The Challenge Invasion – Fantasy League Draft Preview

With the new season of The Challenge only one week away, it’s time to draft your fantasy team!


MTV The Challenge Invasion – Some of the Cast

In drafting, keep in mind how cast members/Challenge players score points by examining the Officially Unofficial MTV the Challenge Invasion Fantasy scoring system.

The MTV trailer for The Challenge is only one minute long, but gives us some clues about the season…

The trailer shows some points: naked Jenna and Camilla, Shane puking, Camilla flipping out, Cara Maria vs. Amanda at something, Bananas yelling and a lot of Cory.


Still from Underdogs v. Champs in MTV’s Trailer for The Challenge Invasion

It also shows that Champs will be introduced later in the season and, at that point, Smashley (Ashley M. from Ex-Plosion), Amanda, Dario and Nelson are still around. The trailer also shows a challenge with Champs vs. Underdogs that includes Nicole, Jenna, Kailah, Smashley and Amanda in it. Later we see seemingly the same challenge, but boys and Hunter and Tony are there. So we know those underdogs get past the first few champion-less episodes.

The difficulty in drafting is trying to determine the additional value the strong underdogs have. We don’t know how many episodes til the champs show up (would guess 2-3). The seemingly strongest underdog guy are Tony and Cory. Both are tough competitors  (remember, Tony’s never lost a challenge… he went home because of internal bleeding on Bloodlines, and for fighting with his rival Camilla last season on Rivals 3) and able to score drama points.

Dario, Shane and Nelson are in good physical shape and have experience, but Dario has proven he’s an idiot (remember when he and his brother lost on Bloodlines because they forgot the rules of the elimination?), Shane is too mature for many drama points (also maybe the only male gay cast member, so not likely to hook up) and Nelson, well, him and Amanda actually did alright last season.

The true rookies are Bruno, Anthony, Theo and Hunter. Theo was a college athlete and Hunter “wants to open a gym for people with special needs” and he looks like a guy who spends a lot of time working out. Bruno seems better equipped for arguing than Challenge victories and Anthony just doesn’t look intimidating. MTV has nothing meaningful about either of them in their cast bios.

On the girls side, the strong underdogs seem to be Jenna, Smashley, Amanda and rookie Nicole. Kailah has more value than the other underdog girls because (thanks to the trailer), we know she makes it at least to the first challenge against the champs.

As far as the champs are concerned, they are all great. Ashley K. from San Diego is probably the weakest. She has the least Challenge experience and won on a Battle of the Seasons team of four. Darrell is a strong player. He was kicked off for physically fighting with Brad, but that was a long time ago. He’s older now and likely more calm and less drama-prone.

If you have eight participants in your league, you draft three rounds and two cast members go undrafted. If you are running a league that way, I recommend going to to get your draft order from their randomizer. You snake the draft (so the draft order goes the opposite was round 2 as it did round 1, with the fantasy participant picking last in round 1, picking first in round 2). For the third and final round, go back to and make a new order.

If you have six participants in your league, you will draft four rounds and two cast members go undrafted. You only need to go to once in this case, as you snake through all four rounds.

It’s always a matter of personal choice who you think is the best pick and the worst, of course. Also, there’s always a rookie or sophomore with a breakout season (most likely to be Nicole, Amanda, Smashley, Nelson, Theo or Hunter), but it’s hard to guess who that will be.

MTV had listed more extensive information on each cast member on their site, then dialed the spoilers back. Luckily, we posted about the cast reflecting the MTV information before they changed the site. Check it out.

With our expertise and guessing, we’ve grouped the cast into 1st round picks, 2nd round, 3rd round and 4th round picks.


1st round picks: CT, Cory, Bananas, Cara Maria, Laurel, Camila

2nd round picks: Tony, Zach, Darrell, Smashley, Nicole, Jenna

3rd round picks: Nelson, Dario, Shane, Ashley K., Amanda, Kailah

4th round picks: Hunter, Theo, Bruno, Anthony, Sylvia, LaToya, Anika, Marie

Biggest argument was around where Nicole goes. She looks strong and MTV implies a romance/hook up, but the unknown of a rookie is always tough to compare to the known of a veteran like The Camilinator.

If you are playing in Pat Mayo’s League, you get $100 to buy a team. Pat set prices per who he thinks is the most valuable. NOTE: This was set before the trailer came out.

Fantasy guru Pat Mayo has a different take than we do. He has Laurel has a clear #1 pick. He also finds less value to the scrawny rookie girls (Marie, Sylvia, LaToya, Anika) than he does to the less-promising rookie boys (Bruno, Anthony). Pat Mayo also sees very little value in our pitbull Nicole, no faith in seasoned Shane or champ Darrell.

Here are Pat Mayo’s values:


Pat Mayo The Challenge Invasion Player Values

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2 thoughts on “The Challenge Invasion – Fantasy League Draft Preview

  1. Chris says:

    If the cast was ranked by tiers (without limiting each tier to six players), I think I would rank as follows.

    Note that this is based in part on my attempt to glean some info from the trailer, so you may consider the list to contain minor spoilers.

    Tier 1a: CT, Cory, Bananas, Cara Maria, Laurel, Nicole
    Tier 1b: Tony, Zach
    Tier 2a: Camila, Smashley, Jenna, Darrell
    Tier 2b: Nelson, Amanda, Kailah
    Tier 2c: Dario, Hunter
    Tier 3: Shane, Ashley K., Sylvia
    Tier 4: Theo, Bruno, Anthony, Anika, LaToya, Marie

    A few notes/thoughts:

    The only reason Tony and Zach are not in 1a is that I think anyone in 1a is worthy of the first overall pick, and I do not see Tony or Zach going one overall

    Camila is just too risky for me. She basically quit on Free Agents. Almost put her in 2b, but you never know when she’ll erupt and bring in a huge return

    I could also see Smashley being a huge bust, but again the drama upside is just too intriguing

    Amanda and Kailah seem very similar to me (though all I know about Kailah is her casting picture on the website). I wonder if both could wrangle much screen time outside of the competitions, or if MTV would focus on whichever one creates more drama to the exclusion of the other (assuming they both hang around for a bit)

    I know nothing about Hunter, so that is a shot in the dark, but he looks better than the players in Tier 3, who I think will contribute very little

    Based on the trailer, I think the players in Tier 4 are all eliminated before the champs show up

    • Mix says:

      Kailah hooked up and was part of the drama on RW: GBOGH, so she has definitely has potential to get points outside competitions. That being said, she almost couldn’t walk up a mountain on one of the GBOGH “missions.” I agree she’s of a similar ranking to Amanda (who was involved in drama on Rivals 3).

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