The Challenge Vendettas – Leroy Moves the Ring in the Gasping for Air Challenge – Ep6

Nighttime below water challenge – the opposite of the more standard above water daytime challenges we usually see.

Episode 6 – Series #379

Title: Notes on a Scandal

The Challenge Vendettas – Kayleigh & Nelson Flirt – Ep6

We waste some time with post-Sylvia/Melissa elimination talk. Sylvia is sick, she won a grenade, Nicole Z. misses Melissa already…. blah blah blah.

More time just seeing life in the house: Nelson and Kayleigh are flirting (he shaved down his goatee for her!), Shane flirts with Victor by the pool.

While Shane is resting in the Blue Room (which is where Britni, Jemmye, Cara Maria and Veronica sleep), wearing a mask, a mystery, blurred body drops a note on Britni’s bed. Shane brings this to Jemmye and Veronica in a bathroom.

The Challenge Vendettas – The Note – Ep6

The note says: Just so you know, everytime you’re not in the room, the girls are talking **** about you.

Jemmye and Veronica are mad. They suspect Marie. They talk to other people in the house about it, because they don’t have TV so this is their entertainment. Cara Maria suspects Marie. Some suspect it is an inside job from Shane, Cara Maria or Britni.

Devin talks about how the non-Bananas inner-circle should be a counter-alliance to Bananas’s group. Re: the note, Devin discusses how psychological warfare  is a big part of the game. But it’s not clear what the goal of this note is here.

Marie goes to the room where the note was left and tells Britni, Veronica, Cara Maria and Jemmye that she swears she didn’t write it. Marie suspects Cara Maria.

At the challenge, in the marina, T.J. tells the cast that Sylvia has a high fever and Natalie has been puking, so neither will participate in the challenge. Because Sylvia is not competing, her grenade is a dud. Ouch.

The challenge is Gasping for Air. Oh, and the challenge will occur at night in the dark.

The task is to swim down 15 feet, grab a metal ring and push it along a line 150 feet from one yacht to another. There are three breathing stations to stop at, if wanted/needed. Whichever team goes the farther the fastest wins.

There are four teams that T.J. says are chosen at random and gender neutral.

Heat 1:

Team 1: Brad, Nelson, Kam, Kayleigh and Marie


Team 2: Joss, Victor, Britni, Cara Maria, and Veronica

The Challenge Vendettas – Gasping for Air Challenge – Ep6

Heat 2:

Team 3: Shane, Nicole Z., Jemmye, Devin and Leroy


Team 4: Bananas, Kyle, Zach, Kailah and Tony

By the way, there’s $25,000 to be won this challenge.

In Heat 1: Brad goes the distance, 150 feet, Joss pops up immediately for 0 feet, Nelson doesn’t get down to the ring, Victor goes all the way, 150 feet, Keyleigh gets nothing, Britni goes 35 feet with the ring, Kam and Cara Maria get nothing, Veronica barely swims down at all and Marie just pushes her ring 5 feet.

That makes Team 1 accumulating 155 feet and Team 2 pushing their rings 185 feet. Not too impressive.

Heat 2 is much better: Shane and Bananas lead off with impressive runs, both going the distance, Shane doing it faster. Nicole Z. makes it 80 feet, Kyle makes it 50 feet. Jemmye goes 40 feet, gets to the breathing station and doesn’t even wanna try to figure out how to use it, she pops up. Zach makes it 45 feet. Devin moves his ring 15 feet, Kailah goes 20 feet. It all comes down to Leroy vs. Tony. Leroy never gets down far enough to hold the wire and floats above it and pushes the ring 12 feet. Tony doesn’t see the last two breathing stations and pushes past, making it all the way to 150 feet.

Team 4 wins (15 points each). On that team, the top swimmers were Bananas and Tony, who went the whole way, and Kyle. They are the Troika.

The losing team was team Nelson, Brad, Kam, Kayleigh and Marie. Since it’s a guy’s elimination day, the team will have to vote who goes into elimination, between Nelson and Brad.

Nelson votes Brad, and Brad votes Nelson. Kam votes Brad. Kayleigh votes Brad and Marie does, too, for her buddy Sylvia.

