Rivals 3 – End of Season Stats

Another season in the books. Let’s check out the stats!


Points By Player - End of Season.png

Notes about the scores above:

Most Fantasy Points of the Season

Camila (290 points)

For the 3rd season in a row a veteran wins, but unlike the last 2 seasons, the most fantasy points was earned by a player who didn’t even make the final.

Camila got points for crying, fighting, making out and getting kicked off. Not only did Camila rack up the most points of the season, but they were all drama.

Last time someone got kicked off was Nia on Battle of the Exes 2, which gave her the 2nd best score that season.

2nd Most Fantasy Points of the Season 

Sarah (250 points)

Winning + a whole lot of crying. And some fights.

3rd Most Fantasy Points of the Season

Bananas (240 points)

Like his partner, Bananas mainly earned winning points, with a little fighting in there, too. No hooking up? No problem for the veterans who know how to win.

Best Performance by a Rookie

Ashley (145 points)

Crying, fighting and hooking up with two people (but not on the same episode, so no Nany bonus points). Ashley delivered big in her first season. She was a better competitor than she seemed and she stuck with the show, unlike her season of the Real World.

Are You The One?’s Ashley had the 2nd most points for a rookie with 115… not bad for being there just 5 episodes.

Least Fantasy Points of the Season + Worst Performance by a Rookie

Brandon (-5 points)

Rookie Brandon was a middle school boy when he needed to run home to his girlfriend who he missed so much. Unclear who looked worse on national television: wussy Brandon or greedy Bananas. Probably Brandon, as nobody likes a quitter.

2nd Fewest Fantasy Points of the Season

Leroy (0 points)

That’s two seasons in a row of nothing for Leroy. Is he cursed? Is he the Ken Griffey Jr. of The Challenge? We’ll see, as I’m sure MTV will invite him back.

3rd Fewest Fantasy Points of the Season

Averey (5 points)


She cried when Leroy caused her exit. There was no time for Averey and it was a shame.

Fun Facts

Last season (Bloodlines) the 30 cast members scored a total of 2,470 points, an average of 82 per player.  This season the 28 cast members earned 2,585 points, averaging 92 per points per player, 10 points higher than last season. Screw TNT, MTV knows drama. This season was, however, one episode longer than last season.

Battle of the Exes 2 had 26 cast members, scoring 1,855 points (71 per player average) in 12 episodes.

The pattern seems to be: add more people, add more episodes and there will be more fantasy points. That’s good for us!!!


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