Challenge Fantasy League – Hall of Shame

The Challenge Invasion Episode 3 showed us another quitter. Theo, welcome, you are the newest inductee into the Challenge Fantasy League Hall of Shame.


Theo Wusses Out of the Elimination Challenge on Invasion

A favorite Challenge Fantasy League category is the -5 points that T.J. punishes the worst of the worst with shame when they are too scared to participate in challenges, elimination and/or finals.

Here are the worst of the worst from the past few seasons of The Challenge. The Hall of Shame.

THE Hall of Shame – Worst of the Wost: Jay on Battle of the Exes 2


Jay Quit the Final on Battle of the Exes 2

“Layups” Jay & Jenna made it to the final in the Battle of the Exes. They were likely going to come in 3rd as they were overmatched, but they won no money because Jay couldn’t hold his nose and drink some nasty drink.

Jay’s failure to perform, quitting in the worst place to quit, the final, brought on an epic tirade of shame by T.J.

Hall of Shame – Sissies Get Stichies: Chet on Free Agents

Chet is not a strong Challenge competitor. He’s small and he’s not scrappy enough or smart enough to make up for his size.

In the first elimination of the season, Chet went up against much bigger Frank playing Balls In, a game where each player was given five chances to get as many balls inside a barrel, located in the middle of a large circle. It’s a ripoff of an American Gladiators event and was also used on The Inferno II and Spring Break Challenge. If a player is either knocked out of or steps out of the ring, or if the ball is knocked out of the ring, their ball is considered “dead.” Players alternate between offense and defense in each round. The player who has more baskets than their opponent after five rounds wins the elimination round.

Frank hit Chet in the chin, busting it open. T. J. gave Chet the option to either continue the elimination round with a bandage, or quit to get stitches and forfeit. Chet chose stitches because his face is his moneymaker?

Leaving because of injury (a category at the time that yielded -50 points) AND disappointment from T.J. made for a whopping -55 points in one episode, the worst fantasy value in the five season Officially Unofficial has had a Challenge Fantasy league.


Brandon on The Challenge Rivals 3

Hall of Shame – Lovers are Losers: Brandon on Rivals 3

Are You The One people are not necessarily cut out for The Challenge. It’s often brutal physical competition, but for Brandon, it was being away from his girlfriend for probably a week. That’s right, Brandon left the show because he missed his girlfriend because some people stay mentally in 9th grade forever. -5 points for disappointment from T.J., eyerolls from everyone else on the cast.

Hall of Shame – My Way is the Highway: Trishelle on Rivals 2

Rivals 2 was the first season of The Challenge Fantasy League. Trishelle quit and left the house after she got into an argument with Aneesa that stemmed from Trishelle stressing about who should go into the elimination Arena. Trishelle quit the game and, as a result, her partner, Sarah, was also sent home.

Shout out to a pre-fantasy league quitter: Eric “Big Easy” on Battle of the Seasons

Eric was working with partner Camila as Team Fresh Meat playing Devyn and JD, Team Brooklyn in the “Water Torture” elimination game in the Arena during Episode 5. Eric got frustrated and quit when he decided his weight prevented him from competing, even though they were in the lead. They were disqualified. Eric ruined the team. The Camilinator exploded in a harsh rant you can view here.

Shout out to not-quite-Hall of Shame member, but the biggest disappointment in recent Challenge History: Vince on Battle of the Bloodlines

Meathead cousin of Bananas had a lot of promise. But Vinny Pig/Vince, earned just 10 points for verbal fighting over his presence in 10 episodes on the Battle of the Bloodlines.

For someone who annoyed Jenna like crazy, he never really fought with her. He was part of the Blue Team that could not win a regular challenge, so no points there. He was protected by Bananas, so he wasn’t throw into an elimination til late in the season, where he lost with Bananas to eventual champs Cara Maria and Jamie.

Anyone you think should be in the Hall of Shame or deserves a Hall of Shame shout out that I missed? Leave comments below!

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