Invasion – Episode 14 – Breakdown & Scoring

The Challenge Invasion – Ep14 – CT & Camila Do the Triangle Puzzle

The Challenge Invasion is a season without trivia, but is not a season without some basic math.

Season 29 Episode 14

Title: Math is Hard

After completing their swim, the pairs have a puzzle of a large triangle in front of them. They have to count all the triangles, divide that number by 3 and multiple by 12. The answer to that equation is the code to the lock they need to open to ge their paddle boards and swim back. Camila and CT finish first, but Smashley and Nelson aren’t far behind. Nicole and Cory seemingly didn’t make it past 4th grade math.

After paddle boarding back, there is another puzzle. This one is just an actual puzzle of The Challenge logo. The teams get at it, and finish easily.

Meanwhile, back at the island they swam to, Nicole and Cory are counting triangles in capital A’s on the sign thinking that maybe they missed something. They missed counting, division and multiplication. Of small numbers. These two should be ashamed of themselves.  Can they try listening to books on tape at the gym from now on or something?

Camila and CT win day 1. Camila is pleased, but she thinks the day was a bit of a waste of the CT powerhouse. Camila swam well and solved the puzzles.

On the topic of puzzles, Nicole and Cory can’t figure it out. Even after the producer explains how there are 27 triangles in the puzzle, Nicole and Cory can’t even divide 27 by three. The producer tells them to just go. They take the time penalty. Furthermore, Nicole and Cory decide to lay on the paddle board and use their hands instead of the paddle to get back. Unclear if this strategy cost them a significant amount of time. T.J. expresses his disappointment in their pitiful performance, saying it was “terrible” (-5 points each).

The Challenge Invasion – Ep14 – Nicole & Cory Don’t Know 27 Divided by 3

Hey, guess what? The shelter is back! Well, it’s more accurate to say that the cast is back staying at the shelter. This is new territory for Champs CT and Camila, but a familiar and not-so-happy reunion for the Underdogs.

Just before bed, T.J. comes and explains that they have an hour to complete a “Time Buster.” There is a giant pile of coconuts. Each team (same as before) has an hour to extract as much water as possible out of the coconuts. The winning guy and girl each get to add 5 minutes onto the time of someone of their choosing.

Smashley figures that if Camila wins, Camila will give the penalty to her. Camila assumes she gets the penalty if she doesn’t win. Considering how they ended Day 1, this is a fair assumption.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep14 – Coconut Time Buster

T.J. does the reveal. Smashley and Nelson have a fair amount of coconut water in their container. Nicole and Cory have more coconut water in their container, and Camila and CT have less than Nicole and Cory. Nicole and Cory win the Time Buster. Cory gives the 5 minutes to CT, of course, because it is the smartest thing and it makes sense. CT gets it, he would’ve done the same thing.

But Nicole doesn’t just lack in division ability. Nicole gives her 5 minutes to Smashley because “to be honest” it’s the “fair and square” thing to do. Seemingly because she did the worst on the Time Buster, Nicole thinks Smashley deserves it? It’s pretty clear that Nicole gave the time to Smashley because Nicole doesn’t like Smashley.  But they also don’t really like each other. They get in a quick fight about it (10 points each).

Camila and Cory are flirty and cute. Everyone, hopefully, gets a good night sleep.

T.J. shows up in the morning to introduce Day 2. Time for new partners. He instructs to pick someone with “strength, stamina and a strong stomach.” Nicole and Nelson work together, Camila and Cory team up and Smashley and CT become partners.

They are sent off to run to a far away area with a puzzle and an introduction into a cave. The cave has some good stuff to eat. Crickets, worms, grasshoppers, snails and horse urine on eggs? It’s giving me deja vu, as this is like watching early episodes of Fear Factor. Cory vomits (5 points) on Nicole – LOL. Smashley vomits, too (5 points). Nicole and Nelson finish first and run to the next checkpoint. Smashley and CT finish next. Cory pukes maybe 10 more times? (5 points due to our 2 vomit maximum per episode thing).

The Challenge Invasion – Ep14 – Fear Factor Style Buffet of Grossness

Nelson and Nicole hit the next checkpoint first They have to climb up onto ropes and work together to make it across to a cargo net. This is a very teamwork intensive task. Nicole and Nelson work together well, slowly making their way across. When they get to the other side, they need to climb down a cargo net. Nicole whines about being afraid of heights, which we oddly have not heard from her all season. Even when Nicole is performing well, going against her own tough image by repeatedly complaining about being up high.

The Challenge Invasion – Ep14 – Nicole and Nelson Going Across the Ropes

Smashley and CT get to the rope task next. Camila is pulling the cart with the puzzle pieces because Cory is running out of gas.

CT falls and they have to start over. Meanwhile, Nelson and Nicole hit the next phase and they wade through some murky water to collect puzzle pieces.

CT falls again. Tired and calling himself fat, CT asks to take the penalty and skip the checkpoint. Camila and Cory figure if they can make it across, they can make up time. They are doing well, until they aren’t and Camila falls. Cory decides they should take the 30 minute penalty and move on.

Finally all these puzzle pieces find their home. The next checkpoint it a game you may have played in your childhood at a Denny’s or something similar. There are three poles, and the goal is to move the puzzle pieces onto the right most of three poles.

The rules are: move only one piece at a time, no putting larger pieces ontop of smaller pieces. Nicole and Nelson struggle, but get it. Smashley and CT handle it without an issue and finish first. A graphic underneath shows them in “1st place” but that must not account for their time penalty. Nicole and Nelson finish next.

Meanwhile, Camila and Cory are way behind and bickering. Cory doesn’t want to listen to Camila, but also doesn’t have any strategy to contribute to the team. When they find out that they have not completed the checkpoint because their pieces aren’t on the right pole, we see Camila crying in her interview (5 points). She resents having to do all the work on the “team” and is obviously frustrated that they made such a bad mistake. How much will it cost them when they also have a 30 minute penalty? Not sure, but we are sure that Cory ends both of the first two days in last place and that’s not good for him.

Stray observations:

  • If it’s fried, Cory is down to eat it. He likes to munch on the crunch. But what if the worms were fried? They’d still be gooey in the middle. Would that be okay with Cory?
  • Nicole’s Day 1 to Day 2 was a big improvement, she went from worst to first.
  • Will we get a time update or just watch these clowns for another hour and kinda guess who we think is in the lead before times are revealed?
  • While Cory is making a strong showing for 3rd place in the final, he continues to win the fantasy point game.

Episode 14 scores shown below:

The Challenge Invasion – Ep14 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Invasion – Ep14 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Cory & Nicole (10 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: CT & Nelson (0 points)

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