The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep3 – Gus & Jordan Show Sportsmanship

We’re about to be halfway through this short season, so it’s time for a true ode to American Gladiators with some one-on-one jousting.

Special Season – Episode 3

Title: Settings the Scores

After a cute little chat of everyone getting along at the house (unclear if they live there or just meet up before challenges), it’s time for the game.

The Challenge is Out of Bounds. There’s a grassy platform with a moat of water around it. In the middle, is a giant pole. The goal is to push whoever is on one side of the pole into the water. When this was played in 2008, on season 15, The Gauntlet 3, it was entire teams against each other. Not this time. This time it’s one-on-one, head to head.

It’s a female elimination, which means the teams need female Team Captains. Lindsey is Captain for the Pros. Surprisingly, Smashley is Captain again for the Champs because Ashley K., Cara Maria and Camila are afraid… which is understandable, this challenge atribute is brawn. The Pros should dominate this.

Because Champs won last week, they get to pick the first match up. The Pros talk strategy. In doing so, Lindsey and Lolo butt heads again. Lindsey suggests Lolo go against the strongest Champ girl, Cara Maria. Lolo isn’t into it. She’s playing defense and Lolo knows if she loses to Cara Maria, she may be nominated for elimination.

Nevertheless, the Champs make the first move. They figure whoever goes against Kamerion is losing. Wes gets cocky for some reason and thinks he has a chance. Oh boy…

Kamerion vs. Wes – Kamerion destroy Wes.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep3 – CT vs CM Punk in Out of Bounds

Pros pick the next match up and they go for CM Punk vs. CT and CT wins pretty easily. “This is why they have weight classes in MMA,” Victor Cruz notices.

Pros pick Lolo vs. Cara Mara. Lolo disposes of Cara Maria with no problem. Lolo pushes a bobsled for a living, so this was natural for her.

Champs go for Tia vs. Camila next. It’s the closest match-up so far, but Tia outlasts Camila.

Next Champs pick Louie vs. Darrell. Considering Darrell is much bigger than Louie, Darrell knows he should not lose. Louie puts up quite the fight, but eventually Darrell prevails.

Champs next go for Lindsey vs. Ashley K. Lindsey beats Ashley K. easily.

Gus vs. Jordan is next and the Champs need a win. It’s a close fight. Gus gets Jordan in the water after a long battle. Pros win (15 points each).

Pros deliberation starts with Lolo complaining that she works so hard everyday and she just needs a break. Eventually, Lolo suggests Tia. CM Punk mentions that no one should take anything personally. Lolo and Louise fight about how to decide who goes in (10 points each).

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep3 – Camila Votes for Herself

Victor Cruz comes in for deliberation. Champs vote first to see who goes against losing Team Captain Smashley. Darrell votes Ashley K. CT thinks she’s the weakest and she voted for him last time, so CT also votes for Ashley K., Ashley K. votes for Cara Maria, Jordan votes for Cara Maria, Camila votes for herself because Wes talks her into it, then Wes votes Camila cause he wants to see a tie and see what happens. He votes for Cara Maria to see the tie.

Victor then announces that by rule Smashley gets to choose which of those two she will face. Smashley wisely picks Ashley K. because she’s not Cara Maria.

As winning Team Captain on the Pros, Lindsey gets to pick who goes in and she obviously picks Lolo, who is not pleased. CM Punk votes Tia, hoping they will vote for a tie and Lolo can pick. Tia votes for Louise. Louie votes Tia. Kamerion votes Louise. Gus votes Louise to get the tie and make it so Lolo can make the call. Lolo doesn’t know what to do. Smashley tells her to pick the better chance to stay in the game, because you have to stay in the game. Lolo turns to Wes, saying he’s the smartest. Wes accept the honor, but decides staying out of it is better than advice.

Lolo is tempted to go against Louise. However, she picks Tia, which is the better strategic move, as Smashley mentions. Poor Tia. She is trying not to be down and keep her head up. Clearly, though, Tia is nervous.

Smashley and Lolo chat about the game. Smashley explains that self-preservation is the name of the game. “Don’t let it get to you, girl,” Smashley says. See, Lolo didn’t need Bananas counseling. She’s got Smashley!

Smashley, Tia, Louise, and Ashley K., get pedicures. Smashley talks about still wanting to prove herself. Louise clearly doesn’t like Lolo’s bratty attitude. Tia is afraid, but has no choice.

Elimination time! The game is Basket Brawl, which is kinda like Powerball on American Gladiators. Because Champs vs. Pros is all about making old challengers harder, they will be playing with medicine balls. The goal is higher than before, as well. We saw this elimination on Free Agents and on Invasion. Darrell beat Bananas in this elimination this past season of Invasion, and Darrell mentions this elimination game is not at all easy.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep3 – Ashley vs Ashley Elimination

MTV shows the Champs Ashley vs. Ashley first. There are three rounds to Basket Brawl, with each player getting an offense and defense role each time.

First, Ashley K. is on offense and scores. Smashley is next on offense and doesn’t score. Ashley K. goes back on offense next and Smashley hears Jordan call her the weakest and it fuels her. Smashley pulls out all the stops. Smashley rubs Ashley K.’s head in the sand and shoves her around before pushing her out of the boundary circle. Smashley is up next and gets the medicine ball on the rim. Ashley K., pushes it in, somehow thinking that even though she’s on defense, that will count as a point for her? Yikes.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep3 – Smashley’s Ball on the Rim

It’s tied going into Round 3. Ashley K., gets blocked by Smashley. Smashley is next on offense and she takes a chance: she takes a couple steps and then shoots and scores. Smashley wins (25 points). Frustrated that Jordan called her the weakest, she yells at her team (5 points).

Now it’s time for the Pros. Lindsey can’t stand seeing little Tia brace herself for a beating. Lindsey starts stretching and whispering to Gus about going in. Right as Victor is about to blow the horn, Lindsey asks Victor if she can take Tia’s place. Victor says it’s up to Lolo. Wes shakes his head “no”, but Lolo looks tempted… to be continued.

Stray observations:

  • After Jordan mentions that Ashley K. lost because of the own goal, Smashley has the comeback of the season: “Put that in Almost Magazine.”
  • Wes is incredibly pumped to make the tie and see what happens. He lives for this stuff. But there’s someone who looks even happier than Wes about the tie, and that’s host Victor Cruz.
  • Smashley does perform as an underdog. It’s like she’s gone through the Camila school of scrappy fighting.
  • This is the halfway point of the short season. And I’m wondering… How many play in this final? Two of each sex from each team?
  • Speaking of sex, doesn’t look like there will be any hooking up points. I had big dreams for Jordan and Lolo, but that was just one moment in time… or so it seems.

Episode 3 scores shown below:

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep3 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Champs vs Pros – Ep3 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Smashley & Lolo (30 points each)

Worst player performance of the episode: CT, Jordan, Darrell, Wes, Camila, Ashley K., and Cara Maria (0 points)

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