Nicole gets greedy, goes for Cara Maria and Laurel. You can’t have everything, Nicole. Not played like the way you’re playing, at least.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep9 – Nicole & Laurel


Title: An Officer and a Gentlewoman

The Challenge Invasion – Ep9 – Costume Party

It’s costume party night at the Oasis! Because no internet and TV gets people bored and crazy, they have a costume party each season. Jenna, Camila, and Laurel dress up all horror movie-like. Bananas, of course, dresses like a Banana. Nicole flirts with Cara Maria while checking out Laurel.

Sick of wearing their costumes. Camila and Jenna get naked (10 points each) and into the pool. They touch boobs by saying, “boob cheers!” It’s cute and very random. Camila isn’t just a good happy drunk skinny-dipper friend, she is a good, sweet, serious friend.

We see Camila and Laurel have a conversation about Laurel and Nicole’s flirting. It is one of the few meaningful conversations MTV airs from this show each season. Last season it was Wes and Sarah talking friendship vs. the competition. This season it’s Laurel explaining her new feelings and nervousness about how she’ll be viewed.

Later, at the club, Nicole flirts with Laurel. CT’s happy to see Laurel and Cara Maria getting along.

But after some more drinks, Nicole goes over to flirt with Cara Maria. Nicole goes back to Laurel, who is not having it. Laurel doesn’t want to play that game. She’s struggling enough with her new feelings.

Laurel has a weird conversation with Smashley and Amanda about the prank. Amanda thinks pranks are dumb and rude. Laurel correctly states that while Amanda may not find it funny,  it is objectively funny. Amanda pushes back, because she doesn’t know when to just say okay and go smoke the cigarette (presumably off-camera). It builds up to a fight (10 points each).

Back at the Oasis, Laurel takes her anger at Nicole out on Amanda and they fight (10 points). It’s unclear if this is still really just a continuation of the same fight, but since they are in a new location, we’ll call it another fight. Laurel follows Amanda to the bathroom, where Amanda is getting  changed (10 points for nudity). Laurel berates Amanda for not understanding that pranks are part of “the initiation process.”

Amanda’s still not into it. She thinks Laurel’s move was outlandish. “I’m not pranking young, beautiful women,” Amanda declares as if that is something someone should say with a straight face. Bananas finds his way to the room because of course he has to be where the action is. He is on the Champs side. But he mainly just wants to watch these chicks flip out at each other.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep9 – Attack of The Camillinator

Still a great friend to Laurel, Camillinator comes out and joins the fight, bringing Shane in with her (10 points each). The producers come in to help keep Laurel, Amanda and Camila all separated. Nicole has to hold Camila back.  Amanda finds her bikini-clad friend Smashley, who is not interested in being part of this drama.

Camila shoves cameras (15 points for physical attack) and needs to be held back. Camila also screams at the producers, camera (5 points for verbal attack). NOTE: Sorry if you disagree, this was a very difficult s***storm to score.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep9 – CT Reminding Bananas Who He Is

Bananas comes out and explains the situation to CT, Darrell, Cory and others. In another amazing moment of spectacular realness, Bananas says that Amanda “lights all these fires” and “creates all this b*******.” CT, laid back in his chair, smoking asks, “isn’t that what you do?” Bananas, who generally seems self-aware, actually asks, “when do i do that?” CT seamlessly replies, wondering if he’s serious and then says, “that’s all you do.” It’s a terrific exchange. If only MTV hadn’t edited out how Bananas replied to that.

Instead they cut to Camila and Amanda having another fight (10 points each) where they essentially smack talk at each other from across the pool. Camila starts dancing, as if they could have a have a dance off, which would be epic!

ACTUAL CHALLENGE TIME! T.J. introduces the game. It’s called Fall Out. Each team starts on opposite sides of a platform suspended over water. There are two ropes sitting in spirals in the middle. When T.J. blows the horn, every player is to go for the rope. Whichever team holds the rope the longest wins. Winning team gets $15,000 into their team bank account. Reminder: It’s a Champion Elimination. Guy and girl of the Champs that last the longest, are safe from the fortress.

And yes, I was wrong when I thought the game was moving to individual. The life jackets blocked the team colors so I thought the team thing was done. Oops.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep9 – The Girls Playing the Fall Out Challenge

Girls go first. There are four Underdogs, and three Champs. The second time the Champs have played down a player. T.J. blows the horn and the girls dive onto the two ropes. Somehow, a giant pile of Nicole, Laurel, Jenna, Smashley and Amanda end up on one rope. After the platform they’re on tilts perpendicular to the water, it’s not long before the entire bunch of girls falls off. This means Cara Maria and Camila are the only two that are left. The move around and try adjust themselves to hold on longer. Camila tries wrapping herself up in the ropes. Shane was worried she was going to choke herself. T.J. tells her  to unwrap herself. Cara Maria ends up falling right before Camila.

