This week, it’s a male elimination. But first, everyone gets wrapped up in plastic wrap.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep2 – Tailgate BBQ Challenge

Special Season – Episode 2

Title: Settings the Scores

Turns out CM Punk and Shawne Merriman had  a Twitter exchange of unflattering thoughts. Pretty much, CM Punk started it because he does that. Shawne comes over to acknowledge and squash the beef.

In a park, hanging and playing football, Wes reminds us that he and Bananas are rivals. While they may be, Wes can catch a ball thrown by Bananas.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep2 – Lolo Flag Football Tantrum

The rivalry developing on the Pros side is Lindsey and Lolo. Lindsey tells Lolo to chill at the flag football game, because Lolo is getting excited and wanting to block. Lolo has a temper tantrum, yells at Lindsey (5 points) and walks off the field. Bananas tries to give her some wisdom on properly channeling her competitive energy. She says she’s about to quit. It’s not at all believable.

Challenge time! This one is about ingenuity. It’s Tailgate BBQ. The competitors will be wrapped like a sausage and have to roll through a course of ketchup, mustard, relish, a grill, ya know… BBQ theme obstacles. This is yet another Free Agents game. Because they are all about making old challenges harder, 5 people from each team will have to roll through the course with a bag of chips in their mouth. If they drop the chips, 2 minutes is added onto the team’s total time.

It’s a male elimination, so the winning team captain gets $5,000 for their charity and is safe from elimination. Losing Team Captain goes into elimination. CM Punk is the Team Captain for the Pros because it makes sense, his charity is Paws Chicago! Hot dog rolling for dogs! Jordan is the Team Captain for the Champs.

Girls Heat 1: Camila (with chips), Ashley K., Lolo, and Lindsey (with chips). Lindsey and Lolo finish first, then Ashley K. and Camila comes in last after being blocked by Lindsey. Camila doesn’t think it’s fair, but there’s either no time or energy for a real flip out.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep2 – Bananas & CM Punk Fight

Guys Heat 1: Bananas (with chips), CM Punk, Kamerion (with chips), CT, Wes. Kamerion comes in 1st, Bananas 2nd, CT in 3rd, Wes in 4th and CM Punk in last. CM Punk and Bananas have some smack talk after Bananas expresses how not impressed he is with CM Punk’s performance. They fight (10 points each).

Girls Heat 2: Cara Maria (with chips), Smashley, Louise, Tia. Tia takes off way ahead of everyone. She wins by a lot, followed by Louise, Cara Maria and Smashley. Tia is proud of her little self. Louise thought the whole thing was gross.

It’s pretty close at this point. Team Captain Jordan knows that.

Guys Heat 2: Jordan (with chips), Darrell (with chips), Shawne (with chips), Louie, Gus. Jordan and Darrell win by a lot, then Louie. Gus comes in 4th place. Shawne drops his chips and really struggles. He comes in last by a lot.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep2 – Tailgate BBQ Challenge – Final Heat

Champs win (15 points each). Jordan’s charity gets $5,000. He’s very happy. CM Punk is going into elimination. Such is the game.

While chillen at the house, Victor Cruz comes in and goes straight into nominations. No team meeting, nothing. Lolo has to vote first. She asks CM who he wants to go against. CM admits he was bad at the challenge, so he has no ideas. Lolo plays with the idea of putting Gus in because of their beef last week. Instead, she goes for the actual worst competitor in the challenge, Shawne. Kamerion follows, so does Lindsey and finally Shawne says, “yeah, let’s do this.” No more voting needed. I guess this Twitter beef is now a real head-to-head battle.

For the Champs, Jordan nominates Wes. The rest of the team picks the opponent for Wes. Wes asks Camila if she wants to ask him who he wants. Camila is like, “yeah, okay.” Wes wants Bananas and the whole room wants it, too! Camila is friends with Bananas, so she votes Darrell. Smashley votes Bananas. Ashley K. votes for CT. Cara Maria votes Bananas, because duh. CT also votes Bananas. Darrell votes Bananas, too. It will be Wes vs. Bananas… for the first time ever. Excitement is in the air.

The elimination challenge is Blindsided. The goal is break your stick on your opponent. Each competitor gets to choose someone to be their “caller” – their eyes – who will direct them. CM Punk picks Louise. Shawne picks Darrell. Wes picks CT. Bananas picks Darrell, too.

We saw this elimination on season 24, Rivals II, back in 2013. Rivals II was the season where Wes and CT were partners and won. Now CT is calling for Wes.

Pros go first. Shawne explains that he chose Darrell  because he has experience. Shawne is either a super fan who knows Darrell saw this on Rivals II or just figures Darrell has experience with this kind of thing and makes a good coach. Darrell reminds Shawne to aim low: the body is a bigger target than the head.

CM Punk went with Louise for her distinct voice. When Victor blows the horn, CM Punk does a roll, right to Shawne who breaks his stick off on CM’s head. CM gets him in the second round. Round 3 is for the win. Louise points out that Shawne is a lefty and CM’s a righty, so if CM swings right to left, that could do it… and it does. CM Punk wins (25 points).

Shawne is bummed to be leaving because he was having fun.

Now it’s time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Bananas vs. Wes. Wes vs. Bananas. The Champs dance around the outside of the circle. Bananas gets the first point. Wes doesn’t even know what happened. But in Round 2, Wes goes low and dives. Tie game. Wasn’t going low Darrell’s strategy for Shawne? But Darrell doesn’t really tell Bananas to stay low… hmmm…

Nevertheless, it’s all on Round 3: Bananas starts swinging, Wes ducks and swings low, breaking the stick on his leg. Wes wins (25 points).

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep2 – Wes vs. Bananas in Blindsided Elimination

Lolo is bummed, as Bananas has made an effort to comfort her in her moments of frustration. Bananas blames chance.

When Victor asks Bananas if he has any last words before he goes, he says, “nah, man, I’m good.” Awkward silence follows. That’s a first (as Wes points out). Bananas is clearly bummed. For the second season in a row, it’s an early elimination exit for Bananas.

Stray observations:

  • Darrell went 0-for-2 as a coach for the elimination game Blindsided.
  • Wes now wants to go after Jordan for voting him in. Jordan doesn’t seem to mind, since he’s happy Bananas is gone.
  • Neither CT nor Louise seem pumped with the responsibility of caller.
  • CM Punk: “Today I won twice today. I won the elimination and I won again because Johnny Bananas is gone.” He’s almost as happy as Cara Maria is.
  • I miss Shawne already, but if they want to go by merit, Shawne was the worst hot dog roller. I guess rolling around isn’t a drill used for NFL linebackers.
  • While Victor Cruz said 5 people from each team would have chips in their mouths, it was tough to tell exactly who had them. Also, MTV’s list of names for the heats did not actually match up with who was in the heat. MTV editing, seriously. Take some pride in your work.
  • Most seasons are filmed abroad, but not this one. Bananas has mentioned in interviews that this is because it’s much cheaper to film abroad (especially in affordable countries like Thailand, Turkey, Chile… not Japan or England). Maybe this season was filmed in L.A. because it’s short or because it was the best way to get Pros interested… probably both.
  • Smashley complains that the tight squeeze in plastic wrap hurts her boobs. Her newly fake boobs?

Episode 2 scores shown below:

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep2 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Champs vs Pros – Ep2 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Wes (40 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Lindsey, Tia, Louise, Gus, Louis, Kamerion, Shawne and Louie (0 points)

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