Rivals 3 – Episode 10 – Breakdown & Scoring

Ashley Wonders About Her Partner's Strategy

Ashley Wonders About Her Partner’s Strategy

It’s one thing to have a game plan, it’s another to actually stick to said strategy.


Title: Digging Your Own Grave

Out partying, Nate tells Christina to be tough. Reminder: Nate cried episode 2.

Meanwhile, Nicole doesn’t trust Cory when it comes to alliances. And yeah, Cory is in an alliance with both sides. He should’ve gone Darrel and just never promised anything to anyone.

While hanging in the pool, T.J. asks for everyone to get together, then sends the girls away.

Guys time ends up with Devin telling Dario, Nate, Wes and Cory that he really wants Vince and Bananas gone. Cory is doubtful about putting the cousins into elimination every time. Cory says the timing has to be right.

The next morning, the guys show up on the beach to find out the girls are buried in coffins. After cheering, T.J. lets them know they are buried alive and the challenge is called  Take It to the Grave and it’s his favorite of the season… TRIVIA!

Rivals 3 - Ep 10 - Take It to the Grave Challenge

Rivals 3 – Ep 10 – Take It to the Grave Challenge

When T.J. took the girls the night before, he asked them a bunch of questions. This isn’t really trivia, but more like the Newlywed Game. T.J. will ask a question, if the guy gets it right, he moves up one mark (there are about 9 marks total), closer to his partner’s grave (which is marked by her birthday).

Since Wes won the elimination last time, he gets to pick three guys to start one marker behind. He picks Vince and Bananas, obviously, and then goes for the noncommittal Cory.

The first question is easy: What color are your partner’s eyes? Everyone gets it right, but Devin who chooses green. He misses hazel, claiming he doesn’t know how to spell it.

The next question is loaded: Within 5 pounds, how much does your partner say she weighs? Wes and Devin both underestimate by more than 5 pounts.

3rd question: What does your partner say is her biggest weakness? Cory identifies Ashley’s biggest weakness as drinking, which is both correct in life and in the fact that it matches what Ashley said. Wes is also correct, when he writes “puzzles” as Nany’s weakness. Dario writes “strength”, but Nicole said “swimming under water.” Nate thinks Christina’s weakness is “eating”, but she thinks it’s emotions, as she’s very sensitive. Devin wrote “spelling”, but Cheyenne thought it was “running.”  Bananas wrote “too nice” for Sarah, but she said “cardio”. Vince wrote “communicate” for Jenna, but she said “eating food” (see Battle of the Exes 2).

4th question: Who does your partner say is your team’s #1 ally team in the house? Obviously, the cousins Nany and Nicole pick each other and the girl sides of Bananas and Vince pick each other. Cory writes that Bananas & Sarah are their biggest allies. While this earns him a step forward as a correct answer, it also outs him as part of the Bananas/Vince side of the game. The only one to get it wrong is Nate, who guesses Vince & Jenna, while Christina had said Dario & Nicole.

To further establish motives in the game, question 5 is: What team are you and your partner gunning for? Wes and Dario proudly write Bananas & Sarah, as their cousin partners also said. Cousins Bananas and Vince happily write Wes & Nany, as their partners correctly identify. Cory writes Nate & Christina, which Ashley also said. The two rookie Are You the One? guys get it wrong. Nate answered Devin & Cheyenne, but Christina said Cory & Ashley. Devin seemingly answered Vince & Jenna, but Cheyenne said Bananas & Sarah.

Bananas is loving that everyone has to put their cards on the table. It’s actually a good moment for Wes vs. Bananas, as they don’t have to fall into real politics of walking back things said and talking their way out of trouble.

Next is: Which team do you think is a layup? Wes matches Nany’s answer of Nate & Christina. Dario matches Nicole’s answer of Devin & Cheyenne. Nate doesn’t understand the question and writes himself and Christina. Sigh. Christina knows you don’t write yourself! She said Devin & Cheyenne. Devin matches Cheyenne’s answer of, Nate & Christina, Bananas incorrectly writes Devin & Cheyenne, when Sarah believes Nate & Christina are the low team on the totem pole. Cory matches Ashley’s answer of Nate & Christina. Vince misses Jenna, by selecting Devin & Cheyenne instead of Christina & Nate.

Keeping score for a moment… of the 14 people in the house 9 say Nate & Christina are the weakest and 5 think the bottom of the barrel is the previously eliminated Devin & Cheyenne.

