Sometimes what you don’t like in others is a reflection of what you don’t like in yourself. This episode shows that one particular rival pair has similar issues with controlling their temper while drunk.

There's no doubt Tony & Camila are rivals

There’s no doubt Tony & Camila are rivals


Title: Stand by Me

At the scarcely populated club, Tony gets very drunk, something he seems to really like doing. Nate & Nicole flirt, Cory & Cheyenne flirt, but neither make out or turn those flirtations into anything that would yield some fantasy points.

Camila tries to get Tony to come dance, but he’d rather talk to Devin about how much he dislikes Camila. This is funny because Devin likes Camila and Camila is trying, at this moment, to have fun.

Back at the house, Vince seemingly accidentally trips Camila. She gets pissed off. Vince feels bad, but remains in his playful state, which Camila is not finding humor in. A reenactment with Wes gets Camila really pissed. Her and Vince engage in a heated exchange (10 points each for verbal fighting). While Vince doesn’t raise his voice (even when Camila is screaming at him), he doesn’t back down, he is making his points and having this fight with her.

Over all the drama, but also interested in creating some, Bananas wakes up Tony and tells him to put Camila to bed. Bananas says waking up Tony to get Camila to go away will be “entertaining” and he’s not wrong, but it’s not good entertainment. It’s tough to watch. Tony goes to fetch Camila in the kitchen, where she asks if he’s going to break some eggs again (as he did in their fight last episode). This sends him on a cursing tirade. They verbally fight (10 points each), leading Camila to ask why she has such a bad partner.

Tony turns straight up scary. He kicks a trash can at Camila (15 points for physical attack) and the corners her with his arm up. He tells her he’s been carrying her through this point, which is both untrue and demoralizing. She invites him to hit her, as he is positioned to do so. He is terribly intimidating and on a level of aggression that reflects deep-rooted issues.

Vince comes in and pushes Tony away from Camila. Tony moves Vince aside and positions himself with both arms above Camila, who tells Tony he’s an idiot who is giving “them” (Vince & Bananas) what they want. Devin and Jamie slyly get between the rivals.

Tony steps back, saying how he wishes he had a better partner. Too bad he didn’t hook up with Jessica because if they were a team on a future season of Battle of the Exes, maybe Tony would realize that while she’s dramatic and emotional, Camila is a good competitor.

Camila has a physical attack of her own (15 points), by throwing a glass at Tony. He really wants to get back in her face, but is held away. Nicole holds Camila back and gets her outside, where Nany aids in holding Camila back. Camila screams at Nany not to touch her, and Nany yells at Camila, “what are you doing?” and “you’re drunk” – Nany and Camila score 10 points each for this verbal fight.

Camila verbally attacks Vince for getting Tony angry at her (5 points).

Tony sits with Devin and goes on about how much he hates her. He mentions that they could march to the finals, but that Camila “wants to be a f***ing idiot.” This is worth noting because she feels the same way about him. They are just too alike. They both are bad drunks, with bad tempers, who know they should play it cool, but can’t control their emotions.

In an interview, Tony seems to not have remembered the entire incident.

In the morning,  T.J. finds Nate eating noodles alone and asks him to gather the cast.

T.J. makes it quick, the cast was warned after Vince shoved Thomas. They were told to place nice and that’s not happening. Tony & Camila are kicked off (100 points each). The last time this happened was when Nia got kicked off right before the finals on Battle of the Exes 2 (episode 11).

The end of Rivals 3 for Camila

The end of Rivals 3 for Camila

Camila cries in her interview (5 points). Tony says it’s half his fault and half her fault. Camila cries (5 points). Camila mentions that Tony is a great person when sober but needs to get his drunkenness out of control. Here’s another example of her identifying something she has an issue with, too.

There’s an awkward lapse of time here (ahem, editors). It was light out and seemingly morning when T.J. dropped the news, but it’s dark when Tony & Camila are driven away. And it’s dark as Wes reveals that the next challenge starts in 20 minutes.

Nany notes that this last minute news of a challenge starting so soon has never happened before.

The cast is brought to the elimination jungle. They are congratulated for making it to the halfway point of the season.

The challenge is called Up All Night. Each rivals pair has a set of three boxes: big, medium and small. They must stand (no leaning or sitting) on the big box until the airhorn is blown, then move down to the next and then onto the smaller one. The whole process will last all night. Oh, and they should pay attention because part two is a “mind game.”

And for fun, the winning pair also gets $1,000 each. Dario is planning on spending it on the McDonald’s dollar menu.

Rivals 3 - Ep 8 - Up All Night Challenge

Rivals 3 – Ep 8 – Up All Night Challenge

After standing for a bit, a mariachi band. Teams like Nate & Christina appreciate the entertainment, while Bananas & Sarah realize this is part of the paying attention thing T.J. mentioned. Sarah tries to note how many players are in the band, what they are wearing, anything they could be asked about later.

More people acting odd, a juggler and other varied entertainment, an iguana, and a taco cart come in. Even with the water and the tacos, no one is shown peeing or pooping off the side of their box. Another unfortunate lost fantasy point opportunity.

We see each team catch on that the amusement isn’t just for fun, but relates to the Challenge. It’s unclear due to the editing how quickly and in exactly which order teams figure it out.

T.J. comes back at 10:30am, so the cast has been on their boxes for roughly twelve hours. Because no one got off their box, it all comes to the mental game, part 2 of this challenge. The teams now have to put the sequence of 8 events from the evening in order and answer 8 questions about each occurrence.

Who remembers enough to win and who is fried from the all-nighter is to be revealed next week, as we are out of time for this episode.

Seeing that the sneak peak preview for next week shows Wes trying to form an anti-Bananas and his cousin Vince movement, it seems that Wes & Nany as well as Vince & Jenna don’t win and neither do Bananas & Sarah, or else that conversation would be very unlikely.

Tony vs. Camila - Twitter Style

Tony vs. Camila – Twitter Style

Stray observations:

  • Rough season for Camila the person, great season for Camila the fantasy player. If you have her on your team, you’re in good shape to win your league.
  • What a change from last episode for Devin! He was an annoying intoxicated fool and this episode he’s a calm voice of reason who defends Camila and condones Tony’s actions in a reasonable tone of voice, in a way that Tony would understand if could.
  • In 8 episodes, 6 teams are gone and only 2 of those teams left by losing the elimination jungle. That’s right, only 1/3 of the teams out are out from actually losing in the competition… oh wait, one of those teams is back! Devin & Cheyenne… resurrected.
  • Bananas impression of T.J. was phenomenal. Devin was amusing on the boxes… or at least funny to the sleep deprived cast.
  • The way Tony cornered Camila was tough to watch. That anger is still there, as he tweeted proof of his temper issue and inability to be the bigger person by letting things go. He also tweeted about learning his lesson, and then about how it would have been nice for T.J. to give them a warning. So he didn’t learn any lessons at all. Yikes.

Episode 8 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 - Ep 8 - Scores

Rivals 3 – Ep 8 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Rivals 3 – Ep8 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Camila (160 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Most cast members (0 points)

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