Hey! We finally learn who has beef with Brad!

The Challenge Vendettas – Brad & Tony Vendetta – Ep2

Episode 2 – Series #372

Title: The Power of Three

The Challenge Vendettas - Who's Got Balls Challenge - Ep2

The Challenge Vendettas – Who’s Got Balls Challenge – Ep2

At the house, Jemmye explains to Sylvia why Britni messed up by using a “burn vote” or throwaway vote too early in nominations, which led to Leroy going into an elimination. It’s a weak “vendetta,” as Britni and Leroy don’t actively dislike each other, but it’s enough that Leroy wants Britni to pay for that mistake.

Britni swims around the pool, then gets half out and wiggles her naked butt (10 points for nudity).

Apparently, Tony and Brad have beef because after Tony was a drunk jerk to Cara Maria on Dirty XXX, Brad tweeted that he’d send Tony home for her, if he got the chance.

More random stuff around the house:

As Natalie and Bananas flirt, Victor worries. Victor’s vendetta is Natalie, so he wonders if she’ll use Bananas to get back at him.

Kyle and Cara Maria flirt. Hey, Cara Maria still lives in Montana. Yikes.

The girls watch a half-naked Joss clean and drool.

The Challenge Vendettas – Britni Nudity – Ep2

Cara Maria and Marie have a weird talk about how maybe they should play nice in the beginning? Also, Cara Maria wants Marie to share Kyle with her. They are working on being frenemies.

Cory and Alicia flirt… with broccoli? That’s healthy.

Kayleigh and Marie chat… Kayleigh mentions that Kyle is interested in Cara Maria.

Finally, the good stuff. The Challenge is called Who’s Got Balls? It’s an individual game. It’ll be played in two rounds: guys and girls.  There’s a giant pit the players will jump in and grab balls out of. Then they will try to climb out of the pit (there are ropes), but that’s tough because there’s soap making the inside of the pit very slippery.

The first people to deposit three balls at the top of the pit wins, and gets $25,000 total.. so $12,500 for the top girl and $12,500 for the top guy (and we are reminded again that Nicole Z. can’t do math).

This is a guy’s elimination week. That means the last place guy will be automatically sent to the elimination.

The overall top three in at the challenge, guys and girls, will become the Troika. They will have the power to choose the other player going into elimination.

The girls go first so that the guys can take some notes. Since it’s a guys elimination week, the time will be called on girls after the first three finish, because who cares who comes in last? Ladies have a tough time with the soap, but Nicole Z., Kam, Britni and Cara Maria get balls in first. Natalie and Veronica also get balls in. Kam gets a second ball in, as do Britni, Nicole Z. and Cara Maria.

Britni wins (15 points), then Cara Maria and Kam comes in third place.

The Challenge Vendettas – Shane and Leroy Climb – Ep2

Guys are up next. Bananas, Victor and Joss get to two balls in first, and then Bananas finishes the job. Bananas wins (15 points). Kyle comes in 2nd, Brad in 3rd, Zach in 4th. Leroy, Victor, Cory and Nelson are struggling. Leroy and Nelson are the final two and Nelson comes in last. He’s going straight to elimination. T.J. announces that the fastest three were Bananas, Kyle and Brad.

Tony is worried that Brad is in the Troika, but Bananas is there, so Tony thinks he may be okay. The Troika will pick three players to nominate to the elimination. Those three will meet in a table called the Inquisition to plead their case as to why they should stay. Right before elimination, the Troika will reveal their final decision.

People start speculating around the house… Brad and Britni have a chat about how Bananas is a manipulator, congratulate each other for a job well done and kiss (10 points each).

Bananas, Kyle and Brad sit down. Bananas is most against Cory and Devin, but knows Cory is a bigger threat and proposes Cory. Brad doesn’t really know anyone, but he has this silly Twitter beef with Tony. Bananas likes Tony, but Brad doesn’t see how Bananas can get everything he wants all the time. Bananas wants Devin as the third guy in the nomination, but Brad doesn’t seem to like that option. There is more discussion unseen than they break from the room.

Pictures of the three the Troika chose for the Inquisition appear: Cory, Victor and Tony. Cory is annoyed. This is three seasons in a row he’s in the first elimination (includes Champs vs. Stars), but it’s not set in stone that he’s in.

The Challenge Vendettas – Kyle & Cara Maria Coitus – Ep2

The Inquisition is a dinner. Cory opens this awkwardness by asking if they are going to talk about who voted to for who. Brad plays diplomat and says that they will not be discussing that. Brad also says this is a difficult position and there should be no hard feelings.

Cory accuses Victor, Shane, Brad and Devin are all going after Bananas. Victor denies this. Brad is like WTF? Cory’s working an odd strategy to save himself.

Out on the town, Cory flirts with Alicia. Victor vents to Tony about the BS Cory just pulled. Kyle, Cory and Nelson sit down. Nelson and Cory try to explain how the game works to Kyle, who is like, “I won’t vote for you if you don’t vote for me.” Deal.

Kyle flirts with Cara Maria, mentions that he’ll probably vote for Tony, something Cara Maria is into. They kiss (10 points each)… they’re both pirates? Anyway, they get into bed together and coitus (20 points each).

By the pool, Kyle and Brad talk. Kyle wonders if putting Tony in will piss off guys like Leroy, that he’s bonding with.

The eliminations this season will be in The Ring. T.J. wants the final votes. Bananas votes for Cory, of course. Kyle votes for Cory and Brad follows suit.

The Challenge Vendettas -The Ring – Ep2

But before the elimination, T.J. introduces the grenade. Whoever wins the elimination gets a grenade. What does a grenade do? We’ll get details on that and this first elimination next week.

Stray observations:

  • No way Nelson loses this elimination, because MTV’s trailer of the season includes Nelson looking drunk and ready to fight, with Jemmye trying to talk him out of getting kicked off again. Thanks, MTV editing for another spoiler!
  • “I’d rather say a name than be a name said” – Cara Maria
  • I’d preferred to see the elimination vs. all this little stuff around the house.
  • Marie lost her man episode 2? Wamp wamp.
  • Britni won AND is keeping up her nudity and showmance with Brad… she’s looking like a great fantasy pick right now.
  • We had a category called Backstabbing where points were given if a cast member promised not to vote for someone and in the same episode voted for that person. We got rid of it this season because it didn’t happen last season. Tonight, it happened. Kyle said he wouldn’t vote for Cory and then did. Oops. I guess backstabbing wasn’t such a bad idea. Do you think we should bring that category back next season?

Stuff on Twitter:

Episode 2 scores shown below:

The Challenge Vendettas – Ep2 Scoresv

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Vendettas – Ep2 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Britni (35 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Most people (0 points)

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  1. Junior says:

    So what we’ve learned is Cory is terrible at the Challenge. Shot himself right in the foot.
    I’m counting Johnny’s win in Champs vs Stars as the curse lifted too.

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