Picking up right where we left off… Will Lolo let Lindsey take Tia’s place in the elimination?

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep4 – Lolo in the Elimination

No, she won’t.

Special Season – Episode 4

Title: A Cold Day in Hell

Lolo now thinks that Lindsey is trying to miss with her. It only makes her more pissed. Lolo scores the first easily. Next Tia is on offense. She goes for the throw-a-shot-and-pray strategy and misses badly. Next round, Tia just lets Lolo score. Tia is “over it” – this girl is a 19-year-old surfer who has her whole career and summer ahead of her. No one else is an active about-to-be-in-season athlete. Tia has the most reason to be guarded and isn’t down to have Lolo break her spine. She’s out. Lolo did score and they did start this Basket Brawl elimination, so Lolo wins (25 points).

Wes pulls Lolo aside to some L.A. coffee place to talk about how Lolo is doing. He’s trying to reach out, as he’s been vilified before. Instead of making a case for being actually sympathetic, Lolo gives her same speech about how it’s her charity and it’s so important to her to win the money for it. Lolo has made this argument before. She’s not insulting the other competitor’s charities, she’s just competing… and saying her charity needs the money more.

This week’s theme is brain, with a side of teamwork communication. Keep Your Eye on the Prize is the Challenge. We saw this on Battle of the Exes II in 2015. Wes and Theresa won. It’s a puzzle and a run of fun!

It’s a male elimination day, so male Team Captains. Darrell and Gus choose to do it.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep4 – Keep Your Eye on the Prize Challenge

Player 1 will hold up a rope connected to the door to the puzzle, which of course has cement blocks on it to make it ridiculously heavy. For the Pros, Kamerion holds the rope. For the Champs, CT. Of course, they could do that all day. Then Player 2 is the Puzzle Reader, who tells Player 3 & 4. Gus and Wes are the readers, naturally. Players 3 & 4 are the Runners, memorizing one row of the puzzle at a time and running that information to a pair of sprinters. For the Pros, Lindsey and CM Punk are the runners, while Lolo and Louise are the Sprinters. For the Champs, Darrell and Jordan are the runners, while Cara Maria and Camila are the Sprinters.  Players 5 & 6 (the Sprinters) get the info from 3 & 4 and sprint to the puzzle board. Smashley & Louis are in the Player 7 role of Puzzle Masters, who put the puzzle together on the board in front of them.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep4 – Smashley Puts the Puzzle Together

The Pros are confident, as they should be. They have two professional sprinters in the sprinter roles. But Gus is surprised to see a puzzle that’s harder to describe than he imagined and when Lolo is told “green brick” she has no idea what that means for Louie.

During the middle of the challenge, Lolo decides she can play a little dirty, and mess with the Champs as they communicate the puzzle information from the runners to the sprinters. Darrell yells at Lolo quickly to STFU, but enough to be a verbal attack (5 points), he’s too winded for this BS. Jordan is impressed. He copies this strategy. Lindsey pushes him away (15 points for physical attack). Are either of these things really “attacks”? No, but Darrell does yell at Lolo and Lindsey does push Jordan, which is enough for fantasy points.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep4 – Lolo Messing with the Champs Communication

The Champs have their hiccups, but this is just weird enough to be up the Challenge ally enough that the Champs win (15 points each).

Gus is automatically going into the elimination, because he was Team Captain. He doesn’t mind. Hey, at least he doesn’t have to vote someone else in. He doesn’t seem to like to do that. Darrell has immunity.

Victor Cruz comes into their lounge/set/area for nominations. Gus is automatically in, so he stands by host Victor Cruz. Lindsey votes for Kamerion. Kam votes CM Punk. Lolo votes Louie. Louie votes CM Punk. CM Punk votes Louie. Louise votes Kamerion. That means it is Gus’s choice who he gets to go against. This is exactly what he didn’t want to do. Louie is his snow athlete buddy and Kamerion is a giant, so he picks to go against CM Punk.

CM Punk is having fun and likes the pressure, so he’s down for the elimination.

On the Champs side, well, no one is voting CT in. So Wes and Jordan essentially volunteer to go in. Darrell “picks” Wes and then everyone votes Jordan. It’s amusing.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep4 – Ice Bath Elimination – Jordan vs Wes

We get a little cute time with Louise being shown baseball by CT, Lolo droning on and on about how hard it is to be a self-selected virgin and Cara Maria bonding with Gus about how he came out of the closet. Gus cries (15 points). First fantasy crying points all season! Oh, and CM Punk talks about his move from WWE to MMA.

Just before the elimination, Gus’s boyfriend Matt shows up to watch and cheer him on. Hey, it’s L.A. and this season is like a day job (with some filming at night), why not have Matt come to see Gus at work? Matt and Gus kiss (10 points) as Matt wishes Gus good luck.

The elimination challenge  is called Ice Bath. The Champs go first, putting their arms in an ice bath for one minute and then working on this puzzle with numb hands for three minutes and then back to the ice bath. It’s a slide piece puzzle of the logo of the show. Gus thinks cause he is a skiier that the cold won’t bother him much. Gus eats some of the ice because that’s such a WWE/MMA “I’m tough” thing to do. Louise is the only one really rooting for CM Punk. They are both finding the ice bath to be cold and difficult, naturally. Gus wins (25 points).

On the Champs side, they aren’t into intimidation, they both openly complain about the ice. The audience has a better view of the puzzle from their father away distance, so they can really help and CT helps Wes with the puzzle as he goes against arrogant Jordan. Louise helps Jordan, who notes how easy it is to listen to her, as her British accent makes her voice easily distinguishable in the crowd. It’s very close, but Wes wins (25 points).

Stray observations:

  • Seriously, Kamerion is the size of a small truck. Who would want to go against him? I should have drafted him in my fantasy league. #Regrets
  • Very straight-forward episode. Shows the efficient, but drama-weak variation of The Challenge.
  • Matt and Gus look a lot alike. A lot.
  • Wes is motivated by charity, but also by staying in the game to compete against the Pros. It’s fair to assume all of the competitors get paid for being on the show, but there’s also the prize of getting your name out there. For the Pros, this could yield better sponsorship deals. For the Champs, this really inflates their egos, but also boosts their “brand” values. And, of course, they all just want to win and want their charities to win. I wonder if the motivation to beat the best drives the Champs more than the motivation to show why they are Pros drives the Pros. We shall see. Either way, the Pros are certainly the favored to win the final.
  • Only two episodes left… so male and female elimination next week?

Episode 4 scores shown below:

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep4 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Champs vs Pros – Ep4 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Gus (50 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Louise, Tia, Kamerion, CM Punk and Louie (0 points)

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