Rivals 3 – Episode 12 – Breakdown & Scoring

Devin doesn’t just pull white skulls, he also predicts the future.

Devin Just Knows Dario & Nicole are Going to Lose

Devin Just Knows Dario & Nicole are Going to Lose


Title: Raging Bullies

This week’s episode opens with a montage of Jenna trying to get in touch with her boyfriend Zach on the phone. Zach either doesn’t answer or is completely disinterested, as well as not receiving her e-mails.

In February, when the Bloodlines reunion aired, we learned that Jenna and Zach had broken up. For some people, this made Jenna a more attractive fantasy pick. However, these two seasons must have been filmed back-to-back, with the Bloodlines reunion airing after Rivals 3, as Jenna and Zach are supposedly together at this point. Timing for these shows is tough. Love is tough. Jenna cries (5 points).

Team “We Pick White Skulls” sits down together. Devin & Cheyenne have picked the white skulls 4-times in a row. Seeing as they picked the black skull 2nd episode, I’m convinced they noticed something about it which makes them able to avoid it. After Free Agents, there was word Johnny Reilly noticed something about the kill card, so he never flipped it. Nonetheless, Devin predicts Dario & Nicole will lose the next challenge, so he and Cheyenne should then nominate themselves, pick all the skulls and send home lyin’ bad friend Dario and Nany’s cousin, who takes priority over them in the Wes & Nany alliance. Cheyenne appreciates his desire to be like Jordan from Free Agents… for now.

Onto the last challenge in Mexico. The winner of the challenge Bridging the Gap (like the 2000 Black Eyed Peas album – shout out to pre-Fergie BEP!) will be guaranteed a spot to go with T.J. to Argentina. Each team has an unfinished bridge with three sets of planks next to it. In order to access a set of planks to put down, each team must complete a task first and do it together, as they will be wearing a shirt that forces them to work as one.

Since Wes & Nany won the last jungle, they get to pick two teams to start 30 seconds behind. They obviously choose Bananas & Sarah and Vince & Jenna. It’s unclear how much of a handicap 30 seconds really is, but hey, you take what T.J. gives you. Wes & Nany know that if they don’t win, they are going into the elimination jungle.

Rivals 3 - Ep 12 - Bridging the Gap Challenge

Rivals 3 – Ep 12 – Bridging the Gap Challenge

The first task is to braid rope. Bananas & Sarah immediately make up for their delayed start as they plow through this task and get to their first set of bridge planks before anyone else.

The second task is to jump rope together 30 times. Bananas & Sarah whip through this, too. Wes & Nany also do well, while Vince & Jenna and Dario & Nicole seem to have the toughest time getting in-sync.

The third task is to untie a rope strung around a door frame thing. Bananas & Sarah win (15 points each), Devin & Cheyenne come in 2nd, Wes & Nany come in 3rd and Vince & Jenna save themselves from going straight to the jungle by coming in 4th. As Vince so accurately put it, with Bananas & Sarah winning, all they had to do was not come in last and they were headed south to Argentina, too. It’s nice to be in with King Bananas!

Dario & Nicole lost, as Devin predicted.

At their power dinner, Sarah & Bananas talk about how happy they are together, since they are kicking everyone’s butt. Easy to get along when you’re on top!

Their nomination is a no-brainer: Wes & Nany and Devin & Cheyenne.

Standing there with T.J., who keeps talking about Argentina, Cheyenne realizes that proving themselves at the possible expense of losing their chance to win money is stupid. Finally, she gets it! The game is not about principles, it’s about survival. Jordan wanted to show what he was made of and he lost. Why do they want to do that? Cheyenne tells Devin that Wes doesn’t like Dario either, but he doesn’t feel a need to put himself in possible elimination to prove that. They agree to make a “game time decision”, but it’s pretty clear that Cheyenne doesn’t want to make a scene, she wants to make a final.

Plus, think of the quality TV it would be to have cousins Nany and Nicole go against each other! Bananas wants to see that. Because Devin & Cheyenne are black skull avoiders, it’s Wes & Nany v. Dario & Nicole.

