Invasion – Midseason Breakdown

We’re halfway through The Challenge Invasion! If you had Kailah and Sylvia being worth the most fantasy points halfway into the season, you’re no one. No one saw those rookies having more than double the points of any champion.

The Challenge Invasion - Midseason Trailer

The Challenge Invasion – Midseason Trailer

Let’s look at how this is all going, fantasy-wise.

Points by player are noted below. Players in red are no longer in the competition, while players in green are still in the game, able to earn more fantasy points.

The Challenge Invasion – Midseason Points by Player


Here’s a link to the excel sheet – The Challenge Invasion – Midseason Points by Player

As we can see, Theo has a lock on worst player of the season. Rookies Anthony and Anika were worth nothing, as was Marie, who flirted with points, but earned none. On the other end of the spectrum, Kailah is leading the league in points, though she’s out now. Solid rookie season for her, though Sylvia, Hunter and Nicole could score enough to beat Kailah for Rookie of the Season.

As the Champs didn’t really join until Episode 5, they’re not earning a lot of points… yet. Zach with 30 points is a bit of a bust. Unsure how many points people realistically thought Ashley could bring them. Cara Maria and Darrell with their elimination victories are the top scoring Champs so far, but with 100 points for winning it all, any of the remaining Champs has a chance to become a high scorer.

Remember: the second half of the season yields more points, as the winner of the final gets 100 points, and those who get to the final tend to make it there by winning challenges and/or eliminating competitors. That format is a little different this season, but after one more underdog and champ elimination, they have to go solo, right? Otherwise, only one Champ guy and one Champ girl will even have a chance at the epic 3-day final.

The Challenge Invasion - Midseason Trailer - Laurel & Nicole

The Challenge Invasion – Midseason Trailer – Laurel & Nicole

Also, the midseason trailer we saw at the end of episode 7 promises more drama. Laurel and Nicole locking lips, Laurel crying, Amanda fighting, Camila and Cory kissing, Cory fighting someone, CT complimenting Smashley for being hated on, and everyone puking. BRING IT ON!

Stray observations:

  • Did everyone quit smoking cigarettes or is MTV just not wanting to show it? Probably the latter, which means if you want a conversation off-camera, just go smoke while you talk about it… right?
  • CT and Darrell are Dads and not into the whole scene, but they seem pretty focused on winning and in good shape to do it.
  • While Theo was the actual biggest bust, it’s unlikely anyone drafted him early. The actual biggest busts at this point have to be Tony and Zach… who both cried in their final episode on the show.
  • There’s been more talk of Bruno the last two episodes than when he was actually on the show.


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2 thoughts on “Invasion – Midseason Breakdown

  1. KMD says:

    Think your math is off. For example, Tony should have 55 points (25 for winning elimination against bruno, 15 for male crying, and 15 for winning a team regular challenge against the champs).

  2. KMD says:

    Actually, I forgot about a verbal fight in episode 1, Tony should actually have 65 total

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