Devin & Cheyenne figured out how to get along: a mutual dislike of the Banana family.

Rivals 3 - Ep 13- Banana Family Room

Devin Enters Enemy Territory (the Banana family room)


Title: Grapes. Wrath.

We pick up where we left off, Cheyenne is screaming to go home. What she gets is a cell phone call to her mom and it’s just what she needs. Cheyenne cries (5 points) as her mom tells her not to let the bullies win.

Devin picks a fight with Vince (10 points each) to defend his partner. Jenna gets involved (10 points) and yells, “What do you want me to do? Hold her hair back while she cries?” Great line! And no, that’s not a thing.

Devin is mad at the Bananas family and their partners for driving his partner to the brink of going home. He calls out Sarah for being someone who stands up for what’s right and yet not standing up for Cheyenne, who is feeling harassed (5 points for verbal attack).

The room of Vince & Jenna and Bananas & Sarah does not like Devin and taunts, laughing at a quasi-attacking Devin.

Vince gets up and acts like he’s going hit Devin, who flinches, causing the Banana cousins to laugh at him. Bananas is standing by the door when Challenge security has stepped away and leaves to Devin, who Devin pushes Bananas (15 points for physical attack). Challenge security guy steps right back in. No breaks for that guy!

Devin is looking to brawl, while Cheyenne feels much better having talked to her mom and is ready to let it go.

Rivals 3 - Ep 13 - Nicole is So Over It

Nicole is So Over This Fighting

Jenna comes into Devin’s room to yell an apology about her “stupid-ass” partner. It is an odd verbal fight (10 points each) because Jenna is mad at Devin for dragging her into the other fight, but also seemingly disapproves of her partner being such a rude punk.

Devin calls Jenna dumb and she throws water in his face (15 points for physical attack) on her way out of the room.

The next day, our final four have lunch at a vineyard and exchange somewhat forced apologies that do not seem terribly authentic, but serve to keep some peace.

Rivals 3 - Ep 13 - Drawing Corks

Devin Enters Enemy Territory (the Banana family room)

T.J. meets these four in the vineyard to announce a surprise final elimination. Instead of drawing skulls, they are drawing corks and since there was no challenge leading up to this, no one is safe.

Since Dario & Nicole won the last elimination, they get to pick the order. They choose themselves to draw corks from the barrel first, then Bananas & Sarah, followed by Devin & Cheyenne and then Vince & Jenna. Ladies go first. Sarah draws a black cork, and then Dario gets one when it’s his turn.

Don’t Wine for Me Argentina is the elimination challenge. There are 6 wine barrels all over the vineyard that needs to be carried back to the seemingly middle spot where T.J. Before they can go get a barrel, they have to figure out a riddle.

Vince & Jenna and Devin & Cheyenne are sent off to enjoy wine and cheese.

Bananas & Sarah are pumped, while Dario & Nicole are aware that they are the underdogs in this match-up.

Both teams get the first riddle easily, but the barrels are heavy and this is a lot for tiny Nicole. Dario is encouraging and Nicole is quick to get the riddles, but they are behind.

Rivals 3 - Ep 13 - Dario & Nicole in the Vineyard

Devin Enters Enemy Territory (the Banana family room)

Bananas & Sarah lose a little time on one of the riddles, but they remain a barrel ahead and cruise into a victory (25 points each). Oh, and they feel great because they know they are going to win it all now. Sarah cries (5 points) in anticipation of the top prize.

Dario & Nicole found peace. They get along now and they made it far. They’re good sports. T.J. is proud.

If this were Bananas & Sarah vs. Vince & Jenna it would have been a spectacular match-up. Vince & Jenna have the strength advantage, but riddle disadvantage. Would have been sweet to see this as a Banana family showdown. But that’s now how the corks were drawn.

Upon their return, Vince is pumped to see his cousin, while I’m sure Devin & Cheyenne are disappointed. All, however, are pleased to be going to the final.

After a day of enjoying Argentina, T.J. introduces the teams to the concept of the final: minerals. You know, gold and silver and other wealthy stuff. Oh, and they have to get to the top of a 14,000 foot mountain of course! To get to the top of the mountain, they have to go via a bunch of check points. Whoever has the best final time wins (like last season).

BUT there’s a twist. “You’re not just competing against each other, but against your rival.” Whoever gets the most points from completing tasks at the checkpoint can choose to either split 50/50 or keep all the money.

First task is to untangle wires to blow up an area and pick up some gemstones (because of the mineral theme). Sarah wraps up her wire like she did stage crew in high school and Devin likes this idea, so he copies her.

Sarah is done first, so she gets one point over Bananas. Then she goes back to help him because they still need to beat the other teams as a team.

Rivals 3 - Ep 13 - Bananas and Sarah Untangle Wires

Devin Enters Enemy Territory (the Banana family room)

Devin is done next, then goes back to help Cheyenne. Vince is done next, then Bananas. Cheyenne finishes next, about a minute behind Bananas & Sarah. Vince & Jenna are 3 or 4 minutes behind Devin & Cheyenne.

Bananas & Sarah bicker, as Sarah wants Bananas to promise that they’ll split 50/50. He tells her not to think about it, but she wants the peace of mind. Bananas won’t make any promises.

To be concluded…

Stray observations:

  • Hey! The phone finally caused some good! Cell phone > house phone.
  • Dario being nowhere near that early-in-the-episode fight is the smartest thing he’s done all season.
  • It’s very fitting that Dario loses to Bananas, the guy he had a chance to throw into an elimination, but didn’t even try.
  • Half of the final 6 people have been in a final before (Bananas, Sarah & Jenna) and the other half haven’t (Vince, Devin & Cheyenne). Would be surprising if the experienced Bananas & Sarah don’t win and the inexperienced Devin & Cheyenne don’t lose. Especially when you consider how they are as competitors, too.
  • Sarah is going to retire after this to go to grad school and then have babies. Her and Bananas are definitely winning this final.
  • The most real rivals, Johnny & Jessica and Tony & Camila would not even think of splitting the money. But because of those real rivalries, those teams weren’t able to make it to the final. Also, because Jessica is terrible at challenges.

Episode 13 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 - Ep 13 - Scores

Rivals 3 – Ep13 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Rivals 3 – Ep13 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Jenna (35 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Dario & Nicole (0 points each)

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9 thoughts on “RIVALS 3 – EPISODE 13 – BREAKDOWN & SCORING

  1. Jared says:

    Didn’t Devin push bananas and throw a drink in his face? Shouldn’t he get points for both of those actions?

    • rachelarbeit says:

      I see no drink thrown, just the push.

      • Theo Von says:

        Could you check again? I’m pretty certain Devin throws a drink. He switches the drink from one hand to the other right before throwing it, but you can hear it hit Bananas.

      • rachelarbeit says:

        Sorry, didn’t see this. Devin gets physical attack points for the shove and even if he did throw a drink, it’s unclear that would be its own physical attack anyway.

      • Jared says:

        I think it’s definitely a separate attack. He pushes Bananas and then separately throws a drink in his face. This decides the champion of my league!!! A stat correction here would be huge and I believe warranted.

    • rachelarbeit says:

      Our crew does not see this and, therefore, can’t award points for it. We reviewed several times in slow motion to see a not great view of the push, but do not see strong evidence of throwing a drink.

      Very exciting that your league was so close! Sorry you were on the losing end of the tight race!

  2. Jared says:

    I also think Devin got into a one sided verbal argument with Sarah. Do you not agree that he raised his voice and heavily criticized her?

  3. Chris says:

    Terrible strategy from Dario on the drawing order. First is the worst spot – all he did was maximize the odds of having to select twice.

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