Rivals 3 – Midseason Report

We are halfway through The Challenge Rivals 3 – let’s see who has been racking up the points and who has quietly done nothing of fantasy point value.

Seven episodes of the fourteen (according to Wikipedia) have occurred. MTV release their midseason trailer, so we are at that halfway point in the season, with nine teams still in it.

Of the teams still in it, the favored to win has to be Bananas & Sarah. They hugged and made up, they are both seasoned veterans with strong alliances and no real threat. Even when Are You the One? players Nate & Christina won, they didn’t even consider throwing in the former champions.

When it comes to scoring fantasy points, drama queen Camila and baby Daddy Tony are scoring big. Rookie Ashley has the most points in the first half of the season, a steal if you “bought” her in the Pat Mayo league (which combines our scoring with their buy a team for the season set up).

Leroy was the big fantasy bust of the season. Exiting early for the second season in a row, Leroy scored a big fat zero points, for the second season in a row. Tears from his partner Avery were her only points. “I miss my girlfriend” quitter Brandon also had just 5 points, though he hung around twice as long as Avery did.

Dario and Wes have nudity points and nothing else to show for the season. Wes & Nany haven’t been an intimidating team, Wes doesn’t hook up and seems to avoid fights. Dario, who hooked up with Kelly Anne last season on Bloodlines, seems to have had the least screen time of anyone. His partner Nicole has also been low on screen-time and points, though flirtations with Nate seem like they will pay off as that, along with tension between her and cousin Nany, are mentioned in the MTV trailer.

Are You The One? rookie Amanda showed up two episodes into the season and is out, but not before scoring an impressive 115 points. Amanda scored a ton of drama points for being shamelessly obnoxious to other cast members for seemingly no reason. As far as the competition, her and Nelson were a decent team. Wouldn’t be surprising to see them return in a future season (as opposed to Brandon, whom T.J. will likely blacklist).

Here’s a full comparison of last season’s points vs. this season (at the halfway mark) for those cast members who have been on both:

Rivals 3 - Midseason Points by Player

Rivals 3 – Midseason Points by Player

A link to the excel version of this file can be found here: Points By Player – Midseason Report

Nany and Jenna have been quiet on the fantasy point front. Jenna has been a wallflower this season. Though she broke up with Zach (Thor), she seems to have no interest in hooking up. Without her cousin annoying her and threatening to quit, Jenna has had zero fights. Thanks to Nany’s fight with Camila, Nany has 30 points. Though this isn’t a lot, she also has more points than the 25 she scored last season.

In fact, 12 of the 14 Bloodlines cast members on Rivals 3 are still alive, with Tony, Camila and Vince doing the best at bettering their fantasy scores from last season:

Bloodlines Players on Rivals 3 - Midseason Report

Bloodlines Players on Rivals 3 – Midseason Report


For the second half of the season, here are some big questions that remain:

  • Will Wes & Nany win a challenge? If so, will they put Bananas & Sarah in with Vince & Jenna to ensure someone from the Banana family tree has to compete in an elimination jungle?
  • Will Ashley hook up with Jamie again or Tony or both or neither? For fantasy points, both in the same episode (earning the Nany bonus) would yield the best outcome.
  • Which Are You The One? team will hang around the longest: Devin & Cheyenne or Nate & Christina?
  • Are the cousins rock solid alliances or will Nany and Nicole and/or Vince and Bananas have to face tough strategic choices?
  • Are Cheyenne and Cory gunna hook up or what?
  • Are Nicole and Nate gunna hook up or what?
  • Will the producers of the show disconnect the phone to avoid bad news from the home-front?
  • Who else is Vince going to fight with?
  • Is Kelly Anne going to lose her mind?

Leave your thoughts in the comments and/or answer these polls of who you think has the best potential to win the challenge and/or score the most fantasy points.

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2 thoughts on “Rivals 3 – Midseason Report

  1. MillerTime says:

    Just a quick note, in our league from following your blog’s rules on our own spread sheet, we have Brandon at -5. Just curious how you have him at 5 points.

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