Finally, the champions are here to change the game, the strategy and the point distribution up in fantasy leagues.


The Underdogs Become One Team


Title: Underdog Eat Underdog World

Now that the season has officially started, T.J. announces the title of the season and that there’s $350,000 up for grabs.

Here is the deal from now on: It’s Champs vs. Underdogs. They play each other for money that goes in their team’s bank account. That’s what will motivate them to win the challenge because the eliminations will alternate between Champs and Underdogs.

This game is called Knockout. The six underdogs will go against the four champs because the-challenge-invasion-ep5-champs-outnumbered-in-the-knockout-challengethey’re champs and they’re supposed to be good. T.J. will launch a ball via catapult to the field where the girls will wrestle for the ball into one of the goals on the field. The first team to score three goals wins the heat, the first team to win two heats wins the challenge. Since it’s an underdog elimination day, the first underdog to score a goal gets to choose one of the people on their team of the opposite sex to go into elimination.

After a crazy round one, Smashley scores the first point. Nicole scores the second goal. The fact that the underdog girls have two more people makes them able to dominate. Nicole gets the assist to Smashley for the third goal. Underdog girls win their heat.

The guys go next.

Though there’s some quality wrestling, again, 6 against 4 is tough. Dario scores first. Zach gets tackled and robbed, then Cory scores.  In more of a basketball looking round, Darrell scores. In round 4 of the men’s heat, the basketball style continues, until Zach doesn’t go for the quick pass and it becomes wrestling again. Finally Darrell throws to Bananas who scores. Zach is laying on the ground, crying like weakest champ on that team. Sure, Nelson kneed him in the nuts, but that’s part of the game, Zach. YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS!

Tony scores a goal and it’s over. Underdogs win (15 points each) and $10,000 for their bank account. T.J. compliments the Champs on putting up a good fight, considering they were down two players.

Then T.J. puts Smashley on the spot to pick a guy. Smashley is frazzled. She hasn’t thought about this at all. She seemingly has no strategy and she just looks around and says Tony.  Dario’s next. Even though he is on the anti-Kailah and Jenna “alliance”, it’s whole new game now. Dario chooses Sylvia to go in because she was the last to make it into Oasis. The rest of the guys and girls will pick who goes against Tony and Sylvia… and they’re allowed to nominate Smashley and Dario if they want.

Meanwhile, Champs move into the Oasis.

Shane and Darrell haven’t seen each other for years, but Shane has good memories with Darrell from their Road Rules Campus Crawl and is pumped to see Darrell. It’s super sweet.

The Challenge Invasion - Ep5 - Camila and Bananas Fight Over Sleeping Arrangements

The Challenge Invasion – Ep5 – Camila and Bananas Fight Over Sleeping Arrangements

Camila and Bananas have a verbal fight over room space (10 points each). Camila doesn’t get Bananas “dibs” tactics. Nicole hits on Cara Maria immediately and intensely. Laurel is all, “whoa, girl.” Tony tells CT about how his currently pregnant girl at home has him on the wagon. Tony’s star struck, CT is all, “um, okay man yeah get your stuff together baby daddy.”

Jenna stresses about being around Zach to her girl Kailah. She wants Zach so badly, even though he seemingly stopped talking to her like a mature adult. Zach still likes Jenna’s butt, so there’s that. Speaking of Zach ex-girlfriends, Dario is interested in with Ashley K. There’s no acknowledgement of Zach and Ashley’s past relationship at this point.

Meanwhile, the underdogs are thinking about their strategy for the elimination voting should be. Tony talks to Jenna and Kailah, the two girls the other underdogs aren’t so into. Tony tells Kailah she can beat Sylvia. It’s cool. She’s not worried about it.

Dario asks his side of the shelter alliance who they are voting for, and it turns into Syliva and Dario bickering about why he picked her. It’s not a fight because even though Sylvia is angry, she keeps her cool. Shane worries that he’s on the chopping block. Smashley worries she’s going in, but the guys insist it will be Kailah. Hey, even her buddies are saying her name.