In order to explicitly reveal alliances, T.J. asks which two teams you want to race in the final. Bananas is the only one to get it right, identifying his alliance of Vince & Jenna and Cory & Ashley. Nate is wrong again, writing Bananas & Sarah and Vince & Jenna, while Christina chose teams they could maybe beat, Dario & Nicole and Devin & Cheyenne. Nate is already placing them in an at-best third place behind the veterans, while Christina dreams of a winnable situation. This is an issue with many teams.

Next question: Who has more power on your team? Everyone gets it right. Wes writes Nany, most the others say themselves.

Now we go high school as T.J. asks who the female partners think is the sexiest guy in the house. Wes is wrong in identifying Cory as Nany’s preference when she prefers and has preferred in the past, Bananas. Dario correctly identifies Nicole’s object of flirtation, Nate. Nate correctly identifies that Christina likes to look at Cory. Devin knows Cheyenne is feeling Cory. Bananas figures out that Sarah’s husband kinda looks like Vince. Cory is wrong in thinking it’s him, as Ashley prefers Bananas.  Remember: both guys Ashley hooked up with have gone home (Tony and Jamie). How much more fun would this question have been if they were both there? But back to the surviving cast members. Vince thinks Jenna likes Dario, a name Jenna answered as a question. I guess Vince & Jenna have found the same wavelength.

Dario is just one question from digging up Nicole. The question is: Who does your partner think is the sleaziest guy in the house?  Wes writes himself and is wrong. Nate writes Wes for a match. Dario wrote Bananas, but Nicole said Vince. Bananas identifies Cory for a correct answer. Devin incorrectly writes Bananas, when Cheyenne said Vince. Cory was right in choosing Vince. Vince selected Devin, but Jenna said Vince . Keeping score for a moment, that’s 5 of 7 for Vince, assuming Nany said Vince, but that’s never revealed.

Now Cory, Dario and Bananas are tied for the front of the pack. Wes is one behind them. Nate and Vince are one behind Wes and Devin is alone, one back from the rest. The question is: Which guy does your partner think is the biggest idiot in the house?

Dario guesses Bananas – CORRECT

Bananas guesses Wes – CORRECT

Cory guesses Dario – INCORRECT

Wes guesses Cory – INCORRECT

Nate guesses Wes – CORRECT

Vince guesses Devin – INCORRECT

Devin guesses Vince – CORRECT

Dario and Bananas race to dig out their partners. Dario digs up a storm and frees Nicole first for victory (15 points each).  Bananas & Sarah are 2nd place, but we need a loser to determine who is automatically going into the elimination jungle.

Next T.J. asks who is the strongest team in the house. Seemingly everyone correctly identifies Bananas & Sarah. Cory is digs up Ashley.

T.J. then asks which is the best type of challenge for your team: endurance, strength or intelligence? Vince & Jenna match that strength is their strong suit, Nany & Wes match on endurance. Devin & Cheyenne match on intelligence. Nate thinks it is intelligence, but Christina believes it is endurance.

Really easing up and going for an even more likely to get multiple choice question, T.J. asks which is the worst type of challenge for your team: endurance, strength or intelligence? Vince & Jenna, as well as Nany & Wes match on saying “intelligence.” Devin & Cheyenne match on endurance. Nate goes for strength, which makes sense as they are pretty skinny, but Christina believes their weakness is intelligence. They are really both right here.

Wes, Devin & Vince go to dig up their partners.

Rivals 3 - Ep 10 - Devin Digs Up Cheyenne

Rivals 3 – Ep 10 – Devin Digs Up Cheyenne

T.J. asks a lone Nate who still in the game is a fan favorite. He guess Bananas, but Christina says Sarah. T.J. asks who still in the game does your partner say people love to hate. Nate says Bananas, but she said Wes. T.J. throws him a “true/false” on the name of the first challenge, but Nate throws down his paper, pissed that they lost. Unfortunately, T.J. doesn’t give him hell for quitting, but only because he can’t quit. He has to dig up Christina. They verbally fight about how bad they are (10 points each).

While T.J. compliments Dario on digging faster than Bananas, he doesn’t drop a “you killed it.”

Dario and Cory are friends so Ashley thinks that they are safe, which are famous last words.

