Nudity points at the get-go!

The Challenge Invasion – Ep7 – Jenna Crying


Title: Achy Breaky Heart

This episode opens with Ashley K., Camila and Laurel hanging out naked in the pool (10 points each) and talk about boys. Ashley K. is interested in Dario, Camila thinks Cory is cute and Laurel is quiet.

Smashley approaches and is like, “what’s going on here?” Seems that there’s a Champs/Underdogs social divide.

Meanwhile, Hunter and Cara Maria flirt a little and Smashley gets jealous. Meanwhile, Laurel tries to tell Jenna that she should maybe care about her own feelings when it comes to Zach, not just what’s good for him.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep7 – Roll with the Punches Challenge

And it’s challenge time. This one is called Roll With The Punches. Contestants go up to this four-post cage thing in guy-girl pairs. They get one point per full rotation they can withstand on this thing. Winning team gets $10,000. The best gets safety from elimination and it’s a Champ elimination day.

Underdogs Nelson & Amanda go first. They pick to go against Bananas & Laurel. Amanda and then Nelson fall fast, while Bananas & Laurel crawl on this thing like experienced hamsters. But Laurel loses rhythm and drops. Bananas falls not long after.

Next is Cara Maria & CT vs. Sylvia & Shane. Cara Maria fell fast with Sylvia not far behind. Shane and CT manage to make it until the end. Impressive.

Ashley K. & Darrell vs. Smashley & Hunter are next. Ashley K. falls first, Smashley next. Darrell is holding this thing for his life, and then falls. Hunter finds his groove up there all alone.

Zach & Camila go against Dario & Nicole. Nicole falls first, then Camila. Dario lasts a while, but Zach lasts longer.

An ambulance comes for Ashley K., who smacked her face against the water when she fell.

Because the Champs have one fewer team, someone has to go again to face Cory & Jenna. All of the Champs want to go again because it gives them a chance to get the most points, and win safety from elimination. Everyone wants to go again. Laurel certainly did the best for the girls, at this point, so her going in would protect herself from anyone besting her quality run. On the guys side, it’s less clear who was winning, but Bananas, the smooth strategist he is, gets Laurel & himself to go back on because they did so well. They use the “we need to win the challenge” argument, even though the Champs are doing so much better than the Underdogs at this point. No one really pushes back, so Laurel & Bananas go again. Their performance helps the Champs win, and it also works in getting Bananas & Laurel the win within the win. 15 points for each Champ for winning.

T.J. notes that Bananas wouldn’t have had the most points for the Champs if he didn’t go in that second time.

Then T.J. puts Laurel & Bananas on the spot to choose members of the opposite sex on their team to go into elimination.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep7 – Champs Win

Perhaps because Zach stunk in the part of the Free Agents final he ran with Laurel, Laurel sends in Zach. Not shockingly at all, Bananas picks Cara Maria.

Jenna is afraid Zach will go home/is still worried about this Bruno rumor and  she cries (5 points).

Voting time! Who goes against Cara Maria? Zach votes Ashley K., CT votes Camila and Darrell votes Ashley K. When asked why, Darrell admits (at least in the interview) that it’s because she’s the weakest team member.

Ashley K. returns the favor and votes Darrell, Camila votes CT and Cara Maria votes Darrell, “based on performance.”

Jenna is stressed that Zach may be going home and she cries (5 points)… again. She at least this time admits she’s worried about the rumor. Zach gets that it’s not about that, but about her caring about him.

In the elimination Fortress, it’s the age-old game of wrestle the stick in the ring. Best 2 out of 3.

Zach is doing this for Knight, his buddy. In his interview, Zach cries (15 points) remembering his friend.

Girls first: Cara Maria has the “hold the pole close and wear her down” strategy. It works. She wins round 1. Cara Maria is just too much for Ashley K. Cara Maria wins round 2 and the elimination (25 points).

Guys go next: Darrell gets feisty and in the right moment, rips the bar out. Round 2 is more Darrell. 25 points for Darrell. 5 more points for Jenna for crying AGAIN!

The Challenge Invasion – Ep7 – Darrell vs Zach

Stray observations:

  • Amanda laughing at herself for not thinking strategy was a great “duh” moment.
  • Still no acknowledgement of the fact that Ashley K. and Zach dated.
  • Zach wants this pole in his hands more than he’s ever wanted anything.
  • If Dario &  Ashley K. hooked up, but MTV editors chose not to show it, I WILL FIND THEM AND YELL IN THEIR FACES BECAUSE THAT IS NOT COOL!

Episode 7 scores shown below:

The Challenge Invasion – Ep7 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Invasion Ep7 – Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Cara Maria & Darrell (40 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: A bunch of underdogs (0 points)

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  1. Jared says:

    No points for Smashley arguing with Hunter? I would think that is in order since that seemed more heated than the Bananas and Camila argument over the bedroom from a few weeks back

    • rachelarbeit says:

      Smashley was annoyed, but didn’t really yell at him. It was close and a tough call, but we decided not to give her points. Bananas and Camila was different as they clearly got mad and raised their voices.

  2. Jared says:

    Shouldn’t only Bananas and Laurel get points for winning the challenge? Each week it’s always a champs vs underdogs week so every week that entire team then is going to get points depending on who wins?

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