Invasion – Episode 3 – Breakdown & Scoring


The Challenge Invasion – Set in Beautiful Thailand

The underdogs have their own champs/challengers breakdown at this point, as those who have won their way to the Oasis watch the comfortably from a distance – just like us viewers! Except not because they’re also in gorgeous Thailand.


Title: Helter Shelter

Oh, Thailand is so beautiful. Runs on the beach. Make-shift basketball shooting for the guys.

Jenna drinks a bowl of water. Anika wants to be the next Oprah. Smashley starts her “polidicking” strategy by flirting with Hunter.

Those who have earned their way to the Oasis get to wear something comfortable to the challenge. Nicole, Dario, Tony and Kailah don’t have to compete.

The guys hate on Kailah. There’s a Reddit rumor that she sent out nude pictures to the male cast members before the show started, which is why they think she’s a trashy skank.

The challenge is at a lake I can’t pronounce. They are playing Shell Shocked. The goal is to paddle in a basket-looking canoe to go get coconuts to shoot into a basket until the basket falls to the ground.

One of the competitors will have to stand the whole time. There are four checkpoints they have to get to to pick up their coconuts.

The winners go to the Oasis AND pick one cast member of the opposite sexv to go to the elimination. The rest of the shelter will pick the other male and female to compete in the challenge. Losing doesn’t matter this time. Just winning.

For this challenge, the cast members pair themselves up in guy/girl teams. This is the second challenge and the second time MTV has forced them to show allegiances on the fly.

Here’s how they pair off:


The Challenge Invasion – Ep3 – Choosing Teams

Nelson and Amanda

Shane and Latoya

Hunter and Smashley

Cory and Jenna

Anthony and Sylvia

Theo and Anika


The Challenge Invasion – Ep3 – Cory & Jenna struggle on their basket canoe

This challenge is a mess… teams are having problems steering their boats.  Jenna says the water is disgusting. Amanda calls an oar a “row” – yikes. Shane is worried about amoebas swimming up his pee-hole. The baskets aren’t stable.

When they load the bags of coconuts, their boats tip over. Smashley and Hunter are working well together and have a solid lead. Theo and Anika are in last place. Nelson and Amanda are getting to shore while Smashley and Hunter struggle to open their coconut bags. As soon as the bag is open, Hunter seemingly hits every shot and they win easily (15 points each).

For some reason, Hunter calls out Cory while he’s pumped up after the win. Cory tells Hunter to calm down. They do a weird argument smack-talk dance thing for no reason. It’s verbal and it’s fighting words. It’s a verbal fight (10 points each).

Back on the beach, the strategy talks begin. Smashley and Cory were on Ex-Plosion together. Cory asks Smashley to put in Shane or Theo and let the “house” (shelter) vote him in. Smashley makes no promises, but says she’ll consider it and will certainly let Cory know. She thinks Theo is strong and notices that all the girls like Shane. What to do…

Cory doesn’t want to be shady. He lets Theo and Shane know that he requested to go into an elimination against one of them. It’s awkward, but an honorable move. Shane would rather win a challenge than go into an elimination.

Theo psychs himself up to go against Cory. With Jenna who Hunter wants to pick, she starts the word going that she’d like to go against Anika.

Anika and Theo talk themselves up. They’ve figured out the game and it’s win a challenge or an elimination sooner or later anyway.

T.J. comes by for nominations. Hunter says Jenna is guilty by association with Kailah, and votes her in.

Tony leads the “house” votes and says Jenna wants to go against Anika. Cory, Nelson, Shane, Dario, Theo and Anthony all follow with Anika.

Smashley chooses Theo. Kailah leads the “house” (shelter) vote and says Cory. Sylvia, Nicole, Anika, Jenna, Amanda and LaToya follow the consensus and vote Cory.

Easy vote. The veterans really know how to influence.

For the elimination, the four competitors hike up into the jungle. The game is called Who’s Got Balls. They will start 350  feet above, grab 5 balls and jump. Whoever has the most balls after the swing, wins.

In the event of a tie, it comes down to time. Whoever has the better time wins. No hesitation. No reservations.


The Challenge Invasion – Ep3 – Competitors at Who’s Got Balls Elimination

T.J. says it is the most intimidating elimination ever. It’s certainly the most beautiful. The competitors climb up 350 feet to an itty bitty platform with a basket of balls on it. The climb up is the hardest part. Cory is probably right that their arms will be sore before they have to hold the balls and jump.

This is a pretty equalizing challenge as it’s more about focus than strength. Theo and Cory are the same size, so this should come to time. Cory holds all 5 balls and Theo quits like a pathetic loser. Cory wins (25 points).

Anika sticks her fingers in the balls and jumps. She holds all 5. Jenna grabs the balls quickly and jumps. She holds all 5, too.

T.J. rips Theo for not even trying (-5 points). Cory was fast. Theo’s nerves slowing him down means he would have lost anyway, but that doesn’t matter. Theo doesn’t know how quickly Cory jumped. He’s a total bust. There is always a heights competition at some point on the show.

Anika’s time was 10 seconds. Jenna did it in 8 seconds. (25 points for Jenna). T.J. is proud of Anika. She hung in there and was just a little short of one of the best competitors on the show so far. Good job, rookie.

Stray observations:

  • Smashley trying to be a good Christian woman is hilarious. We remember your early season hook up with Jamie! Better qualify yourself as a born-again Christian!
  • This season is 2-for-2 on solid challenges and quality eliminations.
  • Were they after dinner tipsy when T.J. came for the vote? Cory seemed extra relieved that the elimination wasn’t going to be until the morning.
  • It’s cool that those who have made the Oasis get to chill, but it kind-of makes them awkward commenters, right? I guess their presence mattered less this episode because the voting was completely consensus.
  • Anthony has the least amount of screen time. He got to read the pre-challenge “clue” thing from T.J. (which gets points in MTV’s fantasy league), and that’s about it for his contribution to the show at this point.
  • It’s good that the champs are coming next episode because the cutaways to the Champs back at home are getting old… though i am wondering if CT is married or what the deal is with that adorable child’s mother. He’s probably with someone, but MTV doesn’t want to ruin its viewers’ dreams of it being Diem’s kid or CT being single (which makes him more fun to watch).

Episode 3 scores shown below:


The Challenge Invasion – Episode 3 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Invasion-Ep3-Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Cory (35 points)

Worst player performances of the episode/season: Theo (-5 points)

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