Club, challenge, deliberation, nomination, elimination and Camila crying multiple times. We’re getting settled into the season!

Crying Camila by the Phone of Doom

Crying Camila by the Phone of Doom


Title: Camilanator: Salvation

On the heels of being disqualified for messing with a competitor’s piece last episode, Camila quasi-apologizes to Tony at the club (or lounge or bar or wherever drinking place they are). Camila says, essentially, that she’s just crazy. She gets teary-eyed, but doesn’t cry, sorry people.

Rivals 3 - Ep 7 - Devin and Jamie Fight

Rivals 3 – Ep 7 – Devin and Jamie Fight

Drunk Devin is being annoying. He’s talking like he’s cool and tells Cory, who is trying to flirt with his partner, that Devin will send Cory (and everyone else) “in”. As Cheyenne so wisely notes, you can’t kick people off unless you win (and they lose in the elimination jungle, but hey, she got half of it and she’s new). Jamie gets into a verbal fight with Devin (10 points each). It’s hard to tell what he said, but Jamie takes it as a threat to Kelly Anne. Devin mainly stands there because Drunk Devin is stupid, but at the end he yells to Jamie that he will “tap that ass out, and make you look like the bitch that you are,” so that makes it a verbal fight. Crazy Kelly Anne, however, is grateful that Jamie stood up for her.

Devin and Wes have a weird close talk exchange, again, seemingly about nothing. Or at least nothing Wes understands. Then Cory pushes Devin (15 points for physical attack), like a less exciting version of how Vince went after Thomas. Devin seems to try to push back, but security gets in there very quickly. Like Thomas before him, Devin thinks that provoking a bigger guy to touch him means this intimidating competitor will be kicked off. No, Devin, it’s not that easy.

Later, outside smoking a cigarette, Devin continues to pester Cory, looking for more reaction. Cheyenne tells Cory to go inside and he does, eventually. Cheyenne yells at Devin (5 points) for making her look bad. Of course, he didn’t do that. He just embarrassed himself. And intercepted Cory’s flirtations advances on his partner.

Inside the house, the peace between Tony & Camila is short-lived. Fuming Tony goes off on Camila, who claps in his face and then yells at him to go to bed (10 points each) because he too is very drunk, and has issues with his partner. He also does a good job of making himself look stupid. Camila obviously yells back, because Camila isn’t going to simply take Tony’s belligerency without response.

In the morning, producers wake up Camila and tell her to call her sister Larissa (who we met last season), informing her that their grandmother has passed. Camila breaks down crying (5 points). In an interview talking about her grandma, she cries (5 more points).

Sarah overhears the crying and goes to comfort Camila. While it is unclear who Camila’s real friends are, Sarah is compassionate and feels for Camila during her time of need.

Thankfully, we will not lose another player to an at-home issue. Camila joins the cast at the challenge, because she wants to try to win the money for her family.

The challenge is called Road to Nowhere. T.J. explains that it’s not a road to nowhere, but a little road (more like a path) to a 400-foot cliff. One teammate will push the skateboard-looking thing, while the other sits and steers it. Right before the edge, there are the two green flags are the first ones, posted completely upright, and are worth 5 points each. There are two yellow flags worth 10 points each and two red flags worth 15 points each. So 60 points maximum. The team that gets the most points the fastest, wins.

Since there was no elimination jungle last time, the order is random. Wes & Nany go first, with the strategy of going slow to try to get as many flags as possible Wes pushes Nany, who misses flags, but Wes grabs one green flag before riding off the edge and bouncing around on their bungy cords. Cory & Ashley are next, he grabs a green, too. Vince & Jenna match. Bananas & Sarah are, of course, the team to beat, as Sarah gets a yellow flag and Bananas gets a green.

Devin & Cheyenne are next and mix it up. She is the first female player to push and not drive. They are also working the slow and steady. She gets a green flag and he gets a yellow. Nate & Christina scream and grab a red and a yellow flag. Dario & Nicole stumble, but get 20 points.

Dario & Nicole Compete in the Road to Nowhere Challenge

Dario & Nicole Compete in the Road to Nowhere Challenge

Jamie & Kelly Anne also get tripped up with steering in the beginning. They somehow fall off the push cart before the edge, which means none of the flags they took count. They get giant 0 points.  Nelson & Amanda get one flag off the pole and the entire pole that Nelson took, which isn’t allowed. Tony & Camila go and he gets 20 points and is all pumped.

T.J. announces the winners are Nate & Christina (15 points each), while Jamie & Kelly Anne lost and are going into the elimination jungle.

Nate & Christina think about Nelson & Amanda, 2nd chancers Devin & Cheyenne and token-taker Camila. Clearly, there’s not much Are You The One? love. Nate & Christina feel like they are owed an apology from Camila, who stays stubborn about the fact that maybe they shouldn’t have lost their token. Camila made a mistake, and it wasn’t on purpose, but she could still apologize for that mistake. She doesn’t because she doesn’t want to play the begging game.

While talking for Nelson & Amanda, the replacement rookies remind Nate & Christina that the veterans have been friends for years and their more loyal to each other than the newbies. Will this young new group of dating show kids figure out they have to be in an alliance?

