Champs vs. Pros – End of Season Points Per Player

The mini-season is over, so let’s look at how the Champs and Pros did in our fantasy league.

Here are the final scores from the season:

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – End of Season Points Per Player

And in Excel – The Challenge Invasion – End of Season Points by Player

Champs vs Pros Cast

Some thoughts…

Because it was such a low-scoring season, winning the final was a disproportionate amount of points, thrusting Cara Maria and Darrell to easy season victories.

Best Drama

Obviously, very few points this season since there was a giant lack of drama. No taped living together, no booze, no hooking up… just wasn’t a season that really reflects how this show usually plays out. But the competition was fierce and surprisingly it was pro Lolo that led the league in points before Episode 6, where she failed to make the final. Lolo had 135 points going into Episode 6, with Smashley close behind with 115 points, though she had been eliminated. Lolo and Smashley had the most drama – Lolo with her fights with Gus and Louise, as well as some crying, and Smashley with her freak out and crying. Gus did alright in the drama category – his boyfriend showed up, so he got kissing points, he cried talking about coming out and he fought with Lolo.

Gus Talking About Coming Out

Best Performance

Wes, Lolo and Smashley won a total of 8 out of the 10 elimination challenges of the season. Champs won 3 of the 5 actual team challenges. Episode 6 challenge featured a Champ winning the female heat and a Pro winning the male heat. A linebacker won an eating contest? No way!

Worst Fantasy Season

Veronica of the Champs team loses the season with zero points. We’ll see if she can do better next season, as The Challenge does Dirty XXX.

A short season of something new from MTV. What did you guys think of it?

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