Scoring System for The Challenge Invasion Fantasy League

A look at Officially Unofficial’s fantasy league scoring for The Challenge Invasion.


The Challenge Invasion Season starts Feb 7th, so Fantasy League Prep starts NOW!

Scoring system for The Challenge Invasion:

  • Making T.J. say, “You killed it”: 10 points
  • Making T.J. express verbal disappointment in poor performance or quitting: -5 points
  • Making T.J. verbally express his disappointment in anything else about your behavior besides quitting (not related to performance, so basically for being a jerk): 10 points
  • Winning the regular challenge: 15 points
  • Winning elimination challenge: 25 points
  • Winning final challenge: 100 points
  • 2nd place at final challenge: 30 points
  • 3rd place at final challenge: 10 points
  • Leaving show due to sickness or partner being kicked off/leaving: no points
  • Female Crying: 5 points
  • Male Crying: 15 points NOTE: This is a change from previous seasons when it was 20 points.
  • On-the-mouth kissing: 10 points per participant NOTE: This is a change from previous seasons when it was called “open mouth kissing” – also, this used to be worth 5 points, but is now worth 10 because coitus/hooking up is difficult to confirm.
  • Coitus: 20 points per participant NOTE: This must be blatant! Ambiguous could-be-cuddling will not count. If both parties admit to the hook up, points will be awarded. Otherwise, clothes must be show being removed, squirming under covers and/or moaning.
  • Nudity: 10 points
  • Unilateral verbal beratement: 5 points
  • Verbal Fighting (more than 1 participant): 10 points per participant
  • Unilateral physical attack: 15 points
  • Physical Fighting (more than 1 participant): 30 points (hard push and slapping counts in this category)
  • Being kicked off show for something other than injury: 100 points (must be eliminated outside of game play… this is basically fighting and/or Vinny-style sexual harassment)
  • Vomiting: 5 points (limit 2 per episode)
  • Peeing in public, non-toilet, including peeing your pants: 10 points
  • The Nany Bonus: If a player hooks up (on-the-mouth kissing or more) with more than one person in a single episode, they’ll receive an additional 5 points
  • In honor of Tony back yet again, 5 points if anyone has to take a pregnancy test during the season.

New for this season!!!


The Challenge Invasion – Working Their Way Over a Wall

  • Underdog Bonus: If an Underdog beats a Champ in an elimination challenge, 5 points are awarded.
  • Backstabbing: 10 points. Backstabbing occurs when a person is in an explicit alliance and/or promises not to vote someone into an elimination, but then does. The promise or explicit statement of alliance AND the betrayal must occur in the same episode. If the promise part is shown in flashback during the episode where the backstabbing occurs, it counts as backstabbing. The points go to the backstabber, not the cast member being backstabbed.

NOTE: Flashbacks from previous challenges do not count towards scoring, except for Backstabbing.

Hook up clarification. If two players hook up (on-the-mouth kissing or more) more than once in an episode, they only get points once. If they hook up (on-the-mouth kissing or more) again on another episode, they get points again. So they can double up week to week, but not within an episode.

The Marlon & Derek Rule: Anything that happened off camera/was not shown, does not count in scoring unless all participants in event (hook up, fight, etc.) acknowledge it occurred on camera during an episode of the show (not internet, After Show or Reunion). 

*Anything that happens in internet exclusive videos or during the After Show or the Reunion Special does not count towards scores. Only the winner matters, if MTV does another losers tournament.

Those weird little 30-second clips shown during the middle of the commercials near the end of the TV version do not count for the “official record” for fantasy purposes, unless they are shown in  the version of the show. 

Questions? Comments? Post below!

Now that the rules are in place, get ready to draft! Draft thoughts/tips coming soon…

Remember that if you need a league, we’re compiling A League of Extraordinary Fans, so comment below if interested in joining that.

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27 thoughts on “Scoring System for The Challenge Invasion Fantasy League

  1. David says:

    Hey I’m interested in the league

  2. Reed says:

    How does one sign up?

  3. vrod305 says:

    I don’t care the price, I will be taking Tony and Camila this season.

  4. Steve says:

    I like the underdog bonus, though I think that it should maybe be a little bigger.

  5. Bianca says:

    I’m interested in the league

  6. Francis A. Pollaro says:

    Where do we find the league of extraordinary fans?

  7. Tom says:

    When will the casts dollar values be posted?

  8. Tom says:

    When will the casts dollar values be listed?

  9. Scott Bullis says:

    I’m interested. How do I join

  10. Melissa says:

    I would like to join.

  11. LaceyMae says:

    I would also like to join!

  12. Christopher says:

    too late to join?

  13. William Tristani says:

    Hi Rachel, is there a reason why pooping in public is no longer awarded points?

  14. Paddy Shaughnessy says:

    I am very interested 🙂

  15. Melyy says:

    I want to join !

  16. Tanna Butler says:

    How do you sign up?

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