The Challenge Invasion – Ep10 – Balls In – Cara Maria vs. Laurel

…and we’re back in the elimination fortress to play “Balls In” and send a couple of Champions home.


Title: Go Your Own Way

We pick up with Bananas vs. Darrell in Balls In. Darrell is up 1-0 and Bananas needs to tie it up. Bananas gets close, but it’s not enough. Darrell wins (25 points).

No we have former frenemies, now buddies Cara Mara and Laurel against each other. Cara Maria is strong, but Laurel is bigger and has a strategy to use that size. Laurel scores twice and wins (25 points).

The Challenge Invasion – Ep10 – Balls In – Laurel Beats Cara Maria

At the club, there’s no happy celebration for Laurel, who is still bitter that Nicole led her on, while also flirting with her friend Cara Maria. To make Nicole jealous, Laurel grinds on Hunter. Drunk, shirtless Shane is mad that Hunter left the alliance that protects the girls that protect him (Smashley & Amanda). Shane verbally attacks Hunter (5 points).

The Challenge Invasion – Ep10 – Shane Yells at Hunter

On the bus home, it’s clear that Hunter and Shane are both very drunk. They fight more (10 points each). CT does the video equivalent to photo bombing in this scene (pointing to himself when Hunter asks, “who can beat me?”) and it’s amazing.

Amanda is not into this fight and yells at Shane (5 points). Also, Smashley is heart broken over Hunter? More likely just drunk.

When they get back to the Oasis, Shane smokes a cigarette and Smashley has a cry (5 points).

Amanda is mad at Shane for starting drama, which leads to Amanda, Shane and Hunter getting into a fight (10 points each). It is unclear what the game strategy is behind this fight. Shane’s alliance has fewer people than the other side of the Underdogs at this point. So pushing Hunter farther away doesn’t really help him. Meanwhile, Hunter yells a lot about how good he is, in a game where Shane won the last challenge for them and drank half the team’s curry the challenge before.

Outside, a little more calm and quiet, Hunter gives Smashley a hug. There are no hard feelings there. Drunk in bed, Shane has a hilarious talk with Darrell about how stupid his Underdog teammates are. All in all, the night ends up not so bad.

Back to lesbian love drama. Nicole and Laurel still want to be together, but Laurel is sour about the fact that Nicole wants Cara Maria, too/instead. It’s difficult to watch Laurel’s interest in Nicole grow, despite all we’ve seen of Nicole talking about how into Cara Maria Nicole obviously is/was.

Finally, Challenge time. The game is called Crossover. On the back of a speedboat, guy-girl pairs will be on the outside ends of a line of tubes. The goal is to crossover to the otherside then pull themselves to the flag. There is a 3-minute time limit. If you fall off the tube(s), you get a time of 3-minutes. The team that averages the best time wins. Winning team gets $30,000. And this is just a money grab. No elimination? Um… okay.

Shane and Nicole pair up and go first. Shane finishes in a decent time. Nicole can’t complete the challenge by the time allotted.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep10 – Crossover Challenge

Darrell and Laurel are up next. They both get it done in a seemingly alright time. Nelson and Amanda are next. Nelson nearly knocks them both off the tube when they crossover. He later falls, but with flag in hand, so it’s alright. Amanda runs out of time. Camila is not impressed.

Hunter and Smashley are next. They work well together in challenges, but Smashley falls off going for the last tube. Hunter completes it in pretty good time. Smashley is disappointed that she didn’t finish and cries (5 points).

Camila and CT struggle in their own ways. Camila gets to the rope with over a minute left and can’t reel in the flag. CT doesn’t even make it to the other side before time expires. They’re frustrated. It comes down to what Cory and Jenna can do. Cory recovers from almost immediately falling off. He flies to the other side, but falls off going for the flag, but comes out with the flag, like Nelson. Jenna has the same problem as Camila and can’t get the flag off the rope.

T.J., jealous that he didn’t get to compete in this challenge, reveals that the Underdogs win (15 points each). 2:29 to the Champs 2:40. Cory gets a shout out for “smoking” everyone. That’s not the phrase that pays, T.J.!

T.J. says  there will be a house party, not an elimination. Everyone is excited, of course. CT is suspicious.

Party has everyone happy. Smashley forgives Shady Shane. Laurel forgives Nicole. Thai entertainers juggle and blow fire.

Oh, and it’s Darrell’s birthday.

T.J. comes out. A surprise to everyone, but CT. T.J. announces it’s not just a house party, but a going away party. There are too many Underdogs. Next challenge will be an Underdog bloodbath. They will all need to pack their bags before the next challenge.

Stray observations:

  • Bananas and his nemesis Cara Maria would likely not talk at all on a 15-hour flight back to Cali, right?

    The Challenge Invasion – Ep10 – Cara Maria & Bananas Go Home

  • T.J. is right. This challenge looked super fun. Pulling in that flag looked extremely difficult, but hopping around from tube to tube? Sign me up!
  • Thanks to Instagram, we know Laurel and Nicole are together in real life, at this time. But will they still be together after this episode has aired? Nicole is pretty clear that Cara Maria is her first choice.
  • “I don’t think there are snakes in the water” – Laurel, completely serious, not amused.
  • A three-way tug of war next week? YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 10 scores shown below:

The Challenge Invasion – Ep10 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Invasion – Ep10 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Shane (40 points)

Worst player performances of the episode: Champs continue to lay goose eggs! Cara Maria, Bananas, Camila & CT (0 points)

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