Time to get some vomit points into the season. Yes, it’s time to eat some organs. “It would have been nice if they marinated it.”

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep6 – Lolo

Special Season – Episode 6

Title: No Guts No Glory

We open with a nice reminder about how important these charities are. Then we quickly move out to the field for the last challenge… the one to determine who runs the final.

This is an individual challenge. The attribute being tested is strategy. The challenge is No Guts No Glory. The goal is to be the fastest to score 100 worth of points through shooting balls worth varied amounts of points.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros - Ep6 - Side Dishes Served at the No Guts No Glory Challenge

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep6 – Side Dishes Served at the No Guts No Glory Challenge

Entrees are organs, worth 45 points each. They are beef organs: brains, heart, stomach, tongue, and liver. Side dishes are worth 35 points each. They are mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, baked beans, potato salad, and cauliflower. Dessert are worth 20 points. They are carrot cake, cookies, cupcake, brownie and cheesecake.

Because of the point values, the only strategy is to eat one of each thing.

The top male and female from each team will make the final, where they will compete as a pair. Once those four spots are locked, Victor will look for the next fastest, who will choose a partner from their own team. It’s individual, but their original team still matters.

Girls go first. Cara Maria runs for the brains. All the girls are at the entree table eating organs. Cara Maria finishes first and hits the basket immediately. With coaching from CT, she then moves on to the dessert table.

Lindsey vomits (5 points).  Cara Maria finishes her dessert and hits a basket. Louise and Camila follow. For some reason, Camila goes for the beans. She immediately regrets it.

Lolo and Lindsey hits their shots and all end up on the sides table. Camila vomits (5 points).

There is so much vomiting, it’s hard to track exactly when people vomit and in what order, but somewhere Lolo also vomits (5 points) and Victor looks like he may vomit.

Everyone is close, but behind one woman: Cara Maria. She win (15 points). Camila vomits again (5 points). Then she hits her last shot, coming in second.

Lindsey vomits again (5 points). Maybe a few more times, but she only can get points for twice per episode, so I don’t have to watch too closely, thank God. But she does vomit on Louise’s carrot cake and becomes the first pro to finish. Louise steps back. She doesn’t want to eat stomach acid. Lolo is not pleased.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep6 – Kam Shooting Hoops

When the guys go, Gus and Wes race for the brain. Wes gets it. The rest of the guys learned from the girls and their vomit-athon and go for the sides. Kamerion takes down mashed potatoes, but doesn’t get his shot in until Wes is already done with his brain and his hit his shot. CT finishes his beans next, then Darrell. It seems to be cookies next for Kam, who also gets a slow-motion puke (5 points). We soon see Darrell vomit (5 points), Wes vomit (5 points) and Gus vomit (5 points) Kamerion vomits again (5 points), then hits his third shot and wins (15 points).

Struggling, Wes vomits again (5 points). Darrell finishes. Gus vomits again (5 points). Wes finishes just before Gus.

Since Darrell and Cara Maria were the first to win for the Champs, they will run the final together. Kamerion and Lindsey will do so for the Pros. The next fastest time is Camila. Before she can choose between CT and Wes, CT pleads that she pick Wes. It’s a classy move and hey, Wes has gone in every elimination. Camila agrees and picks Wes.

The other person who eliminated everyone else from their team was Lolo. I’ve given Lolo a hard time all season for being annoying, but she’s a fantastic competitor. It would have been great to see her run a final.

While being bid farewell by Victor, Louise expresses how impressed she is with Lolo and how hard Lolo worked. She suggests they pool their charity money and split it. Lolo and her hug it out.

One last nice dinner, and the next day it’s the final. They’re doing a version of a mud run, with a puzzle element, of course. The winning team is the one that memorizes the key to victory and gets it back to host Victor Cruz first. The players have a vest that’s 35% of their body weight to wear for this obstacle course. It starts with a run to a checkpoint where they can drop the weight vests to go back and forth up and down some stairs.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep6 – Climbing Through the Final

Then it’s back to more running.

The running with the weight is a lot for Kamerion. Next task is a wall with a rope to climb over, then head down the otherside. Darrell carries Cara Maria for a little. Camila and Wes hit the next obstacle first… it’s a climb in the trenches with more weight to carry at the end.

Next stop is a carb load. A pound of spaghetti and a glass of milk. Wes vomits (no more points, he’s vomited his limit two per episode already). Next up is a climb up a cargo net and then a slide down a water slide to some cold water.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros - Ep6 - Up the Rope and Down the Otherside

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep6 – Up the Rope and Down the Other side

Cara Maria and Darrell are in first as they wade through the mud and grab puzzle pieces. They have some trouble with the first puzzle,  but get to the second puzzle with some rhythm.

Lindsey and Kamerion peak at Camila and Wes and copy their answer to the first puzzle. Camila is pissed. Not sure it much matters, Cara Maria and Darrell are very far ahead. Unfortunately for them, they just mess up Victor’s favorite play and have to go back to memorize it again.

It’s merely an extra lap, as Cara Maria and Darrell get it the next time and win (100 points each). Cara Maria spreads the wealth, too, asking that money get shared with the others. Lindsey and Kamerion do better with the 2nd puzzle and manage to come in 2nd (30 points each). Camila and Wes, who end up looking over at Lindsey & Kam’s 2nd puzzle, get 10 points each for their third place finish.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep6 – Cara Maria and Darrell Win

The Champs are now Ultimate Champs! For a season that showed a lot of Lolo talking about how much her charity meant to her, Darrell’s story is compelling, too, and motivates him to push hard for the March of Dimes, an organization close to his heart due to his son’s premature birth. It’s touching to see mature, polished Darrell get the victory with a very different Cara Maria then he was paired with on Fresh Meat. This one is way more muscle mass and way less whining.

Stray observations:

  • Lolo and Gus almost cry when they learn they aren’t making the final, but almost isn’t enough for fantasy points.
  • Kamerion got whipped by that final and he’s the first to admit it.
  • Lindsey was a rock star. Does she win if she’s paired with Gus? We’ll never know. What if Lolo ran the final with Kamerion? Would she have worn his vest?
  • The season was very short and it doesn’t seem like the cast got much time off between challenges. This is a factor that certainly effected how the competitors performed.
  • Looking forward to the next Challenge season. While it was great to see quality competition, the crazy drama was missed.
  • Noting the thought above, Lolo is probably the Pro player that would be the most fun to see on a regular season of The Challenge. Especially if Jordan was on the season.

Episode 6 scores shown below:

The Challenge Champs vs Pros – Ep6 – Scores

Excel sheet of scores here: Champs vs Pros – Ep6 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Cara Maria (115 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: CT, Lolo, and Louise (0 points)

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