Rivals 3 - Ep 12 - Tunnel Vision Elimination

Rivals 3 – Ep 12 – Tunnel Vision Elimination

The elimination jungle is called Tunnel Vision. There’s a low, wire tunnel on the ground. Each team will have one team member crawl through the tunnel, clashing with their opponent on the way. Then they will tag their partner, who will then go through. Whichever team wins 2 out of 3 races stays in the game.

This is a modified version of the gauntlet eliminations we’ve seen before. While there’s a chance for physical contact, unless you can push your opponent back while laying on the ground, there’s not too much to really do here. Perhaps MTV is concussion conscious to choose a version of this game that limits injury possibility on purpose, perhaps they simply wanted something different. Either way, Nany and Nicole just pass each other by as they crawl through. Dario and Wes elbow a little, but essentially just make it a race through.

Nicole is faster than Nany lap one. Dario & Nicole get the win. Dario is faster than Wes lap two, and that’s it. Dario & Nicole win (25 points each). This is not how Nicole wanted it to go. She feels bad about her cousin and cries (5 points).

Tears are in the family, as an upset Nany cries, too (5 points). Nany also cries in an interview (5 points).

In Argentina, it is clear that the dynamics in this group aren’t great. Devin & Cheyenne don’t really like anyone else who remains in the game. Apparently, in the beginning, Bananas didn’t know all of the rookies names and confused Cheyenne as Chantal. Cheyenne is sick of this joke as she doesn’t like the name Chantal, and also Bananas is just annoying.

Rivals 3 - Ep 12 - Cheyenne Pushes Vince

Rivals 3 – Ep 12 – Cheyenne Pushes Vince

Out on the town in Argentina, Devin is annoying to Bananas & Vince, which leads Vince to calling Cheyenne Chantal because he thinks being annoying is fun. Cheyenne is pissed and gives him some verbal attack (5 points). On the way out, she shoves him (15 points for physical attack).

On the bus Vince calls her ugly and says she has terrible hair. If this is a joke, it’s certainly not funny. Drunk Vince is obnoxious and Sarah is not pleased to be sitting next to him. Even though Vince doesn’t raise his voice, he’s argumentative and this turns into a verbal fight (10 points each). Devin jumps in to tell Vince to leave her alone (10 points).

Back at the house, Cheyenne tells Devin she feels singled out and cries (5 points). Going from an all-white high school to an all-white college, Cheyenne feels like she’s been dealing with not feeling like she fits in her whole life.

Vince is funny when he shouts from the other room, “Simone, you get enough camera time yet?” While some may think that is another racial comment, it’s clearly just an ode to drama-queen Simone, who made mountains out of molehills during her time on the show this season.

While it’s fair that Cheyenne feels picked on by Vince and his “I think being annoying is funny” ways, it doesn’t seem that Vince dislikes Cheyenne, or has some issue with her race or anything more than Vince being an irritating “bro” type who doesn’t know when to lay off. Nevertheless, Vince and Cheyenne have another verbal fight (10 points each). Cheyenne yells that she wants to go home, as she’s sick of feeling bullied.

Stray observations:

  • Evil phone strikes again! You are only bad news, house phone.
  • During the challenge Cheyenne wants to puke, but merely dry heaves, which means no vomit points for her.
  • Vince calling Cheyenne ugly was really mean. That’s worse than the usual Vinny Pig drunken obnoxiousness. He owes her an apology.
  • Bananas says his back hurts from carrying Vince & Jenna the whole season. Beyond being family, are they a sort of layup for Bananas & Sarah to bring to the final because they know they can beat them?
  • T.J.’s use of “you killed it” is unpredictable. Bananas & Sarah erased a 30-second head start in the first task and never let go of their lead. Yet they didn’t get the 3-words that yield more points.
  • On the topic of our host with the most, T.J. mentioned that Dario & Nicole are bad at jump rope, but didn’t really go far enough to express disappointment in that -5 points way. Maybe he doesn’t expect too much from them.
  • Nicole loses her boyfriend and then her cousin. Tough couple episodes for the little one.

Episode 12 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 - Ep 12 - Scores

Rivals 3 – Ep 12 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Rivals 3 – Ep12 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Cheyenne (45 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Wes (0 points)

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