The Challenge Invasion – Preseason Predictions

The premiere of The Challenge Invasion is just around the corner. Let’s make some predictions!


Mike thinks Laurel will score the most fantasy points & win it all

Mike and I are going to try to predict who will score the most Officially Unofficial Challenge Fantasy League points, who will win and why.

Gentlemen first, here are Mike’s thoughts.

Most Fantasy Points – Women

#1 Laurel – Laurel is sort of like Daniel Day-Lewis; she doesn’t show up particularly often, but when she does, she always gives a great performance.  In her four previous challenges, Laurel has made the final each time (albeit only winning once, on Free Agents). Laurel has a big size advantage and she is extremely athletic, and her past performance gives fantasy owners comfort that she is going to make it relatively far. Also, Laurel does not shy away from drama, as evidenced by her infamous diatribe against Big Easy on Cutthroat.

#2 Cara Maria – Cara Maria has had an amazing Challenge career after being eliminated in the first episode of Fresh Meat II, as she finally won her first Challenge on Bloodlines. Cara Maria is a strong competitor, one of the few that could potentially take out Laurel in an elimination (as long as size isn’t the primary factor). She also is no stranger to drama, as she frequently butts heads with Bananas, and I never know what the status of her friendship with Laurel is (looking back, the fact that Cara Maria and Laurel didn’t win when they were paired on the first Rivals is amazing). I assume (and sincerely hope) that Cara Maria is no longer in a relationship with Abram, so she has potential for hookup points as well. Even if she loses, this signed magnet from Cara Maria’s Etsy store ( is a huge bargain with free shipping!

#3 Nicole – I have been waiting patiently for two years for Nicole to appear on a Challenge. The time has come. Nicole doesn’t have size but she is ripped and is very athletic (I believe she even played on the FDNY football team). She does not shy away from drama, as she was involved in one of the most intense physical/verbal fights on RW: Skeletons, with her housemate Jason. And MTV’s marketing materials have implied that she may have a romantic relationship this season. The trifecta of athleticism, fighting, and romance makes Nicole a smart fantasy pick.

Most Fantasy Points – Men


The Challenge Invasion – Male Champs

#1 Bananas – Bananas is the boring pick, but there is a reason for that, as no one has had as much Challenge success as him. Bananas has won six Challenges and has earned almost $700,000 in prize money. He is no slouch. Bananas is extremely athletic and he has to be considered the favorite to win every Challenge in which he participates. It should be noted that Bananas’s biggest weakness is his lack of size (his second biggest being his lack of puzzle skills), and he might have to go up against behemoths like Zach or CT in an elimination, and we all remember what can happen when Bananas goes up against CT one on one – (the reaction shots are priceless). While Bananas has a long-time girlfriend, snowboarder Hannah Teter, so he won’t hook up, he is usually good for a few verbal arguments per season.

#2 Cory – It seems like Cory has been around forever, but this will only be his third Challenge. Cory is a great athlete – he used to play football – and will benefit from not having a partner for the first time. Even better is that Cory seems like a legitimately good guy, which makes rooting for him easy. Cory frequently hooks up (although writing this sentence makes me nostalgic for his former Ex-plosion hookup buddy Jenny) and argues. My biggest concern with Cory is that he is probably the best Underdog male, so he might have a big target on his back.

#3 CT – I mean, if you’ve seen the clip of Johnny Bananas as CT’s backpack, need I say more? CT is unquestionably one of the greatest – if not the greatest – pure athletes to compete on The Challenge. Unfortunately, due to his anger issues and some bad luck, CT has only won one Challenge, which was Rivals II. CT is much more mellow than he was ten years ago, but he is still a threat to  win and/or fight in every season.

Winners –  Women
  1. Laurel
  2. Cara Maria
  3. Nicole
Winners – Men
  1. Bananas
  2. CT
  3. Darrell
Now it’s my turn to guess!
Most Fantasy Points – Women
#1 Smashley – This smells like a breakout season for Smashley. Girl gets down, fights and is tall and kinda scrappy, like Jenna, so she can win some challenges and/or eliminations during the season. I can see her making out with Shane, she will definitely fight with at least one person at least once.  As an underdog, she’ll be in more episodes than the Champs. I can see her winning against the other underdogs and then maybe holding on for a bit against the Champs.
#2 Nicole – Nicole is ripped, argumentative and seems like the kind of girl that can make another girl switch teams. She can beat up on fellow Underdogs like Marie and LaToya easily. Nicole also seems like a leader who can inspire fellow underdogs like a Kailah to have confidence. My guess is she gets stuffed  by a Champ before the finals, but makes it far, gaining plenty of points along the way. Rookie of the Year!
#3 Cara Maria – I’m not sure exactly how this format will work, but if the Champs are a team against the best of the Underdogs, if they lose they may have to face each other in an elimination. As soon as they bump off Ashley K., interesting stuff can happen. While I can see the Champ guys destroying the best of the Underdogs, can Laurel, Cara Maria and Camila lose a challenge to Jenna, Nicole and Amanda/Smashley? Possibly. That would lead to an incredible elimination of Laurel vs. Cara Maria or Camila or Camila vs. Cara Maria and any of those match-ups would be amazing. Sure, Camila will get her Camilinator fight points, but Laurel can rack up the tally by fighting over strategy, hooking up, and winning. I kinda feel like Laurel and Cara Maria may take each other out… after a dramatic fight with A LOT of crying.
Most Fantasy Points – Men
#1 Cory – Cory can work the drama and is a solid competitor. He’s a star player, like a Kenny or Evan… remember them before they got banished?
#2 CT – I don’t think CT would come back to The Challenge unless he could accomplish complete Bananas destruction. Not sure how many drama points CT can provide, but considering I’m picking him to win the whole thing AND challenges along the way, yeah, he’s going to get points. Possibly also a lot of “You Killed It” points.
#3 Bananas – Thinking/hoping this is the season everyone goes after Bananas and badly pushes him out. This will lead to a lot of fighting and Bananas probably sending home some rookies before a Darrell, CT or Zach send him home.
Winners –  Women
  1. Camila
  2. Cara Maria
  3. Jenna
Winners – Men
  1. CT
  2. Cory
  3. Darrell

Who do you think will win?


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3 thoughts on “The Challenge Invasion – Preseason Predictions

  1. George Gallagher says:

    CT is the man

  2. Megan Beglin says:

    Where will you be posting the weekly scores?

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