Love and kissing points are in the air in the shelter!

The Challenge Invasion - Ep4 - Cory and Kailah on the Beach

The Challenge Invasion – Ep4 – Cory and Kailah on the Beach


Title: Four Tickets to Paradise

Amanda loves her father and wants to win the money to help him with his health troubles. Cory loooooooooooves Kailah and they make out on the beach (10 points each). Nelson and LaToya talk about how they need to win their way into the Oasis and then make out (10 points each).

At the final challenge to win their way into the Oasis, it’s Caged and Confused. There are three cages suspended in air. When T.J. says, “go” the cage will spin it’s way to the ground. Then the player grabs a rope and wiggles their way to a key they need to use to open the cage. It sounds weird, but seems silly, fun and requiring some strategy and concentration.

Also, the winners will get a year supply of Burger King. Serious question for those reading this: How much value a year of free Burger King really worth? I’m curious. Please reply with an answer in the comments. I am going to be thinking a lot about this odd plug.

Smashley, of course, is bummed she can’t play for the free Burger King. And that is the hunger of a champion! Or not. We shall see.

The Challenge Invasion - Ep4 - Caged and Confused

The Challenge Invasion – Ep4 – Caged and Confused

Only six remain to be getting busy getting dizzy. The girls are up first: LaToya, Sylvia and Amanda. LaToya is worried the cage is heavy, Sylvia doesn’t like the idea of this and Amanda is game on. So Amanda must win, right?

LaToya gets her cage rolling first. Shane is rooting for her. Amanda is next to get the cage going. They are close. Sylvia is getting tired and frustrating. LaToya starts tiring out. Shane goes from cheerleader to angry coach. And, of course, Amanda wins (15 points) because she was obviously going to win. She won some Burger King, which is not cash that she can use to help her father, but hey, free stuff, yay!

Sylvia and LaToya are disappointed in their loss.

Shane, Nelson and Anthony are in the mode to rock and roll. They’ve seen the girls and thought about their strategy. Shane hits the ground and goes. Nelson is stuck and Tony is loving it. Do they serve haterade to those in the Oasis watching along from the sidelines?

Shane puts pressure on himself and gets it done. He wanted to prove that he’s older, but he’s not weak. (15 points). Anthony comes close, but it’s not enough. Nelson embarrassed himself.

Oh, and Burger King is providing a “feast” for dinner. That should be fun in the last night in the tent with no real bathrooms? But they make love to the food because they are probably sick of whatever rice they’ve been fed thusfar.

Nelson and LaToya chat. LaToya wants to stay to hang out, but she’s really not talking like a fierce competitor. She seems more worried about Nelson disappointing his ego, his family… but he cares more about all this, and we’ll see if it fuels him.

MTV teases the Champs they promised would return this episode again with their champ cam. I bet they aren’t coming til the end of the episode.

By essentially limiting how much each cast member participates in these challenges is having a real fantasy effect. In the long game, we’re building points and opportunities with solid competitors like Cory and Smashley. But this will be four episodes without the Champs and our lesser known entities are able to score some points with some camera time before they get booted (Sylvia or LaToya).

The shelter thinks Sylvia has given up, but she gives a pep talk to the camera.

The four underdogs head to a sacred Buddhist temple. They are playing Thai Rise. It’s a vertical climb of 1,000 feet. Race up the stairs, grab a bag at the top and race back down and hang whatever is in the bag on a hook and ring the bell. There’s just one course, so everyone will race themselves. Best time wins. This looks like a museum open to the public or something. These stairs are epic.

Sylvia goes first, then LaToya then Anthony. There are monkeys just hanging out. LaToya is stopped on the stairs and then realizes she should at least walk the stairs.

Sylvia is out of shape, but drags ass up the stairs. It starts to rain. Like a lot. LaToya and Nelson use their hands and feet and, as if they are inspired by the monkeys, they climb. But Nelson passes LaToy and when he gets to Sylvia, she knows Toya isn’t far behind and steps on the gas. She drinks some rain. Whatever it takes lady.

Nelson gets up there first, grabs a bag and goes right back down. Anthony is not far behind so Nelson gets a rhythm going and hops on down. Syliva gets her bag, then LaToya hers. They are going slow and steady.

The Challenge Invasion - Ep4 - Elimination Results

The Challenge Invasion – Ep4 – Elimination Results

Nelson hustles down and gets his bag open and up, rings his bell. Anthony gets down next. Sylvia beats LaToya. But it’s, of course a question of time. All four hug in relief and feel good they conquered a beast. T.J. is proud. Sylvia wins (25 points). She cries (5 points). She’s a competitor here to compete. T.J. is proud, but LaToya is disappointed in her loss. The guys race is close, too, but Nelson wins (25 points). That means Anthony was worthless. Four episodes, zero points.

LaToya is bummed, but she must have a life at home or something, because she’s okay with it.

Pack up guys, T.J. says, “you’re going to the Oasis tonight!”

The shelter is happy to have Nelson and Sylvia back. Or at least Nelson. Especially since they announce they’re leaving the Shelter.

Smashley happily puts out the campfire and into the mansion they move. They have a pool, plants, fresh fruit to eat. It is as nice as T.J. has implied!

This place even has a party shower!

The Challenge Invasion - Ep4 - Jenna & Kailah Dance in the Party Shower

The Challenge Invasion – Ep4 – Jenna & Kailah Dance in the Party Shower

Nicole finds peanut butter. Dario notes that this place has soap, a jacuzzi, cold cuts, and best of all clean towels. That’s the most character Dario has ever shown. They play in the pool. Everyone is psyched for Jenna that she has no exes there. Oh, underdogs. Not yet!

Smashley and Hunter make out in the pool (10 points each). Hey, did you know that it’s old-fashioned to only have sex with people you care about? Hunter is old-fashioned. They hook up (20 points each). Smashley says it was dry humping. Whatever. You get the points and you are polidicking, Smashley! And you earn your name.

The Challenge Invasion - Ep4 - Hunter & Smashley

The Challenge Invasion – Ep4 – Hunter & Smashley

Finally, after episodes of hype built up a twist we all knew about (and I’m sure some underdogs figured out), the Champs arrive before the next challenge. Sylvia is scared. More reactions coming next episode.

Stray observations:

  • Who has ever been happier to see bunk beds? These people.
  • Shane and Smashley yelled at LaToya and Sylvia during the challenge, but it was motivational yelling, not verbal attack.
  • The girl who invented the word of the season, polidicking, gets her polidick wet? That sounds weird.
  • Nelson and LaToya made out twice, but unlike crying, kissing and coitus can only get points once per episode. Old rule that is grandfathered into our shared google doc of stats, standings and points earned.
  • Shout out to MTV editors for playing a cheesy country song during Hunter and Smashley’s hooking up. That kind of detail doesn’t go unnoticed.
  • Champs have arrived and can now start earning some points. Jenna is already ready for some Zach coitus points. Did she notice Ashley there?

Episode 4 scores shown below:

The Challenge Invasion - Ep4 - Scores

The Challenge Invasion – Ep4 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Invasion-Ep4-Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Nelson (35 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Many (0 points)

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  1. Steve says:

    I could have sworn Nelson did some guy crying at one point….

  2. vrod305 says:

    I’ve always wondered what “a year’s supply” of whatever is worth. I would guess it’s a set amount (maybe 1,000$). Otherwise I would wonder how it would work.

  3. Skrrt says:

    Amanda will probably turn down the Burger King. You have to pay tax on the “fair value” of winnings so she’ll have to pay around 30% in cash for food she probably doesn’t even want. I’m guessing her family needs cash more than Whoppers right now!

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