Rivals 3 – Episode 9 – Breakdown & Scoring

Rivals 3 - Up All Night Challenge Puzzle

Rivals 3 – Up All Night Challenge Puzzle

It’s the morning after and memories are tested.


Title: Let Sleeping Dogs Wake

Last episode ended with T.J. coming in present the cast the questions about their all-night events. Dario remembers nothing. Bananas & Sarah know it all, winning easily (15 points each). They also get some cash because Bananas has the best luck. Jamie & Kelly Anne come in 2nd place. Nate & Christina score 3rd place. Vince & Jenna get 4th place. Devin & Cheyenne figure it out next. After some frustration, Cory & Ashley finally guess enough times that they get it together. Dario & Nicole manage to get it together. That means Wes & Nany are last and going to the elimination jungle.

Bananas & Sarah are safe, get some money and get to take two teams on a day trip. Bananas picks his cousin Vince, of course, and then chooses Cory & Ashley.

Back at the house, everyone passes out.

When they wake up, Bananas & Sarah hit up their power team dinner. They talk about how they are so good at this Challenge thing and not at all about who they are going to put in the elimination jungle. Bleh.

Boat Trip

Boat Trip

Bananas considers the day venture out with Vince, Jenna, Cory & Ashley as a business trip. They go on a boat, have some beers and Bananas pitches Cory & Ashley on being an alliance with the other boat teams. Cory & Ashley are like, “yeah cool.” Meanwhile, Bananas is excited because he wants Cory to think they are good so it burns even more when Bananas throws him in eventually, since Cory voted Bananas and cousin Vince in last season.

Back at the house, Wes talks to Nate, Christina, Jamie, Kelly Anne & Dario about how they have to target Bananas & Sarah because they are the team to beat. Strangely, Devin & Cheyenne are no where to be seen.

At nomination, T.J. compliments Bananas & Sarah without saying “you killed it.” Come on, Teej, we count on you to make fantasy points happen!

Bananas & Sarah vote in Devin & Cheyenne because they offer nothing to the former champs. And because those two Are You The One? rookies are still on borrowed time, being the first team eliminated this season, but coming back because so many teams dropped because of their girlfriends, injury and inability to drink responsibly. Then they pick Jamie & Kelly Anne because Bananas thinks they are weak, and will never be able to win a challenge and throw Bananas & Sarah into an elimination in revenge. Kelly Anne makes a point to mention that they came in 2nd in the Up All Night challenge. In an interview, Jamie reminds us he sent Bananas and Vince home last season.

Now the house has lines drawn, two sides, just like real politics.

Alliance 1: Bananas & Sarah, Vince & Jenna, Cory & Ashley*

*unaware the former teams don’t actually care about them

Alliance 2: Wes & Nany, Dario & Nicole, Jamie & Kelly Anne, Devin & Cheyenne

NOTE: Nate & Christina not officially recognized in either alliance

At the elimination jungle, Devin pulls a white skull, then Jamie grabs one, Cheyenne manages to fish out the third white skull to save their lucky asses. Now it’s two teams from Alliance 2 against each other.

Tonight’s elimination jungle is called Hear Me Out. It’s a mini soccer arena. Guys will play each other blindfolded with the ladies on the outside telling them were to go. Then it will switch. Kelly Anne is looking overwhelmed and stressed, unstable as crazy Kelly Anne can be. Bananas predicts they will lose.

The soccer has a rattle so once it’s kicked, they can track it. Jamie & Kelly Anne don’t like this, while Wes mentions he was good at soccer.

The girls go first and are a hilarious mess. No one can really hear each other and Kelly Anne doesn’t understand direction. It seems to take quite a while, but Wes coaches Nany to victory.

When the guys go, Wes almost scores immediately, but is pushed around by Jamie. Properly feeling the fence by the goal, Jamie knows he’s close when he is, and hits the ball in. Tied 1-1, T.J. flips a coin and the deciding third round will be the guys.

Rivals 3 - Ep 9 - Elimination Jungle - Hear Me Out - Wes vs Jamie

Rivals 3 – Ep 9 – Elimination Jungle – Hear Me Out – Wes vs Jamie

Christina is rooting for Jamie & Kelly Anne because Kelly Anne is her best friend in the house…. so count them in on Alliance 2. We’ve seen a preview of a vague fight involving Nany & Nicole, which means Wes should win this final round. Otherwise, MTV is teasing us with footage they are not using, which is something they have done before. It seems like Christina and Briana made out at some point, but we were not shown that. Also, in an after show it was casually mentioned that Tony and Jessica hooked up, but we never saw footage of that.

However, the midseason tease doesn’t lie, and Wes scores on Jamie. 25 points each for Wes & Nany, who stay to try to take down their actual rival, Bananas.

Devin wants to sabotage Bananas as he chats it up with his roommate Wes. Devin seems like a much better person when he is making entertaining comments in an overnight challenge than he does at the bar/club or with a beer, talking to Wes.

It was a bit of bland episode, but have no fear. Next week it’s Nany vs. Nicole in what seems like an unlikely Dario & Nicole victory yielding Wes & Nany a return trip to the elimination jungle. That should be interesting.

Stray observations:

  • Nany and Bananas should have been rivals. Those two are done with each other. No small talk, no hanging out, nothing.
  • Bye Kelly Anne! No crying on the exit, no meltdown. Maybe she doesn’t deserve the crazy Kelly Anne stuff. It’s just that jittery stuff she does… what is that?
  • Cheyenne can’t go home until she kisses Cory. It’s 10 points each, but it’s been brewing for a while! You too, Nate & Nicole. GET ON IT!
  • This season started with skydiving and has a random boat trip. MTV’s budget is definitely high enough to hire us to be the officially official Challenge fantasy league.
  • A pretty low key episode with few points, but hey, everyone was too tired to fight or hook up. Too bad MTV didn’t show us people urinating during the overnight challenge.
  • THERE IS A PATTERN! Johnny & Jessica won the first jungle and lost the second jungle.  Nelson & Amanda won the second jungle and lost the third jungle.  Jamie & KellyAnne won the third jungle and lost the fourth jungle. If the pattern holds up, Wes & Nany lose next time.

Episode 9 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 - Ep 9 - Scores

Rivals 3 – Ep 9 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Rivals 3 – Ep9 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Wes & Nany (25 points each)

Worst player performances of the episode: Nate, Christina, Devin, Cheyenne, Cory, Ashley, Vince, Jenna, Nicole, Dario, Jamie & Kelly Anne (0 points)

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4 thoughts on “Rivals 3 – Episode 9 – Breakdown & Scoring

  1. joe says:

    Wes shouting “f you” at the entire cast doesn’t count as a verbal attack?! I’m getting smoked in my league, I need those points!

  2. kristen says:

    What about female crying points for Nany?

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