The Challenge Invasion – End of Season Points Per Player

The season has concluded. While CT and Smashley won the big money, let’s look at who won the season in terms of fantasy points.

The Challenge Invasion - End of Season Points by Player

End of Season Points by Player

The Challenge Invasion – End of Season Points by Player

Best Underdog Performance: Smashley (325 points). Smashley was an unlikely Champion. She got lucky in not having to face the Champs. She used the fact that she has a few functioning brain cells. She hooked up. She melted down. She fought.

Honorable mentions: Cory (280 points) and his fremeny Nelson (265 points). Cory hooked up with two chicks, fought, won during the season and lost the finale because he can only think sometimes about some things. Nelson managed second place because he can strategize well enough to work with other people.

Worst Underdog Performance: Theo (-5 points) and he quit. At least Chet messed his face up when he quit.

Best Rookie Performance: Nicole (180 points). Nicole won a girlfriend and 3rd place, but she also was an annoying wannabe player who likes to act tougher than the math problem of “what’s 27 divide by 3?” (No, I’m never getting over this).

Honorable mentions: Hunter (155 points), Kailah (125 points) and Sylvia (120 points). Hunter hooked up, roid raged and made it farther in the game than expected. Kailah performed in competition and in drama. She set herself to be able to be partnered with Cory on a future Battle of the Exes format. She also positioned herself to have a ton of options for partners in a future Rivals season. Meanwhile, Sylvia really came out of nowhere to score points. Sylvia won two eliminations, fought with people, cried and got naked. Sylvia scored about 100 more points than anyone could have guessed.

Worst Rookie Performance: Theo (-5 points) and he quit. T.J. may kick him off if Theo ever sneaks back on the show. Although, Theo didn’t leave to go home cause he missed his girlfriend like Brandon did on Rivals 3, so at least Theo isn’t Brandon?

Best Champ Performance: Camila (245 points). Even though Camila was kicked off of Rivals 3 last season for fighting with Tony, she earned 290 points last season (thanks to being kicked off), so even though she made it the entire season this time, it was for fewer points.

With only 55 points scored on Bloodlines and 65 points on Free Agents, Camila wasn’t a top pick in the draft because she’s inconsistent. But I digress…

Worst Champ Performance: Ashley K. (25 points). The weakest Champ turned out to be the weakest fantasy Champ. She flirted with Dario, but no hook up, no points.

Other interesting patterns from the past five seasons (including Invasion):

  • Bananas 40 points is his lowest in the past five seasons. His highest fantasy score? 260 on Free Agents, which he won. He was close to that with 240 is last season’s Rivals 3 win and money steal. His lowest fantasy score? Besides Invasion, he only scored 60 points on Battle of the Exes 2, even though him and partner Nany made it til right before the final, when Sarah voted them into an elimination against Leroy and Nia. Part of his lower score, though, was because him and Nany spent 3 episodes off the show, winning their way back in Battle of the Ex-iled, the only time this series has played a losers bracket side game.
  • Jenna scored 130 points this season. That’s better than the 90 points she scored with Vince on Rivals 3 last season, but not as good as her 155 points with crazy cousin Brianna on Bloodlines. Even though they made it to the final, she only scored 40 fantasy points on her debut Battle of the Exes 2 season with Jay. Remember they were the “lay-up” team.
  • Cara Maria scored just 65 points this season. On Bloodlines, her win + massive amount of drama made her 340 points. Cara Maria’s 340 points were the most scored in any of the last five seasons.
  • Laurel’s 115 points is nothing compared to her 315 points on Free Agents, which she won.
  • One of the winners usually also has the highest fantasy points, but not always. Camila’s 290 points on Rivals 3 last season was the fantasy high, even though she was kicked  off the show after episode 8. While Smashley won and had the most points of the season, CT won and had the least amount of points of the 6 finalists.


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2 thoughts on “The Challenge Invasion – End of Season Points Per Player

  1. Nick says:

    You have Shane as 25 points in Episode 6, but in the Episode 6 spreadsheet, you have Shane as 35 points. I think that is a mistake in this final spreadsheet- Shane should be 35 points for that episode, not 25…right?

  2. rachelarbeit says:

    Yes – oops. Good catch! Updating now..

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