Time to eliminate a bunch of Underdogs!

The Challenge Invasion - Ep11 - Underdogs Ready to Play Exit

The Challenge Invasion – Ep11 – Underdogs Prepared for the Bloodbath


Title: The Bloodbath

While most of the Underdogs speculate about the bloodbath T.J. has promised, drunk Cory and Camila make out (10 points each). Nicole and Laurel also do some kissing (10 points each).

The Challenge is appropriately called Exit. It’s played individually in same-sex rounds. The Challenge Invasion - Ep11 - Exit ChallengeThere’s a giant “X” structure that the players will be harnessed to. The players have to battle for control and grab their puzzle pieces. Once they have all of their pieces, they can unhook and solve the puzzle, which is Sudoku, but with pictures. The pictures each have points (like the point of a star) which represent a number.

The Challenge Invasion - Ep11 - Cory Working on the Exit Challenge Puzzle

The Challenge Invasion – Ep11 – Cory Working on the Exit Challenge Puzzle

All of the Underdogs have their bags packed because the loser is going home. There is no winner. The three that survive go to the Fortress  to fight it out in another elimination.

While Jenna is nervous, she’s happy that alliances are over and it’s a straight competitive fight at this point.

Darrell predicts Nicole and Hunter or Nelson will be out. Laurel thinks Cory and Nicole will be out – BURN!

Guys go first. They swing around and collect their pieces. Shane gets all his puzzle pieces first. Then Cory, then Nelson and finally Hunter. They are all having difficulty with the puzzle. Hunter can’t even explain to the camera how the puzzle works.

T.J. has to remind everyone that all of the columns and rows have to equal 21 before calling for a check. The Champs stand to the side and laugh. Smashley roots for Hunter, figuring if they are both in the final, maybe he can help her.

Finally, after an hour and forty-five minutes, Shane is done. Cory finishes next. Nelson eventually completes the puzzle. Hunter is eliminated and cries (15 points). Smashley says it was nice hanging, but see ya never.

The girls are up next. Amanda thinks Jenna and Nicole are in trouble. But Jenna has a

The Challenge Invasion - Ep11 - Girls Play the Exit Challenge

The Challenge Invasion – Ep11 – Girls Play the Exit Challenge

plan: she can count with her fingers.

Smashley collects all her pieces first, then Nicole, Jenna and Amanda last. Amanda talks a big game. She doesn’t need more time because she’s smart enough.

Turns out, she is. Amanda is the first one done. Then Smashley. As many predicted, it is down to Jenna and Nicole. Laurel is calming encouraging Nicole, which Nicole finds helpful. The support is useful and Nicole does it. Jenna is eliminated. She tears up, but isn’t shown crying.

Nicole and Laurel kiss to Nicole not losing (10 points each).

T.J. reminds the six surviving Underdogs that they get to go to the fortress. “Let’s hope there’s not a puzzle in there, because today was pitiful,” he says. That’s T.J. expressing disappointment, but since it’s performance related, no points.

Getting ready for the fortress, Nicole wants to see Smashley go home. Shane does yoga. It’s time to get to more bloodbath.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep11 – Inside Out Fortress Elimination

T.J. calls out Nicole and Nelson for sucking so bad on the Exit challenge, reminding them they are lucky to be there. Now that we know who the smartest is, we get to find out who the strongest is. The fortress game is called Inside Out. For the first time in Challenge history, three players are battling it out. It’s a three-way tug-of-war. The first player to pull their way to ring their bell wins. Then the other two go at it again.

The girls fight tough. They are all pulling and not getting anywhere. They are digging in and getting ready for an endurance battle. Smashley is really losing it. It’s been almost half an hour. Smashley is screaming in agony and pain.

This deadlock is tough to watch. Smashley suggests that Amanda and her work together. Shane loves this idea, and comes up with a strategy for them: pull together to the space in between their bells, working together to pull Nicole away from her bell, then battle each other.

Camila is wowed by this. The strategy works in dragging Nicole away. Smashley hits her bell first (25 points). She cries (5 points). Nicole is pissed at how that went down. She is ready to go head-to-head against Amanda. Nicole verbally attacks Amanda (5 points).

The Challenge Invasion – Ep11 – Girls Playing the Inside Out Fortress Elimination

Round two is a little different. The two competitors are attached by harness at the waist and have a short rope they each hold an end of. Whoever gets both feet outside the rope circle first, gets a point. Whoever gets two points first, wins.

Nicole scores first in a close fight. Amanda uses quick feet to outsmart Nicole in round two. It’s tied and it all comes down to the last round. Nicole walks backwards towards the edge of the circle, knocks Amanda down and inches out backwards. Nicole wins (25 points).

Shane and Nelson plan to work together to take out Cory, using the Amanda/Smashley strategy to run for the space between their bells. But Cory also thinks Nelson is working with him. At the last minute, Cory can’t get a wink/smile signal from Nelson and wonders if he can trust his buddy. Cut to Nelson in an interview saying this may be checkers and he needs to play chess. T.J. blows the horn and Nelson easily springs forward to ring his bell (25 points).

The Challenge Invasion – Ep11 – Cory and Nelson Fight

From the replay, Shane is heads towards his bell, Nelson to his and Cory in the middle. Shane either expected to be played or to play as Shady Shane. Nevertheless, Cory got played. Shane knows this and feeds the fire. Strategic Shane… if Cory and Nelson fight, maybe that will tire out Cory and get him sent home. Shane’s “you played Cory” comments work. Cory shoves Nelson and the start pushing each other (25 points each for physical fighting).

We’ll see how this plays out next week.

Stray observations:

  • Smashley is here to compete. She has no love for Hunter. No love for Jenna with her, “she doesn’t play dumb for the camera, she is dumb” opinion.
  • Odd episode to score, as the Exit challenge was not “regular”, but an elimination challenge.
  • I guess no trivia challenge this season. Sudoku was tough enough for this crowd.
  • It was almost backstabbing points, but since we made this new rule with wording indicating voting, not general strategy, it doesn’t count. We will think of this episode when we revise the rules for next season FOR SURE!
  • CT’s opinion is that Amanda was the smartest Underdog, which means her departure is good for the Champs. But will the final even be run as Champs vs. Challengers since there be another Champs elimination next week?

Episode 11 scores shown below:

The Challenge Invasion – Ep11 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Invasion – Ep11 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Nelson & Nicole (50 points each)

Worst player performances of the episode: Amanda, Jenna, CT, Darrell, Shane (0 points)

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