One episode before the finale, it’s time to determine who will compete in next week’s final.

Special Season – Episode 5

Title: Immovable Objections

The cast goes to a ski and snowboard simulator and it’s very cool. Darrell is adorably afraid, while Gus and Louie are, naturally, thrilled to show off.

This week endurance is the skill being tested. The challenge is called Over the Line.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep5 – Over the Line Challenge

Each player gets a harness and a ball. Each team member is connected to each other by a rope and on the other end  of their rope is the other team. Each team will pull as hard as they can to get to their goal line and get balls over the line. Best two out of three wins. Each heat has a time limit of one hour. We saw this challenge on season 13’s The Duel in 2007. Wes was there.

Because next week is the finale of this special short season, there will be male and female team captains and, male and female eliminations. This time being captain is huge because the winning team captain goes to the final. CT wants to be captain, but so does Wes. Cara Maria and Camila both want to be captains, too.

After some passive aggressive chatter, CT and Cara Maria grab it. They will be team captains.

On the Pros side, Louie and Lolo are co-captains.

The Pros are going to destroy this one, right? The two pro-runners and a snowboarder did better than a chick who does cross fit and two toned hot chicks.

The women win easily. The men… well, Louie and Gus are small, but Kamerion. He’s so enormous that in the episode, he’s standing next to Lindsey and she doesn’t even come up to his chest. But Kam can’t do it alone. It is an one-hour stalemate.

They measured which team got closer to their goal, and so the Champs won. For the 3rd heat, it’s just the captain and it’s ten minutes. CT has the size advantage over Louie, while Lolo has the advantage over Cara Mara.

Lolo notes that had they known the team captains would have been in a 3rd heat tie-breaker, they would have had Kamerion be a team captain. It’s an excellent point and interesting that MTV doesn’t seem to explain the details of these challenges to the competitors. Oh, by the way, Kam has his own foundation, too, Lolo.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros - Ep5 - Team Captains Heat 3 in Over the Line Challenge

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep5 – Team Captains Heat 3 in Over the Line Challenge

CT is not looking forward to going back into this game so fast. He’s tired. CT notes that at least if he loses and has to go into the elimination, it’s on him. Louie is also tired from the hour tug-of-war. CT and Cara Maria win. Champs win (15 points each). It’s shocking.

That  means CT and Cara Maria, as winning co-captains, are automatically into the final. Oh, and they get money for their charities, of course. Great day for them… until they find out this round has new rules.

CT and Cara Maria will choose who from their team goes into an elimination against the losing co-captains from the Pros, Lolo and Louie.

Cara Maria picks Smashley because she’s better friends with Camila. Going against Lolo is a death sentence and Smashley has a temper-tantrum and cries (5 points) about how she’s had to go in every time. It’s not fair, Smashley… life’s not fair. Lolo runs after her, because hey, she too has been in every time.

Interesting take from Mike about this: We assumed initially that it was going to be four eliminations – one male and female elimination for each team. With that assumption in mind, I thought it would have been advantageous for the non-captains on each team to attempt to throw the challenge, because by losing, the captain automatically gets thrown in, as well as only one of the two non-captains of each gender. But by winning, the two non-captains would automatically get thrown in.

My take is more that this has been a low-drama season due to the Champs vs. Pros dynamic and them not living together or anything. Because of that, I was pumped for a double elimination before the final and was quite disappointed in the curve-ball thrown.

Also, Smashley’s little breakdowns are really more annoying than entertaining. Going into every elimination is rough, but scream at Cara Maria and Camila or take a breath and deal with it. Running off and hiding and saying you’re going to quit is childish and non-confrontational. The worst of both worlds.

Elimination time! Following the endurance theme, the game is tangling ropes through the bars. Going the Distance is the game, we saw CT send Darrell home on this last season, The Challenge Invasion. Only in this version, competitors just have to untangle the rope (not tangle it up and have their competitor untangle it).

Oh by the way, it’s raining, so these heavy ropes are only going to be heavier.

First we see Wes vs. Louie. Not only has Louie been getting himself pumped, he knows this is a good challenge for him. Early on, he shows it. He moves swiftly though the rope untangling. But Wes wins by a hair (25 points).

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep5 – Wes vs Louie in Going the Distance Elimination

Smashley is angry, but hey, that’s worked for her before. But Lolo is Lolo. She’s a multi-sport athlete. As you’d expect, even though Smashley tried and made it really so much closer than you’d ever think, Lolo wins (25 points).

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep5 – Smashley Loses the Elimination

Lolo is psyched. Smashley is pissed. She cried (5 points). Cara Maria comes over to congratulate her, as does the rest of the team and then Smashley has another temper -tantrum and walks off. She says she quits… but she can’t quit, she just got eliminated.

Lolo is in a van and on oxygen when we come back from commercial. The producer is trying to convince Smashley to film the part where her charity gets money. She comes out. Wes says he’s proud of her. Victor says he’s proud of everyone.

Smashley cries again (5 points). Lolo feels for Smashley, who has also been in every elimination, just like Lolo. Lolo is generous, and says she’ll give her $5,000 to Smashley’s charity. Smashley is touched and Lolo cries as they hug it out (5 points). It’s a truly sweet moment. Lolo recognizes how hard Smashley has fought and that Smashley’s Facing Addiction charity really goes hand-in-hand

So yeah… All season all Lolo talks about the whole time is getting money for her charity and then she gives it to Smashley.

Finale next week.

Stray observations:

  • Did Lolo get hit in the lip or does she have a herpie? It’s distracting.
  • CT just wants to take a nap.
  • Smashley storming off inspires even more eye rolling than most of Lolo talking about how hard everything is.
  • I’m very interested in seeing if a giant like Kamerion pukes when he has to eat nasty food.
  • Wes is having a great season in the game and as a like-able character. Bummed he won’t be on the cast of next season’s Dirty XXX.
  • Speaking of Dirty XXX, let’s see if Smashley gets revenge on Cara Maria for this next season.

Episode 5 scores shown below:

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep5 – Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: Champs vs Pros – Ep5 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Wes (40 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Gus, Kamerion, Louie, Louise, and Lindsey (0 points)

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