Rivals 3 – Episode 11 – Breakdown & Scoring

Devin & Cheyenne Know How to Avoid the Black Skull, But Not the Competitors Who Are Gunning For Them

Devin & Cheyenne Know How to Avoid the Black Skull, But Not the Competitors Who Are Gunning For Them

Devin & Cheyenne are the luckiest rivals in the world.


Title: Rivals: Civil War

What do you know? Devin & Cheyenne avoid another elimination jungle! Cory pulls the black skull.

Christina’s pre-elimination jungle interview is a pretty calm little speech about how they are underdogs, but they can win. She doesn’t sell it well. But hey, they have nothing to lose. Everyone already thinks they’re losers.

Rivals 3 - Ep 11 - Spun Out Elimination Jungle

Rivals 3 – Ep 11 – Spun Out Elimination Jungle

The elimination jungle is called Spun Out. One teammate will run around a spool that will pull the string connected to one of their opponents, stretching their opponent til they can’t hold on. Whoever holds on longest 2 of the 3 heats, wins.

First round, the guys run around the spool and the girls become Stretch Armstrongs. Nate gets in the zone and runs around the spool like a hampster. Cory gets tired surprisingly fast. Ashley encourages Cory to keep going because she can’t hold on much longer, and she drops. Nate & Christina take the first heat.

Christina’s advice for Nate is to get into a relaxing place and zone out or meditate. Christina and Ashley push hard, but Cory pops off of his rope right before Nate.

Nate & Christina pulled off the upset, (25 points each).

Will Dario Still Think He's Smart When He Gets Taken Down by Vince and/or Bananas?

Will Dario Still Think He’s Smart When He Gets Taken Down by Vince and/or Bananas?

Dario congratulates himself for accidentally getting the probably 3rd best team out of the competition, when they should just all be thanking Nate & Christina.

Devin is pissed because Dario is stupid and a bad friend to the very likable Cory. Vince jumps into the argument because he hates Devin. This is irritating enough to be considered a verbal fight (10 points each).

Cory tells them not to fight because he’s trying to digest the fact they lost to the layup. Ashley is disappointed and cries (5 points). In her exit interview, she gets 5 more crying points.

At the club, Nany is sad that her cousin played her. She sits outside with Wes. Nany cries (5 points).

Inside, Devin and Vince are annoying to each other in a fighting way (10 points each). Cheyenne is on point when she says they are like two little kids with their name calling.

The next morning, in bed, Nicole and Nate talk about how badly they want to send Devin home. Nate thinks they have to lose a challenge and, in the midst of a generally middle-school-level conversation, Nate mentions that they know how to not pick the black skull. Hmmmm…. is Nate onto something? I’ve been thinking it’s luck, but maybe they noted something about how the white skull feels and know how to pick ’em?

The challenge is Catch and Release. The girls swing a bag on a rope from a 40-foot structure. The guy stands on a platform, jumps on the bag and swings to another platform with flags hanging off it and tries to grab a flag before falling into the water.Rivals 3 - Ep 11 - Catch & Release Challenge

After they fall, they swim back and go again. Each team has 10 minutes to get as many flags as possible.

Since Nate & Christina won the jungle, they get to choose the order.

Wes & Nany go first and get two flags. Devin & Cheyenne are second. Cheyenne can’t get a lot of momentum from the bag and Devin isn’t Spiderman. They get zero flags. Vince & Jenna are next. Jenna can swing the bag, but Vince can’t grab a flag for no apparent reason. It’s like last season again… Vince being terrible when you think he’d be good. He manages to grab one flag in the last minute.

Rivals 3 - Ep 11 - Vince Trying to Grab a Flag

Rivals 3 – Ep 11 – Vince Trying to Grab a Flag

Bananas & Sarah are next and you’d think they do this on the regular, because they are in a rhythm. 3 flags.

Nate & Christina are next. That’s right. Nate’s girl Nicole gets the last spot. Nate & Christina get zero flags.

Idiot Dario doesn’t jump on the bag as it swings towards him and when he does jumps on the bag, he doesn’t even reach to try to grab a flag. Nicole is doing alright pulling the bag around, but she’s sick of swinging a bag at his non-jumping platform. They have a quick spat about it (10 points each). They also get no flags..

Bananas & Sarah are challenge winners (15 points each), while three teams are losers. T.J. expresses disappointment in these flag-missing teams (-5 points each for Devin & Cheyenne, Nate & Christina and Dario & Nicole as per “T.J. expresses disappointment in quitting or sucking”). Nate & Christina attempted flag-grabbing the least, so they are the loserest of the losers and are going into the elimination jungle.

Obviously, Bananas & Sarah are picking Wes & Nany and then Devin & Cheyenne. Cheyenne thinks it’s because people find Devin annoying. Um, it’s also because you guys were eliminated, but got to come back and nobody likes zombies.

Because they know how to avoid that black skull, Devin & Cheyenne miss it again and are safe from competing in the elimination AGAIN!

The elimination jungle is called Shattered Dreams. The girls will be at the helm of a spool that looks like the one we saw earlier this episode. The guys have a giant battering ram with an arrow on the end in front of a wall with 9 windows. Whoever breaks all the windows first wins.

Wes & Nany are on it, breaking window after window. Meanwhile, Nate is a disaster. He’s getting too many orders from the peanut gallery and has not enough momentum to properly steer the battering ram.

Veterans Wes & Nany are focused. Because she doesn’t want to be a bad girl to the guy she likes and doesn’t want to be a bad family member, Nicole cheers for no one, so she’s pretty much a bad girlfriend and a bad cousin.

Just like last challenge, Nate gets frustrated when he’s down, which doesn’t help. Wes & Nany win so easily (25 points each). But for as whiny as he gets, Nate has great sportsmanship and is truly positive to his partner Christina.

Five teams are left and the top four will go with T.J. to Argentina.

Stray observations:

  • How refreshingly honest was that quick Sarah and Wes conversation? She was correct, Wes is trying to work the not great position in the house he has since he’s not a physical intimidator anymore (if he ever was). Wes is correct, Bananas would play Sarah if he had to, just like she played him when he had to.
  • Sarah is jealous that she doesn’t get to jump on the bag and try to grab the flag. She’s right. The guys have had the tougher and often better roles in each challenge.
  • That’s the end of Nate & Christina without any actual hook up points for Nicole and Nate because MTV editing is awful. Same goes for Cory & Cheyenne. DAMN YOU, MTV!!! With our luck, they’ll show us at the Reunion or Stuff They Should’ve Shown special, cause they are horrible teases.Last week’s episode featured questions about how people feel about their fellow competitors. If the question of “who is most annoying?” was posed, would people have voted for Wes, Vince or Devin? Probably would have been close.

    Cheyenne Weighs in on Nany v Nicole

    Cheyenne Weighs in on Nany v Nicole

  • Cheyenne was accurate in describing Vince and Devin as obnoxious foes, but is Nicole’s game so great? Maybe they are protected by two of the best teams, but that means they are still in competition with two of the best teams.
  • Nany is 99% to cry when the whole, “Nicole, was it worth selling out your cousin for the ability to hang around maybe one episode longer?” thing comes up at the reunion.

Episode 11 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 - Ep 11 - Scores

Rivals 3 – Ep 11 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Rivals 3 – Ep11 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Nany (30 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Cheyenne (-5 points)

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One thought on “Rivals 3 – Episode 11 – Breakdown & Scoring

  1. Shavonne says:

    I Really Dislike the Way The Keep Attacking Cheyenne ! Is It Because She Is Black, It Seems that Way because She is The Only Black Female On The Show

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