The Challenge Vendettas – Kyle & Cara Maria – Ep7

Let’s find out if Brad gets eliminated, and Kyle & Cara Maria become the annoying house couple, or if Brad doesn’t get eliminated, and Kyle & Cara Maria become the annoying house couple anyway, because how long can people really hate Britni?

Episode 7 – Series #380

Title: Pulling the Strings

At the elimination Ring, the Troika will vote from Shane, Victor and Devin to go in against veteran Brad.

Bananas leads off, and it’s the same old game for Bananas. He knows that this early in the game, it’s still easy pickings to stick with the rookies. He votes Victor. And hey, that’s also who the girl he’s flirting with, Natalie, wants to see go in. Tony and Kyle follow suit, because that’s their easiest route.

It’s Victor vs. Brad in an elimination game called Troubled Water. The guys will be in tanks and have to splash out water until they hit the red line, a little above the middle of the tank. Then the guys will take tools that are hanging on the side of the tank and smash through the bottom of the tank.

The Challenge Vendettas – Brad vs. Victor in Troubled Water – Ep7

Brad leads by a small margin, but it’s enough to make the difference and give him the win (25 points). He kisses Britni in celebration, of course (10 points each).

Brad will get his choice of three grenades: Time Crunch (add time to any competitor, outside of the Troika), Sit Out (have a competitor sit out), or Blindside (someone competes in the next challenge blindfolded).

Another note shows up. Just like the others, it’s on pink paper. This one reads, “I can’t wait to see you get sent home.”

The reveal occurs to the audience only and it’s Bananas, of course. He had his sister write notes on pink paper for him before the challenge, with vague sayings that can be applied to challenge situations. It’s funny, but not worth a two-episode arc.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Cara Maria cuddle outside and kiss (10 points each).

At a castle, the next challenge takes place. Before T.J. explains the game, he tells us that Sylvia was sent home for being sick. Wamp wamp.

The game ahead is Puppet Master. There will be two teams. The goal is to retrieve all the pieces of this puzzle, bring them to an area and build them. One puppet is CT, one is Aneesa. Once built, the teams must race their puppet across the castle. Winning team will pick their top 3 for the Troika. Losing team will pick one guy and one girl to send straight to elimination.

Troika gets to choose the team. They figure they’ll pick Brad so that the grenade won’t be used on them. They also pick Shane, thinking that they can vote him in if they lose.

The Challenge Vendettas – Green Team Enjoying Their Head Start in the Puppet Master Challenge – Ep7

Brad uses the Time Crunch grenade on Kam, which means her team starts one minute behind. Oh, and the teams are chained together.

Green Team: Brad, Bananas, Tony, Kyle, Shane, Nicole Z., Kayleigh, Natalie, Jemmye, and Cara Maria

Blue Team: Devin, Leroy, Zach, Nelson, Joss, Kam, Veronica, Marie, Kailah, and Britni

Green Team assembles their puppet first. While their lead narrows, they win (15 points each). Bananas pushes for Nicole Z., Kyle and Tony. Shane is not into it, as Nicole Z. doesn’t like Shane.

The Blue Team is put on the spot to vote. Nelson votes Leroy and Marie. Joss says Leroy and Veronica. Zach says Joss and Veronica. Devin votes Leroy and Veronica. Leroy votes Joss and Kailah. Kailah votes Joss and Veronica. Kam says she’d vote Britni, but the way it’s going she’ll vote Veronica and Joss. Britni votes Joss and Kam. Veronica is not pleased. She says Kam and Joss. Marie follows the leads and votes Joss and Veronica.

That means Joss and Veronica are going into the elimination. Because it’s a double elimination, there will be no Inquisition, so the Troika just chooses three and then picks from there.

The Troika looks at guys to go into elimination. Nicole Z. wants Shane in, no problem. Kyle thinks they should pass on Brad and Zach. Kyle brings up Nelson, who has $5,000 in his bank, which he’d like to see back in circulation. Tony is into this because he doesn’t really like Nelson. Devin is brought up, but then it’s onto the girls. Nicole Z. says that her alliance is her room, which includes Marie and Kailah. Kyle wanted to put both of those girls in. Instead, Kyle suggests Kam, who will beat Veronica and come back, but come back angry. Kyle and Tony want to put Marie in. Nicole Z. is pissed and her and Tony have a calm and quiet fight about it (10 points).

When the Troika steps out of the room we see their final choices:

Shane, Nelson and Devin

Kam, Natalie and Kayleigh

The Challenge Vendettas – Devin vs. Natalie – Ep7

Devin doesn’t like Natalie pretending not to be in an alliance with Bananas and has a little spat with her in the kitchen (10 points). Devin is not buying her dumb-girl act and calls her out on it. He has hopes that maybe the Troika will put her in the elimination, but that’s silly, Devin. The Troika is doing Bananas’s bidding.

Bananas and Devin fight about it, too (10 points each).

Back at the ring, the Troika votes. Kyle says Shane to go against his buddy Joss and Kam. Tony follows suit, and Nicole Z. follows.

Then T.J. calls out “mercenaries” Derrick (RR), Jordan, Tori and Aneesa.

The game is Crazy 8. There’s a big circle in the middle of the ring with an 8 hanging in the middle. The goal is race to the middle and grab the eight and bring it outside the ring to hang on their post. It’s best of 3.

T.J. flips a coin to see who Joss will face. It’s Derrick (RR). That means Shane will go against Jordan.

For the girls, Veronica faces Aneesa and Kam goes against Tori.

The Challenge Vendettas – Shane vs. Jordan in Crazy 8 Elimination – Ep7

First round is Shane vs. Jordan. Jordan flies in, grabs the eight and swings right out to hang it. Shane doesn’t want to get embarrassed again. He draws a reset. Next round has some good wrestling, but Jordan breaks free for the win. Shane tears up, but no crying actually occurs.

Veronica vs. Aneesa is up next. Round 1 is close, the old broads really fight for it, but get a reset. Veronica calls for help because she thinks her pinky finger is broken. To be continued…

Stray observations:

  • The worst is that the note stuff isn’t over, since we haven’t seen the cast find out who wrote the notes. Ugh. This has already been a lot of build up to see MTV’s boy Bananas writing the notes.
  • Kyle is playing a good game, for sure. Being in that Troika may be okay: Shane is not coming back; if Veronica does, no one is threatened by her; if Joss returns, he’s still a rookie with very little power; and if Kam comes back, well, that’s the one that will give you a tough time… if she wants to.
  • Veronica got a break going against Aneesa instead of Kam. Kam does not get a break, going against Tori instead of Veronica.
  • Interesting to see Leroy a mild target for elimination due to him being in the Bananas alliance.
  • Why bother even having the Troika nominate three when there’s no Inquisition? They could have just picked one guy and girl from the start, right? Better use of the time would be to see Shane talk about how the Green Team was supposed to be in a one-time only winner alliance to protect each other (see Stuff on Twitter below).
  • “Heavy hitters” or “mercenaries” are not the best for fantasy points. Shane was eliminated and none of OUR players got points for it. Not my favorite. Also, I know Aneesa is a veteran and Tori is tough, but they are not as stiff competition as the male counterparts who showed up with them.

Stuff on Twitter:

Episode 7 scores:

The Challenge Vendettas – Ep7 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Vendettas – Ep7 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Brad (50 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Many, notably Victor and Sylvia who exit quietly (0 points)

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