The Challenge Invasion – Reunion Breakdown

It’s the Challenge Invasion Reunion, but more like Jerry Springer episode. Hosted by two-time Challenge Champion and WWE star The Miz.

The Challenge Invasion – Reunion – Camila Dances in Amanda’s Face

The Miz is a great host for this because he grew his 15 minutes of fame into a wrestling career. Both of those lives meet each other on the new, short special series The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros.

We start by reviewing the finale. Everyone loves Dad CT. Smashley hasn’t spent her money yet. Nelson gets all excited when The Miz mentions that 2nd place sucks and he shouldn’t have given up on the beads.

Then The Miz throws some shade at Cory, asking what he’s good at, since he’s not good at endurance or puzzles. Cory’s good at hooking up with girls, The Miz notes. And before we know it, we’re watching The Miz take down a puzzle in 2002. Why are we watching this? Because it’s the same game that Cory and Camila couldn’t complete.

The Miz also notes that the Underdogs didn’t really have to face the Champs til the very end. Darrell was ready after 7 years off and wasn’t afraid. Amanda expected CT and respected him and Laurel. She even notes a quick no respect for Camila. This is quickfire stuff going on.

After a commercial, we find out our “special guest” is Nicole. How is a 3rd place finisher a “special guest”? We then have to watch the Nicole-wants-both-Cara-and-Laurel montage.

Nicole says she was interested in both. Laurel cries talking about how hard it was for her to let herself show interest in a woman on TV, but she was inspired by Diem.

Bananas says what we’re all thinking, which is that if Cara Maria had won, would Laurel and Nicole be talking about their 5 month relationship right now?

Then Cara Maria jumps in to say she was hurt that Laurel didn’t reach out after the show. Cara Maria thought they were friends, but it turns out Laurel deleted Cara Maria’s info from Nicole’s phone. Laurel screams at Cara Maria for putting her number in Nicole’s phone in the first place. It’s such a mess. Laurel is obviously still mad at Cara Maria because Nicole may have preferred Cara Maria, though Laurel just gets mad instead of admitting that. It’s tough to watch.

The Challenge Invasion – Reunion – Cara Maria vs Nicole and Laurel

After a commercial cool-off, we look into Cory’s strong season of hooking up with two chicks. Unfortunately, The Miz doesn’t play in our fantasy league so he doesn’t mention that Cory was one of the best fantasy picks because of this. We also take a quick look back at Hunter and Smashley, and Jenna/Bruno and how much Jenna worried about Zach.

Jenna FINALLY admits she kissed Bruno on the plane. She denies the fingering. Amanda feels better, because she was right, but also annoyed that Jenna made her look bad for no reason.

Jenna tried to date Zach again for a couple months, but they called it off because he “doesn’t know what he wants.” Then he disappears. Jenna still has feelings. The Miz asks why she wants to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with her. Cara Maria, who has a pretty openly dysfunctional relationship with Abram says, “you can’t control who you love.”

The Laurel jumps in and angrily says Jenna should get him out of her life, he’s not worth her time.  Oh, Laurel… look in the mirror, girl. You think Zach makes Jenna look bad? What’s your partner doing for you?

Onward to Kailah and Cory. They admit they liked each other, but Kailah is more upset about how this all went down. She was waiting for Cory after the show. Cory told her what was up, but Kailah said he downplayed it all. Obviously, Kailah was hurt by what happened. Cory says she shouldn’t care because she has a boyfriend now.

Amanda jumps in to ask Camila why she acts like she cares about respecting relationships (meaning that maybe Camila shouldn’t hook up with people in relationships). It’s a stretch, Cory and Kailah’s showmance was no relationship. But Amanda sells out Camila, saying she hooked up with Vince last season (Rivals 3) even though he had a girlfriend. Camila doesn’t want to hear any hate. She gets up and dancing off Amanda’s insults.

Amanda may be just trying to figure out what’s up, but she looks like a holier-than-thou hater.

