Rivals 3 – Finale – Breakdown & Scoring

The finale and season concludes.

Vince and Jenna on the Mountain

Vince and Jenna on the Mountain


Title: Split decision.

Finale checkpoint 2 is a run. Vince & Jenna finish first, followed by Bananas & Sarah and then Team Princess, Devin & Cheyenne. After repelling, the next checkpoint is a puzzle that Bananas beats Sarah at. Jenna finishes before Vince, so now the Banana cousin teams are tied on the points front. Remember that the person who finishes with most points on each team gets to choose all or split on the prize money.

More running, ziplining and they all get to the base of the mountain for the overnight portion of the program. These finals are so predictable at this point. But the competition within each team is the twist that is designed to keep the audience interested.

It’s clear at this point that Devin & Cheyenne re going to get 3rd, they just need to focus on finishing. The Bananas cousins are close. For the overnight, one team member stands on a stump while the other can sleep. Whoever gets more time on the stump wins 2 points, so this is crucial for the game within the game.

It’s unclear, but it seems like the guys spend more time on their stumps. No team has promised each other a split, but the amount of time Bananas is talking about what to do leads you to believe that he’s the only one willing to be that greedy villian of television and betray the team.

In the morning, T.J. lets ’em all rest while he sets up an eating challenge. The more gross the food, the more points it’s worth. Tongue, gross cheese and other offal are on the plates. Vince is a machine and dominates this.

Devin & Cheyenne Getting Their Butts Kicked at the Eating Portion of the Final

Devin & Cheyenne Getting Their Butts Kicked at the Eating Portion of the Final

Team Princess vomits (5 points each), as well as Bananas & Sarah (5 points each). The rookies are really struggling as Devin vomits again (5 points). The one hour time limit hits and Devin & Cheyenne are stuck with a one minute penalty for each plate value they did not eat. That’s a 20 minute penalty. They have secured 3rd place.

Finally, it’s to the top of the mountain they must race. Vince & Jenna and Bananas & Sarah are separated by just 4 minutes. However, Vince struggles with the climb, a la Zach in his finals appearance.  Bananas & Sarah make it to the top first, for an unsurprising victory (100 points each). On the way up, Sarah takes in the beauty and cries (5 points), even cries in her interview about it (5 points). She also cries as they get to the flag first (5 points).

Bananas & Sarah Win

Bananas & Sarah Win

Vince & Jenna land 2nd, of course (30 points each). Cheyenne struggles. She cries (5 points) and has to poop. Later she talks about pooping in her pants (10 points).

All the guys got more points on their teams than the girls. Devin gets the first spotlight to split or take the money and he tries to make for suspensful TV as he acts like he’s going to take it all, but agrees to share.

Vince recognizes the team effort component to this and that they’d win nothing if it weren’t for each other and agrees to split.

Bananas does not. Sarah cries (5 points). It’s a bold, cold move. It’s within his power in the given situation, but lame that Bananas still seems to compare this to what Sarah did to him on Battle of the Exes 2. This time they were the same team. Nevertheless, Bananas true colors are revealed Bananas mentions perhaps being done with challenges, but who will ever trust anything he says again?

Twitter Reactions to the Final

Twitter Reactions to Bananas Personifying Greed

Stray observations:

  • Will they keep making seasons of this show until they’ve run out of mountains to climb?
  • Cheyenne was right. Sarah should have stayed on that stump all night. It would have been nice to see the difference in time for the guys vs. the girls on the overnight to see if it was close at all.
  • Devin was amazingly patient with Cheyenne. Most of the other people on the show would have yelled at their partner to suck it up and get moving. Devin was a very supportive partner.
  • While Bananas taking the money was interesting in an otherwise predictable final, it hurt to watch. That’s a lot of work for nothing.

Episode 14 scores shown below:

Rivals 3 - Ep 14 - Scores

Rivals 3 – Ep 14 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Rivals 3 – Ep14 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Sarah (125 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Devin (20 points)

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4 thoughts on “Rivals 3 – Finale – Breakdown & Scoring

  1. Jared says:

    2 things

    1) Cheyenne talks about pooping her pants saying she had to go, but she doesn’t actually poop. Therefore I don’t think she should get 10 points there.

    2) I don’t see Cheyenne crying. Can you revisit the tape?

    I’m in a league and lost by a total score of 850 to 845, but I think this is a 15 point swing and would actually make me the winner by 10.


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