not seeming to be able to continue without it.

The fifth and final task for those making progress onto the final lap is a choice to eat an entire birthday cake or run in their birthday suit. Considering that the cake is big, it’s hot out, everyone has lost their appetite from the balls or brains they ate, this is the easiest decision for all. Everyone gets naked, except Christina & Nate, who are so far behind and bitter that they don’t seem to be competing anymore (10 points for everyone but Christina and Nate).

Having led for seemingly the entire time, Sarah & Bananas cruise in for the win (15 points each). Dario & Nicole come in 2nd, Thomas & Simone in 3rd (not bad for this seemingly bad team), Nelson & Amanda in 4th, Cory & Ashley in 5th, Devin & Cheyenne in 6th, Tony & Camila in 7th, Vince & Jenna in 8th (thanks to their double mattress duty), Wes & Nany in 9th, Jamie & Kelly Anne in 10th. Christina & Nate don’t even finish, as T.J. calls it done.

Christina accuses the lost key on another team, saying someone cheated. T.J. asks the entire cast if anyone took their token. No one says anything. Christina thinks she’s losing her mind.

At their victory dinner, Sarah & Bananas talk about Sarah’s big betrayal of Bananas’ trust from Battle of the Exes 2. She cries about it (5 points), even though it was a smart move that he has to understand. He does get it, but he wants an apology. Sarah doesn’t apologize for making the good tactical choice to set up her first challenge victory, but she says sorry for the grief it cause Bananas. And that there is some closure! Now that they’ve made up, this team may be unstoppable.

The winners plan to put Devin & Cheyenne in because those rookies came back and need to earn it. They also figure throw in Wes & Nany because Wes is annoying. So much for any Bananas/Nany alliance! But first they call down Nelson & Amanda to flex their muscles with the ol’ “we’re not putting you in, so you owe us, if you ever are in the power position.”

When they talk to Devin & Cheyenne, Devin offer the veterans everything he can think of: to never vote them in, to let them choose who should go in (should they win and Bananas & Sarah somehow lose the same challenge), and Devin says his alliance with roommate Wes, Bananas’ foe, is “squashed”. Sarah is loving the gifts from rookie fear. Maybe they shouldn’t put Devin & Cheyenne in.

While playing what seems to be beer pong, Thomas picks on Vince for being on the team that didn’t win any challenges last season on Bloodlines. It turns into a verbal fight (10 points each) until Vince attacks (15 points) quickly before backing off. Vince tells Bananas that he lost his cool and kinda slammed Thomas into a table.

Then Bananas and Thomas get into it (10 points each). Thomas is happy as he seemingly thinks Vince will go home for shoving him.

At nominations, T.J. reminds Vince that the scuffle wasn’t okay. But Vince gets away with a warning. Then T.J. drops his first “you killed it” of the season on Sarah & Bananas (10 points each).

T.J. then gets to Christina & Nate, the challenge losers. He says they looked at the tape and their token was messed with. Of all commercial break cliffhangers, this was great as trying to guess which team would do this was a perfect 3 minute conversation.

When we get back from break, T.J. explains that Camila tossed the token aside. As viewers, we see the footage. Christina & Nate had thrown their token up over the wall ahead of them. Camila had picked it up thinking it was hers, then later when Tony said he had theirs, she dropped the one she was carrying. Camila starts freaking out about how this mistake means they are now disqualified and going into elimination. She verbally attacks T.J. (5 points), which is not something we see too often. Camila is super upset about this and cries (5 points).

NOTE: While I’m not trying to defend Camila here, she threw the token into Christina & Nate’s lane. How did they not find it?

Sarah & Bananas nominate Wes & Nany after a little speech Wes doesn’t appreciate. As a result of Devin & Cheyenne offering the world and Thomas beefing with Bananas’ cousin Vince, Thomas & Simone also get put up for elimination.

After nominations, Camila and Tony fight about her throwing the token (10 points each) and then Camila cries again (5 points). Camila thinks Wes is happy about this, but he’s not. Obviously, Wes would rather be possibly facing Nate & Christina over Camila & Tony.

Veterans and Latina buddies (even if they fight when drunk sometimes) Nany and Camila don’t want to go in against each other. But maybe they won’t, since Thomas & Simone have a 50% chance of going in. That is, until Thomas gets a call from his girlfriend that she’s having health issues and heading to the emergency room.

Thomas & Simone don’t dress for the jungle, as they announce they are going home to tend to personal matters. T.J. is understanding. Simone being empathetic to the situation is her best moment of the season. They leave with dignity.

NOTE: When your girlfriend is in the hospital, that’s reason to go home. When you just miss your girlfriend, that’s reason to go to bed early… Brandon!

But Thomas & Simone’s departure doesn’t mean the elimination is canceled. Wes & Nany still have to pick skulls and if they get a black one, they have to compete against Tony & Camila. Because seeing Wes & Nany vs. Tony & Camila would be so good, Wes & Nany pick white skulls and are spared.

Stray observations:

  • SO MANY POINTS! Fantasy fun week. 465 total points… the same amount as the entire points scored in the first 4 episodes of the season.
  • Making out with Christina and freaking out on Jamie – another decent showing this episode for crazy Kelly Anne!
  • Props to MTV for this challenge. Great combo of brains, brawn and strategery. One of the best new, original challenges they’ve had in a while.
  • Wes & Nany are not to be feared. It took them a while to get the laso, but they still finished the challenge after Vince & Jenna, who had to do the most time consuming task twice.
  • Vince & Jenna were the only team to choose the mattress, but two mattresses made it up the walls because Vince picked from the wrong lane. That makes Jenna the brains on that team.
  • Camila saying that if she was going to attack Simone she wouldn’t use a spoon, she’d use her hands, is awesome. Camila is having a great season! For the rookies, Ashley is getting lots of fantasy points!

Episode 6 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 - Ep 6 - Scores

Rivals 3 – Ep 6 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Rivals 3 – Ep6 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Tony (50 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Anti-nudity, make-out free Nate (0 points)

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