Camila and Cara Maria fight (10 points each) about if Camila’s strategy was kosher. Camila and Cara Maria have a little fight (10 points each). Camila reminds Cara Maria thatif were against the rules “they” would have called it. This is so interesting because it always seems like The Challenge doesn’t fully explain the rules to these games. Cara Maria may just be bitter. It’s clear Cara Maria trains intensely for this.

Guys are up next and it looks like wrestling is happening. It’s nuts. Shane ends up using himself like a bowling ball and dives onto the Champs. Cory and Nelson are left up there with the goal of holding on as long as possible. Cory and Nelson showboat, holding on with one hand. They know they can hold on longer than the girls. But at some point, Nelson drops and then Cory drops.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep9 – The Guys Playing the Fall Out Challenge

CT for one, admires Shane (and presumably Hunter, too) and the “kamikaze” strategy. It paid off. The Underdogs win (15 points each).

As far as the Champs go, Camila earned safety from the fortress. She’s proud that she found whatever lowdown dirty strategy it took to avoid going against Laurel or Cara Maria. The guys were so close, since they all practically got tackled at the same time. T.J. said they went to the tape and CT hit the water a foot after Bananas. It’s no “you killed it,” but T.J. specifically gives Shane credit for hanging onto CT’s neck and recommends CT buy Shane a coffee in the morning for saving his butt.

So yeah… it’s Bananas vs. Darrell. As CT notes, it’s the two most successful players of The Challenge going head-to-head. CT is straight giddy about it. One of his biggest competitors is about to be eliminated in what promises to be an epic showdown (unless Darrell destroys Bananas the way he destroyed Zach).

Cara Maria and Laurel have a nice talk about everything going on. They are buddies, which isn’t really helping Cara Maria get her game face on for elimination. But Cara Maria learns Laurel has feelings for Nicole and is happy Laurel is letting herself have feelings. Cara Maria encourages Laurel to ask Nicole what’s going on.

Laurel has weird conversation with Nicole where Nicole essentially says she doesn’t want to choose, after Laurel confesses to having a crush. It’s frustrating for Laurel, who doesn’t want to get played. Nicole just wants to eat all the cake.

Camila confronts Nicole in the gym. But it’s peaceful. She just asks Nicole who Nicole likes better. Camila tells Nicole that Laurel has feelings and Cara Maria is just flirting to pass the time. Camila also tells Nicole to think about what she’s doing, because it’s not cool  to mess with someone’s feelings. Nicole is asked if she even has feelings for either, and can’t seem to answer.

Well, one is about to go home.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep9 – Darrell vs Bananas Playing Balls In

T.J. is pumped about this elimination. Laurel beat Cara Maria in Free Agents. The rematch between friends is also one of two the best. Darrell and Bananas won’t be bad either. “Two of the greatest champions,” T.J. declares. And the game will continue on the trend of classic elimination games. They’re playing Balls In. It’s an old American Gladiators ripoff event. There’s a goal in the middle of an area bordered by a rope. The offensive player has to try to score, while the defender defends. Players will take turns going between offense and defense. There’s three rounds.

Darrell is on the offense first. He gets hit, takes a shot and it bounces off the rim. Bananas is next on offense and gets bounced away fast. Darrell gets in beast mode and drives on into the hole. Next, Bananas gets a real wrestle match from Darrell. Darrell is beating on Bananas, but Bananas is tough. Bananas tackles Darrell, who throws up a shot just too short.

Bananas gets ready to go and…  to be continued. I hate you, MTV.

Stray observations:

  • “It’s better than TV. It is TV.” Can’t love CT more!
  • Nicole is such a douche. If you want both, at least go for the threesome.
  • Camila takes no prisoners. She’ll argue strategy, fight for her friend, flip out at production and dance-taunt. She’s a well-rounded fighter.
  • Half the time I write “Camilla” instead of “Camila.” Ooops and sorry.
  • So Hunter was on the other rope taking out Darrell, right? Was this strategy planned out beforehand?
  • “I’ve been gone for a while and I came back to compete and win,” Darrell looking like the favorite to win. Bananas looks nervous.

Episode 9 scores shown below:

The Challenge Invasion – Ep9 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Invasion – Ep9 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Camila (60 points)

Worst player performances of the episode:Champ guys Bananas, Darrell and CT (0 points)

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