Invasion – Episode 12 – Breakdown & Scoring

The Camilinator vs. The Terminator!

The Challenge Invasion – Ep 12 – Nothing Says I Love You More Than Cleaning Mold Off A Jar Of Peanut Butter

Season 29 Episode 12

Title: Caged

Before we get to this week’s recap, a little housekeeping. Rachel, the usual proprietor of this blog, is on vacation this week in a camper with Darrell’s family. So I am her friend Mike, filling in for her. Please be kind; Rachel will be back next week.

The episode opens with the aftermath of the physical fight between Cory and Nelson that concluded last week’s episode. The fantasy rule is that if the fight continues in this week’s episode, Cory and Nelson will receive additional fighting points. However, as the episode begins, we see the same thing that happened last week, and then production


The Full Nelson

immediately breaks up the fight. Cory stops himself from fighting any more, reasoning that he doesn’t want to throw a “$40,000 punch.” Thus, no additional fighting points. Nevertheless, Cory and Nelson verbally argue about Nelson’s questionable tactics (10 points each).

Cory is motivated by his fight with Nelson and easily beats Shane (25 points to Cory). Shane is sad but does not cry. T.J. congratulates Cory, Nelson, Nicole, and Ashley but does not say that they have secured a spot in the Finals, which concerns Cory. Might there be an additional Underdog elimination next week?

Back at the Oasis, Cory and Nelson debate about whether or not Nelson is a “snake,” but this doesn’t rise to the level of an argument. Anyone playing a drinking game in which you have to drink every time Cory or Nelson says the word “snake” is surely drunk by now. Eventually, Cory and Nelson make up.

Everyone is getting along fairly well, and spends the day lounging by the Oasis pool. Thanks to CT’s prodding, Nicole learns that Laurel hid her giant jar of peanut butter in the bushes weeks earlier. Nicole loves peanut butter more than Dom Toretto loves Corona, so Nicole is obviously not pleased. Camila asks to be Laurel’s attorney but doesn’t really do much lawyering on her behalf. Laurel tries to make it up to Nicole with the romantic gesture of cleaning mold off the jar. If Laurel and Nicole can survive this peanut butter fiasco, those two crazy kids can survive anything.

CT notes that he initially thought that this would be his last challenge but he is rethinking retirement because he has a second wind. This has been a fairly disappointing season for CT points-wise, so hopefully he does better next time.

The challenge this week is called “Caved In.” It is basically an adult version of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Each team is locked in a structure with eight cages. The team has to go from cage to cage, eventually finding a key that allows the team to leave the structure and win the challenge. T.J. tells everyone that this challenge is worth $30,000.

Cage 2

Cage Match (Which Really Should Have Been The Episode Title)

The Champions start off strong, taking an early lead. Each cage has two doors, and if the team goes out the wrong door, it could find itself going the wrong way. Frankly, from the editing, it is a little unclear how the teams know which door is correct. In any event, the Champions begin to struggle. Camila tries to go on top of the cage to see which way they should go, and Laurel is annoyed at this strategy. Camila is mad that Laurel looks down on her, literally and figuratively. The Underdogs are working really well together and take the lead, but the Champions begin to make a comeback; Laurel even says “you killed it,” forgetting that you don’t get points unless T.J. says it.

Challenge Cage

I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts…

The key is under a ton of coconuts, so it eventually is a race between the teams to see who can dig out from under the pile first. The Underdogs are really motivated and get out first, winning the challenge and $30,000 (15 points for Cory, Nelson, Nicole, and Ashley). After the challenge is over, Laurel and Camila verbally argue about Camila’s strategy (10 points each).

Back at the Oasis, Ashley finds a centipede in her broccoli and freaks out. Ashley clearly would not be happy at a Seattle Mariners game. Ashley covers her eyes but we don’t see her cry.

The elimination challenge this week is “Knot So Fast,” which we previously saw in Battle of the Exes 2. Each Champion has ten minutes to wrap a heavy rope around a structure. Then the players switch sides and whoever untangles the rope first wins. I am a little disappointed that we won’t get to see CT and Darrell in a more physical challenge, but I am guessing the producers picked this one because of the size disparity between Laurel and Camila.

The females are up first. Camila attempts to take the entire rope with her, but quickly abandons that strategy because the rope is too big and heavy. Laurel is in beast mode, holding the rope around her neck and wrapping it in and out of the structure. They switch sides and initially it looks like Laurel is going to coast to an easy victory. But for some reason she loses focus and her rope gets knotted (perhaps, in the words of Mad Men, she is on “love leave”). Camila stays focused and somehow wins the elimination (25 points for Camila). Afterwards, she cries tears of joy twice, once right afterwards and then again while being interviewed (10 points for Camila). Nicole cries about losing Laurel (5 points for Nicole). Laurel is choked up but doesn’t cry.

Camila 2

Camila Loves Her Rope Almost As Much As Nicole Loves Peanut Butter

This is Laurel’s first elimination challenge loss ever, which is incredibly impressive. T.J. shakes Laurel’s hand, which seems odd. Unfortunately, T.J. does not say “you killed it” to Camila. Come on T.J.; I know you don’t like to use your trademark catchphrase that often, but if there ever is a challenge that called for it, this is it. Camila definitely killed it.

The episode ends before CT and Darrell can begin, so we will have to find out who wins next week. My figurative money is on Darrell.

Episode 12 scores shown below:

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Invasion – Ep12 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Cory (50 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: CT, Darrell, and Shane (0 points)

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