Cory and Shane start talking strategy. Cory says it’s about having the best team and not splitting up money. It’s unclear if any money distribution plan had been discussed. Shane confesses that he’s voting with who his friends want to vote for. He also says he’s voting for what’s best for himself and hey, it’s a game. Cory doesn’t like all this. The game has changed. Cory’s idea of “let’s have the best team in the final” sounds like team first, but if he’s the one deciding who is the best, and he’s going to put himself in that lineup, is he really planning so differently from Shane?

Bananas says Nicole looks like Andy Dick. It’s an old tease. He already did it on Twitter. Oy.

When Cory tells Kailah and Jenna that the others aren’t going to play nice with them. Cory says Shane is training to work politics to save himself. Cory may also must suggest the others don’t care about winning challenges, which is ridiculous. They all care about money. Kailah psyches herself up with a talk about not wanting anything but first place.

Informal underdog meeting tries to get serious when Nelson tries to get everyone to discuss this. Jenna says she wants the divide to stop. Of course she does! They have fewer people in their alliance. Once they’re all seated at a table, Nelson suggests they go around and say who they are going to vote for. Jenna disagrees. The Champs watch from afar, enjoying the entertainment.

There’s bickering and Nelson is loud, but it never escalates to a fight. The meeting falls apart. Whatever happens at nominations happens then, as Nelson says. Shane can’t believe that his team doesn’t understand the point it to make it as far as you can to win.

Kailah chugs vodka and takes Cory into bathroom with her. Unclear what they do. I mean, we all have a guess, but no video evidence this time around.

Dario flirts with Ashley K. in a kinda lame, but less intense way than Nicole flirted with Cara Maria.

Speaking of Nicole, she puts a wasted Kailah to bed. Later, Tony wakes up Cory to take care of “his girl.” Kailah has peed the bed (10 points)! I don’t think we had pee/poop points all last season. Thank you, Kailah! Cory is nice and tries to get her to get changed. Tony is like, “come on, we finally have a bed and this is how you treat it!?”

The Challenge Invasion - Ep5 - Kailah Literally Pissed & Passed Out

The Challenge Invasion – Ep5 – Kailah Literally Pissed & Passed Out

Cory says this is gross, it’s a deal breaker for him.

In the morning, Nicole says Kailah should talk to Cory. Kailah does the, “I’m never drinking again” thing. Kailah doesn’t seem too appreciative of his try for help. There’s a poor green towel that Cory had slid underneath her to protect her body from the pee. They awkwardly kind of break up because Cory is too grown for peeing the bed blackout drunk chicks. Reasonable.

Then Cory talks to Nelson and Amanda about how it was all a bad idea. It’s unclear from the editing if Kailah is within earshot of this conversation, but if she is, it’s not nice. Either way, hungover Kailah cries (5 points).  Jenna is like, “he dropped you so fast.” Jenna and Kailah are so Battle of the Exes right now.

Next week we meet the new elimination venue, the Fortress.

Stray observations:

  • T.J. participating in a challenge? Sure, he just launched the ball, but that was fun!
  • Zach’s view on men and women living together is one of several clues he’s left over the years that he should maybe try dating a man at some point. Other clues include, but are not limited to, that ponytail.
  • Cara Maria does not want Nicole’s vagina… at this point.
  • Did Tony have a sip of wine or soda at the Underdog team meeting at the table?
  • Cory is pretty much saying that he never liked Kailah approximately two minutes after he told her he’s over it was cold. as. ice.
  • Zach threw some shade at CT’s challenge performance, but saying that in front of Bananas just gives Bananas a reason to say CT should go in an elimination against Zach, right?
  • Is there any chance Kailah doesn’t get voted in next episode?

Episode 5 scores shown below:

The Challenge Invasion Ep5 Scores

The Challenge Invasion Ep5 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Invasion-Ep5-Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Kailah (30 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Darrell, Zach, CT, Ashley K., Laurel, Cara Maria (0 points)

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