The Challenge Invasion – Reunion – Everyone Laughs at Hunter

Smashley and Nelson made out, apparently. There’s lost fantasy points. The Miz asked why that happened when she was dating Hunter. Smashley says Hunter and her didn’t date. Hunter doesn’t care that Smashley made out with Nelson, but is mad a Nelson because bros over hos

The Miz and other more presumably straight men on the stage (like Bananas) look confused. Amanda says Nelson should apologize. Nelson is like, “gimme a break Hunter, did you really care about her?” Nelson isn’t going to apologize because he’s not sorry. He’s allowed to hook up with whoever he wants.

Backstage we see Kailah yelling and almost crying at Cory. Again, Kailah was clearly hurt by Cory.

Back from commercial we review that Camila pranked Amanda and Amanda has no sense of humor. We see their epic fight again. Darrell admits that night was fun.

The Miz asks how the Camilinator comes out. Darrell explains “Challenge Fever” and that they all get it. This supports a theory I’ve had for a while… that no TV, no internet, contained environment = people will go crazy.

Amanda somehow tries to make the case that Laurel is a prankster and Camila is vicious. Camila nods. Shane confirms that Amanda rubs people the wrong way, but it’s okay because Amanda is just being Amanda.

Camila calmly says that Amanda is lame and takes time “in her real life” to harass her on social media, when Camila doesn’t care. Camila twerks to Amanda, the hater and “shouts out to anyone with a speech impediment”. Before we know it, Camila is in Amanda’s face and they have to be separated.

The Miz concludes that they’re not friends. Astute observation.

We return to review the Nelson/Shane/Cory tug-of-war. Cory was mad at Nelson for not following their plan and going to the middle and seems to still be mad. Bananas defends Nelson for doing what he needed to do to win.

Nelson is standing for some reason and he says Cory wouldn’t have been there if it weren’t for him. Cory gets mad and comes down. We have another Jerry Springer moment. Production breaks them up. Nelson thinks that his help to Cory in an early challenge made Cory, and obviously Cory doesn’t appreciate it.

They too, do not seem like friends.

Unseen footage time! Shane naked. Camila giving Nicole a peck. Someone else, maybe Hunter, naked. The guys getting Thai massages. Bananas dumping water on an unhappy Smashley. Amanda and Smashley having a Burn Book.

Darrell is revealed as a “fart attacker” and he farts on people to tell them their stuff don’t stink, so he farted on Amanda a lot.

It’s time for the 2nd annual Challenge awards.

Nominees for ugly crying: Nicole, Kailah and Jenna. Winner? Jenna.

Nominees for best make out: Cory & Kailah, Nelson & LaToya, Cory & Camila. Winner? Nelson & LaToya, probably so that Cory doesn’t get punched by Kailah.

Nominees for best bare-it-all: Naked Shane, naked Jenna in the pool and nake Camila in the pool. Winner? Shane.

Nominees for Sickest Burn: Bananas calling Nicole Andy Dick, Bananas talking smack about Hunter and Bananas saying “Nelson doesn’t have two brain cells to run together and is, shockingly, running the show”. Winner? Bananas, of course.

Stray observations:

  • No Sylvia at the reunion? She over-performed and doesn’t even get the extra episode love. Wamp wamp.
  • Laurel… oh, girl. Practice what you preach. If Jenna deserves better, don’t you?
  • The Miz really plowed through this material. Would have been nice if he had stopped, taken a breath and made Laurel talk about how it felt to watch Nicole crush hard on Cara Maria, and even prefer Cara Maria win the elimination. Also, would have been nice to ask Amanda if, looking back, she thinks she may have taken this prank stuff a bit too seriously.
  • Nelson gets nominated for a fake award for his LaToya make out,  but there’s no asking if the two of them were in touch at all after the show.
  • No question to all about their favorite or least favorite challenge, or any kind of all-encompassing questions.

Pictures coming tomorrow…

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