Back at the house, Brad gets pumped, Victor tries to plead with Kyle not to vote him in, and Natalie tells her flirty friend Bananas to put in her vendetta Victor.

The Troika meets and decides they need someone who can take out Brad. Kyle wants to put Shane in. Bananas wants to put Victor in. Tony doesn’t really care because Brad is already in. Bananas also wants to put Devin in, but Tony’s not too into that.  When the reveal is made, Devin is the third one picked.

The Challenge Vendettas -Tony Gets Heated at the Inquisition – Ep6

The Inquisition isn’t particularly interesting. Shane tells Bananas about the counter-alliance and says he’s not gunning for Bananas so there’s no need to put Shane in. Victor is like, “I’ll stab you in the front” which is vague and weird. Shane calls out Victor for acting too nice to everyone, implying he’s fake. Devin is totally transparent; he doesn’t like Bananas. But Devin wants to talk about the other two in the Troika: Tony and Kyle. Tony launches in on an odd tirade at Devin about how Bananas is Michael Jordan, he’s Scottie Pippen and Kyle is Dennis Rodman. The tone is not confrontational enough to count as verbal attack, but it was a tough call. Tony’s trying to say that they’re all on the same team, but Kyle doesn’t get it, because what does the Brit know about 90s NBA stars?

Meanwhile, another note appears in Cara Maria, Britni, Jemmye and Veronica’s room. Same girly handwriting, same pink paper. The note is on Britni’s bed again. Marie is loitering outside the room, listening to the reaction. This one reads: “You are getting played so hard you don’t even realize it.”

Cara Maria and Veronica pop out of their room and run into Marie. They confront her. Marie denies. Marie and Britni’s confrontation has too many fake smiles and attempted lightness to be a verbal fight, but it was another tough call.

In the Orange Room, Marie tells Kailah and other about the new note. Marie thinks this is all a plan to turn her friends against her somehow.

The Challenge Vendettas -Cara Maria and Britni Kiss – Ep6

Out at the bar, Nicole Z. and Kyle make out (10 points each), Cara Maria and Britni kiss, too (10 points each) and Nelson and Kayleigh convert their flirting into fantasy points by kissing (10 points each).

Kayleigh doesn’t like Bananas, but she kinda flirts with him and is a bit attracted to him. Victor asks Bananas what he can say or do to keep him out of elimination. Shane watches and doesn’t like it.

Shane confronts Victor, calling him out for being too nice to everyone. 5 points for Shane for verbal attack. Victor was engaging in the conversation, but was quiet and trying to keep it civil.

Back at the house, Shane tells Victor that he heard Victor saying Shane’s name to get himself out of the elimination. Victor denies this, and Shane just nods and is like, “whatever.” End of conversation.

Back at the ring, T.J. says they “killed it” at the challenge, well that some of them “killed it” at the challenge, “starting with you, Brad”, who is participating in the elimination. We decided that the “killed it” points go to those who went the entire 150 feet, so that’s Brad, Bananas, Tony, victor and Shane (10 points each).

Stray observations:

  • MTV is the worst. On Twitter, Jemmye said that The Troika (Marie, Tony, & Zach) actually picked the teams. She goes on to say that Marie purposely wanted to be on Brad’s team with bad swimmers to throw it so Brad would go in (knowing it’s a guy’s elimination). This also explains why Tony & Zach’s team was so stacked. But god-forbid MTV show us strategic game moves when they have a mystery note plot to shove down our throats.
  • Kailah: “We’re doing something inside of water at night, which is the beginning of a horror movie for me.” IN THE WATER! Inside the water? Oy. Why does no one suspect Kailah of writing the note? She’s dumb enough to think that’s a good strategy.
  • I agree with Shane. Bananas not putting in Joss was stupid. Bananas has no alliance with Joss and Joss probably has the best chance to take out Brad. Or, if Joss were to lose, there’s a strong player gone.

Stuff on Twitter:

Episode 6 scores shown below:

The Challenge Vendettas – Ep6 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Vendettas – Ep6 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Bananas, Tony, Kyle (25 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Marie, Sylvia, Natalie, Kam, Leroy, Devin, Joss, Veronica, and Jemmye (0 points)

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