Season 31 of The Challenge is starting off with an arduous task: an overnight race to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. Welcome newbies from other random reality shows! Hope you’ve been training!!!

The Challenge Vendettas – Rock of Gibraltar – Ep1

Episode 1 – Series #371

Title: When Worlds Collide

T.J. welcomes the new cast of the new season. Did you know Dirty XXX was the prelude to Vendettas? Let hate, rivalry and pettiness continue to be the focus!

Unlike last season, T.J. tells everyone up front that they are playing for their share of $500,000. Leroy isn’t completely articulate, but it sounds like he wants the money for barber school. Leroy’s vendettas are against Britni and Veronica, who voted him into elimination last season.

The theme will be harped on a lot this season… the Kailah and Cara Maria feud, Cory vs. Bananas… some feuds may be default due to show, like the Geordie Shore folks, while other rivalries are simple cases of not liking someone, like Tony and Nelson and Nicole Z.’s dislike of Sylvia. T.J. doesn’t get too into how these enemies will be pinned against each other.

The Challenge Vendettas – New Season – Fresh Faces – Ep1

The opening challenge of the season is called Get Off the Rock. The cast is in the United Kingdom and will race 1,400 feet to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. They’ll race through the winding streets, to get to the base of the mountain. Once there, they’ll make their way through tunnels carved in World War II.

This is an overnight challenge. In the morning, they’ll run to the top of the mountain. Winner gets $25,000 and the last place of each sex goes straight home. It’s business time.

The stairs are killer, but people start flying when they get to the tunnel. Joss takes first place, then Zach and Nelson. Nicole R. is last.

Once they are all in their tunnel campsite thing, they have artillery boxes they have to stand and hold for six hours. They are standing in small rope circles. If the cast members put their box down or step outside of the circle, they will get a time penalty.

The Challenge Vendettas – Holding Boxes – Ep1

This means the cast has nothing to do for hours, but to flirt. Cara Maria and Marie think Kyle is cute, and he is impressed, too. Rogan and Kyle dislike each other; Victor and Natalie from Big Brother dislike each other. Bananas is single and flirts with Natalie.

Britni admires Brad, and everyone complains. But they all hang in there.

Lined up in the positions they came in at, they are released in the order with the timing of when they got there. Kayleigh is second to last.

Joss makes it to the top first (15 points). Zach isn’t far behind. Then Shane is 3rd place. Nicole Z. comes in 4th place, Natalie is in 5th place. Rogan is struggling in the back of the guy’s race, but he has a bad back and eventually just lays down.

Next we see Kam in 13th place, followed by Cara Maria in 15th place (thanks editing, way to skip people), a guy that may be Eddie, then Bananas in 17th place. Next we see Melissa, then Jemmye. When Jemmye sees that she wasn’t far behind Bananas, she mentions in an interview that he’s getting old and is maybe overrated.

This was a rough challenge. Melissa vomits (5 points).

Kailah finishes in 20th.

Rogan is down again and the medics come. Marie and Kayleigh come in almost last. Nicole R. finishes last for the girls, just in front of Rogan. They’re eliminated.

By the way, they’re not staying in Gibraltar. They’re headed to a villa in Marbella, Spain.

They get to the house and Shane puts himself in a room with all people he doesn’t know. He and Nelson don’t like each other. Nelson’s buddy is Cory and they decide to put themselves in different rooms to be able to know more.

Cory starts noticing that there are screens in the deliberation room and boards with numbers and blank spaces in the house. Cory and Jemmye and others feel like there’s going to be more to this season than friendly rivalries.

The Challenge Vendettas – Brad & Britni Flirt – Ep1

Brad is back for the first time since Cutthroat. He immediately starts flirting with Britni and they kiss (10 points each).

Alicia flirts with Cory. They’ve been “hanging out” for a while, but Cory says he’s taking it slow. Alicia “stole” Eddie from Kam on Are You The One, so they don’t like each other.

The Americans explain how the game goes to the Brits. Nicole Z. talks about loyalty and how ugly they’re willing to get for their share of $500,000 in prizes.

As Brad and Britni flirt and kiss again, Veronica and Jemmye talk about how Britni, a chill former Hooters waitress, is more Brad’s speed than uptight pageant queen Tori, Brad’s ex-wife who he met on the Challenge years ago. Brad and Britni head off to the only semi-private area: the bathroom. Brad and Britni make out, and go into to the bathroom to fool around (20 points for coitus) and we see Britni wrapping herself in a towel (10 points for nudity).

The Challenge Vendettas – Brad & Britni Leaving the Scene of the Crime – Ep1

Jemmye notes that coupling up in a challenge house can be a blessing or a curse. Cory is aware of this and is proceeding with Alicia slowly.

More mingling occurs… Kam gets confirmation that Bananas thinks Natalie is cute. It’s like middle school social life in this house, but at least it gives some camera time to rookies like Kam and Kayleigh.

Marie warns rookie Kayleigh that Cara Maria is no good. Later, Marie is drunk and talking about how she wants to make out with Kyle. Zach and Kayleigh push her towards pursuing her crush. Marie is wasted. She takes Kyle by the face and makes out with him (10 points each).

Kyle tries to talk to Marie and she’s so wasted that he’s is like, “damn, this was probably not a good idea.” Also, maybe he should have thought of strategy and just gone for Cara Maria.

The episode ends on Bananas doing his traditional drunk night toast.

It’s officially been christened a new season!

Stray observations:

  • Bananas says this is the first challenge he’s has been single on… really? Or did he mean the first challenge in a long time? If it is the first time ever, this is incredible because he’s also one of the oldest competitors.
  • Tony didn’t flirt or make out? Is he sober this season!?!?
  • MTV didn’t even try to edit to seem like it was a close race, Nicole R. and Rogan were way behind.
  • Why is Leroy the only person who tells us what he’d do with the prize money?
  • Nelson and Cory putting themselves in different rooms in the house is some good strategy. Are they finally learning how to play the game?
  • Who is Brad’s Vendetta?

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Episode 1 scores shown below:

The Challenge Vendettas – Ep1 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Vendettas – Ep1 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Britni (40 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Lots of people (0 points)

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  1. Bananagram says:

    hey can you clarify, Brad and Britni both got 30 points for kissing this episode, but doesn’t that break the hook up clarification? Shouldn’t they only get 10 points?

    “Hook up clarification. If two players hook up (mouth kissing or more) more than once in an episode, they only get points once. If they hook up (mouth kissing or more) again on another episode, they get points again. So they can double up week to week, but not within an episode.”

  2. gr says:

    thanks for doing this. my league appreciates it

  3. Shayla Odean says:

    Hey how long does a “round” last? When will we be able to set the lineups again?

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