Camila pulls Christina aside and says they have her back, while also warning Christina that people in the house are dirty, untrustworthy people. And that people will say whatever to get out of elimination. Camila cries (5 points) and then says whatever to get out of elimination in that she didn’t mean to take the token. Christina has no idea how sincere Camila is.

At nominations, Nate & Christina decide to put up Nelson & Amanda and Devin & Cheyenne for elimination. I didn’t watch Are You The One? but I’m guessing there wasn’t much comradery. Amanda gets annoyed that they are picked over Camila, who took their token. She gives some verbal attack attitude (5 points). Jamie asks if they are scared, and some snarky remarks are exchanged. This is not a fight, but it’s good fuel for getting pumped for the elimination jungle.

Kelly Anne looks uneasy during the skull drawing. It’s unclear if Jamie & Kelly Anne have a preference over which rookie team they would rather compete against. Come on, MTV producers and/or editing team! This is the kind of information we want to know!!!

Amanda pulls the black skull first, because it’s karma from that first episode where she showed up and was insanely obnoxious.

The elimination game is called Chill Out. They have a minute in an ice bath and then they have two minutes to try to solve a puzzle. When it takes more than two minutes, which it will, they go back to the ice for a minute. Getting out of the ice before one minute is quitting.

Nelson notices how nervous Kelly Anne is and how Jamie is thicker than him, which could keep him warmer in the ice bath. Amanda’s laugh reflect her nerves as well.

Jamie pees in the bath to warm it up (10 points) and Kelly Anne is okay with it because she may be crazy and because it’s not a bad strategy.

Rivals 3 - Ep 7 - Chill Out Elimination Jungle - Jamie & Kelly Anne vs. Nelson & Amanda

Rivals 3 – Ep 7 – Chill Out Elimination Jungle – Jamie & Kelly Anne vs. Nelson & Amanda

Both teams make progress in the first two minutes. From the tub, Kelly Anne and Jamie check out the puzzle and work out a plan. They decide to start over. Nelson & Amanda also reevaluate their strategy and seem to come up with a very odd plan to stack the tiles without the discs between them, then stack the disc/puck things all together as an unstable skinny tower at the top that isn’t tall enough anyway.

As the rookies head back to the ice bath, the tower tumbles. When they get back out, they work on flipping the discs on their sides for more height. Jamie & Kelly Anne quickly copy the strategy. Nelson & Amanda get their puzzle up the red height line first, but it falls over, while Jamie & Kelly Anne’s stays stable, winning them the elimination jungle (25 points each).

Nelson & Amanda leave not rivals, but friends. See? It’s a story with a happy ending. They’re happy and most viewers are happy they’re gone.

Stray observations:

  • The telephone has been all bad this season. Here’s the tally: 1 breakup, 1 medical emergency, 1 death. Yowzers. Hold the calls!
  • I can’t tell if this was a good episode or not because it was tough to score. The fights were edited down to being very short, and the amount of cry/almost crying Camila does is tough to keep up with. Also, it’s simply a chore to witness Drunk Devin.
  • The challenge was another interesting task, but the fact that the flags were worth points confused us, as they were worth challenge and not fantasy points. The struggle is real.
  • Nany is pretty obviously hungover at this challenge. Had she not gone first, and really let the height aspect of the challenge set in, she would have possibly cried and/or freaked out and/or vomited. Maybe next time…

Episode 7 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 - Ep 7 - Scores

Rivals 3 – Ep 7 – Scores

Rivals 3 - Ep 7 - Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Rivals 3 – Ep7 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Jamie (35 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Lots of people laid low and stayed dressed this episode (0 points)

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  1. Jared says:

    I think you definitely undervalued Devin here. He clearly got into verbal arguments with Wes, Cheyenne, And Cory in addition to Jamie. He should also get points for being in a physical altercation with Cory. Meanwhile Camila got points for a verbal argument with Tony!?!? That was the most one sided argument on the episode. She didn’t really get into an argument with him but if you say she did then Devin certainly deserves additional points along with Wes.

    • rachelarbeit says:

      From what we saw, Cory pushed Devin, who tried to push back but security was there immediately.

      Wes didn’t raise his voice with Devin, who seemed to be just drunkenly talking smack. However, we will review his interactions with Wes, Cheyenne and Cory. Please understand, though, that we take aggressive yelling as evidence of a verbal attack or fight, while snarky attitude does not yield points in our process.

      But again, the way this episode is so quickly edited, it is tough to tell and we will review again in the afternoon, when we get a break from our day jobs.

    • rachelarbeit says:

      We rewatched Devin’s drunkenness for you and saw no evidence to change our initial scoring. Devin is calm and just annoying in talking to Wes too closely, he can’t get a word in with Cheyenne, Cory and him barely spoke and Devin didn’t even get a push back on Cory because security intercepted so quickly. Meanwhile, Camila does yell at Tony after he goes off on her, instructing him to go to bed. Yelling is the key that makes verbal attack and verbal fight point-worthy.

      But thank you for your observations. If only MTV editing team knew what they did to us!

  2. Danielle W. says:

    Should Jamie get peeing points? Which is gross to type.

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