Nicole wants to protect her cuddle buddy Nate and send in some teams that his weak team could maybe beat.  That means that even though the plan was to try to get one of the tougher teams, Vince & Jenna and Bananas & Sarah, eliminated, Nicole would rather try to protect her little boy toy. Nicole tells Dario that Cory has deals with both Wes and Bananas, something Dario should have been able to figure out between pow wows and the revealing answers to the questions at the grave challenge. Nicole labels Cory as a snake in an attempt to get Dario to send them in.

At their power dinner, Nicole tells Dario not to say anything. But Dario pulls over Bananas & Sarah to tell them that he worries that Cory is in with both Bananas and Wes. Basically, instead of saying nothing, he says everything, setting up Bananas to encourage him to put Cory in. Without her cousin, Nicole is playing a political game she doesn’t understand. Nicole wants a free pass from Bananas & Sarah, but also doesn’t want to go against her cousin. Dario just dumps the entire “let’s take out the big dogs” strategy in exchange for “please like us, big dogs.”

Dario & Nicole summon Cory to the table. Nicole jumps on Cory when he comes over. She asks him who is top teams are and then immediately tells him she knows who is #1 and #2 teams are. He is honest, and he says Vince & Bananas. Nicole presses him for a #3, which he doesn’t have, though he reminds them that Dario is his friend and he wouldn’t put them in. Nicole is mad that they don’t have better alliances, even though the non-Banana family was cooking up a good idea to try to take out Goliath. Nicole says Cory is a snake, when he’s pretty obviously telling the truth by explaining that he pretty much has to just put in the Are You The One teams IF him and Ashley happen to win a challenge.

Remember: Cory & Ashley wrote Nate & Christina as both the team they are gunning for and the weakest in the house. But Dario strangely takes this victory to add to his paranoia, not confidence.

At nominations T.J. expresses disappointment that this far in the game Nate & Christina don’t know each other (-5 points for each). Then Dario & Nicole choose Cory & Ashley for no clear reason as well as Devin & Cheyenne. While Devin & Cheyenne are still on borrowed time, Dario is going back on his earlier plan with Wes & Devin to throw in Vince & Bananas. T.J. doesn’t get it, and strangely, Nicole doesn’t seem to fully agree with it. Wes points out that Dario voted in 2 of the 3 teams in his alliance, wasting an opportunity to throw in the big dogs.

Wes & Nany Are Not Pleased

Wes & Nany Are Not Pleased

A verbal fight between Dario, Wes, Nany, Devin, Cheyenne and Nicole ensues (10 points for each). Devin & Cheyenne are pissed they were nominated when they never did anything to Dario & Nicole to show bad faith. Wes & Nany are mad because Wes put the two other guys Dario was at the front of the coffin line with one space behind to start the challenge, so Wes gave Dario a key to the win, and this is how he’s repaid? Sarah jumps in for good measure, pretending that Dario won all by himself, when that’s not really true, but Dario is clearly not the most thorough thinker.

Meanwhile, Bananas can’t believe him and Vince are getting a pass on this elimination jungle. Veteran Bananas knows the best way to win is to never even risk going home, so he never wants to go into an elimination jungle, but he understands that he is a strong player and, therefore, a target in the game.

Nicole and Nany verbally fight about how this all happened while getting dressed up (10 points). Nany cries in an interview (5 points).

Meanwhile, Christina asks Nicole to tell Nate to apologize to her so they can maybe win? Too bad Christina can’t just hash this out with Nate herself like an adult… in a situation that would lead to a verbal fight.

Awkwardly in the pool, Cory expresses his disappointment in his friend Dario, who still thinks Cory was the bad guy for not disclosing every single move he had made. Wes is so frustrated that Dario is such an idiot. This leads to a quick Wes, Bananas and Dario verbal fight (10 points each).

Nate & Christina make up, because it’s probably a good idea for them to do so before the elimination jungle.

Ashley pulls a white skull, then Cheyenne does, too. And we’re cut off til next episode.

Stray observations:

  • The cast members do not know how to spell each other’s names.
  • If Devin & Cheyenne avoid a black skull again, they should start playing the lotto.
  • When, if ever, will Wes & Nany figure out that Nicole let Dario run away with his anti-strategy selections so that Nicole’s boy toy would face a weaker team?
  • In all this strategy talk, Dario & Nicole never officially bridge an alliance with her object of affection, Nate and his partner Christina. Why not? They may as well, right? Nicole is protecting Nate anyway, may as well make it clear that the expectation is to return the favor, right?

Episode 10 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 - Ep 10 - Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Rivals 3 – Ep10 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Nicole & Dario (35 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Vince, Jenna, Cory & Ashley (0 points)

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