While we wait for an elimination, episode 6 opens with party time at the house.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep6 – Nelson vs Furniture


Title: The Mile-High Club

Nicole continues to flirt with Cara Maria, and they have a friendly wrestling match. Jenna and Zach strike up a conversation. Laurel watches, shocked Jenna is already letting herself like Zach again. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Kailah is not done with Cory. She won’t take “no” for answer, which shows determination, but is also something sexual harassers and stalkers say. Kailah and Cory make out (10 points each) and more (20 points each). Shout out to MTV editors putting a “privacy please” block over them hooking up, as it erased any doubt that this was coitus.

Nelson hits on Sylvia, but it’s too soon, as LaToya just left and she doesn’t wanna be “sloppy seconds.” Sylvia is also friends with LaToya, so she wouldn’t do that to her. Nelson doesn’t take rejection well. He yells at the producer (5 points for verbal attack), then stumbles around the house angry,  slamming furniture and shaking a bed. 15 points for Nelson for physically attacking the Oasis.

Tony, Camila and Nicole sit and chat. Camila and Tony seem to make peace. Tony, sober, shows the most maturity he’s ever shown on these shows. He sits patiently, sober, with a buzzed Camila. They both regret how last season ended and perhaps have even noticed that the other is a stellar competitor.

Nelson wakes up hungover, feeling stupid. He’s never drinking again.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep6 – CT Almost Cries

CT calls home. Having a baby has changed him, but until he spills over some tears for some male crying points, it’s not changing his fantasy game.

Zach and Jenna cuddle. Their flirting is one thing Bananas, CT and Camila can come together over. They can’t stand it.

Oh, and this show is about a game! So here we finally go. Voting who goes into the elimination fortress against Sylvia. Dario and Smashley don’t get votes because they got to choose the already. The other five guys vote first. Shane votes Kailah. Tony votes Smashley. Hunter votes Kailah, even mention he doesn’t like her. Burn. Cory, like Tony, wants to break up the alliance within the underdogs and votes Smashley. Nelson votes Kailah. It’s 3-2 and Kailah is going in.

For going against Tony, Kailah votes Shane. Amanda votes Cory. Jenna votes Shane. Sylvia votes Cory. Nicole is the tie-breaker and she votes Shane. It’s on. Shane even drops some entertaining smack talk on Tony, who apparently wanted to go against Shane because he’s “the weakest.”

The four going in pump themselves up for the Fortress.

The entire cast gets to watch the eliminations now! And they are psyched. It’s raining. The game is Tuk Tuk Bang Bang. Tuk Tuk’s are three-wheeled Thai rickshaw things. The object of the game is to slam against a wall thing on the back of this little cart until it crashes against a wall at the end of the track. The competitors are attached to a zipline thing, presumable for safety reasons.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep6 – Tuk Tuk Bang Bang Elimination in the Fortress

The girls are struggling more with moving their Tuk Tuks than they probably expected. Kailah is kicking, while Sylvia is slamming herself against hers, giving a little push at the end to help the momentum. Sylvia’s Tuk Tuk hits the wall, prompting some pyrotechnics from Kailah’s rickshaw and Kailah to go flying back up the zipline. Nevermind thinking that was a safety precaution. Sylvia wins (25 points). Kailah let herself down, and let down her Jenna-Cory-Nicole-Tony alliance. Kailah cries (5 points).

Guys are up next. Shane has a strategy: remember that physics is a thing and going low will help. From the start, Shane gets into a groove and is moving right along. He’s hitting it and holding his position. Shane beats Tony easily (25 points).

While saying goodbye, T.J. gives a shout out to Tony for getting his stuff together. Then we see Tony crying in his interview (15 points).

The Challenge Invasion – Ep6 – Shane Debates Cory

Shane and Cory circle back to the same discussion from last week: why is their team divided? This time it’s a champion-moderated debate! The champs aren’t impressed by Cory’s lack of sound strategy. This time Cory and Shane raise their voices to each other and point at each other, it’s a verbal fight (10 points each).

Hey, did you know there’s  rumor that Bruno and Jenna hooked up on the plane to Thailand? Six episodes in and we’re just hearing this now? Thanks, MTV editing. Smashley, Amanda and Sylvia explain what happened to a bunch of champs (but not Zach).

Cory tells Jenna the rumor is spreading. She denies it happened and is worried Zach will find out and never talk to her again… I mean, go back to not talking to her. Jenna cries (5 points). Jenna thinks this may be a part of a strategy to get in her head. Yeah…. or they don’t have TV so they just gossip a lot.

Stray observations:

  • Shane is harvesting pent up frustration. It’s fueling his game nicely.
  • Cory wasn’t on Are You The One, but is open to a dating element to this MTV show.
  • CT isn’t just a moderator. He also offers advice like, telling Cory he’s not going to win if he doesn’t participate in the debate.
  • Cory recognizes that the “house divided” isn’t a good thing. Does he have a plan to do anything about that?
  • MTV would have footage of Bruno and Jenna hooking up on the plane, right? Maybe? Please?
  • Six episodes and a total of 20 points for the champs. Yikes!
  • Goodbye, Kailah. 125 points scored. But Sylvia at 105 points and still in the game could be our Rookie of the Season.

Episode 6 scores shown below:

The Challenge Invasion – Ep6 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Invasion – Ep6 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Cory (40 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: All of the Champs and most of the underdogs (0 points)

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  1. Skrrt says:

    “15 points for Nelson for physically attacking the Oasis”. Since when do people get points for knocking over chairs? Scoring system is getting a bit random.

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