Before we start this final, let’s see how much money the Elite Eight have in their bank accounts.

The Challenge Vendettas – Finalist Bank Accounts – Ep 14

Episode 14 – Series #387

Title: Vendettas Never Die

Leroy talks to Tony. He feels lied to by Tony and Cara Maria, whom he thought he was friends with. Tony is not pleased with Leroy’s attitude, and Leroy doesn’t seem pleased with Tony either.

Kyle and Cara Maria chat in bed. Kyle feels like the underdog.

The competitors get some sportswear, much of it looking like it’s for cold weather.

Zach considers Tony his biggest competition in the final. Nicole Z. feels like Cara Maria is the one to beat.

The final challenge is at the Kost Castle. The goal is to conquer the castle. There are two stages, each with checkpoints. In order to complete a checkpoint, you need a token from the end of a mile and a half run.

The Challenge Vendettas – Kost Castle for the Finale – Ep14

Then T.J. tells the competitors they will have to go the castle dungeon to deal with (drum roll please)… Bananas and Melissa! They are back as “mercenaries.” Tony is not pleased. Kam is not too thrilled either.

T.J. tells the eight competitors that there is only room for four of them in Stage 2: the top two men and the top two women. If a player doesn’t make it to the next stage, he or she goes home with no money.

They all line up in shackles and run for the first token. Nicole Z. falls in the mud while running.

After picking up tokens, Tony and Zach are the first to arrive at Torch-er Grenade. One at a time, the players move their torches from one side of the field to the zone on the opposite side of the field. Each time a player moves one of their torches, he or she can return one of their opponent’s torches to their starting pile.

Zach is in 2nd place for the men. Because Zach thinks Bananas is going to help Leroy, Zach tells Tony they should bring Leroy’s torches back. Obviously, Leroy doesn’t like this plan.

By the time Nicole Z. gets to the field, she’s struggling. Cara Maria wants to avoid running back and forth all day, so she’s down to not take torches. When she sees Nicole Z. with a torch, Cara Maria asks Nicole Z. if that’s from her barrel. Cara Maria and Nicole Z. get into a verbal fight about it (10 points).

The Challenge Vendettas – Leroy Drops a Torch and Goes to Take Another – Ep14

Meanwhile, Zach and Tony’s war against Leroy has given Kyle a terrific opportunity to take from each of them and, what do you know, finish the task first. He moves on towards the next game.

Nicole Z. falls in the mud again, and starts to look very frustrated. She falls to the ground and cries (10 points). Her ankle looks swollen. Tony tries to push her to continue, but the medic tells her he doesn’t recommend it. That’s the end of the road for Nicole Z., who also cries in an interview (10 points).

Kyle heads to the dungeon to see Bananas and Melissa.

The game is called Decked Out, and it’s a game of high/low. Bananas flips over a card, and Kyle guesses if his card will be higher or lower. It’s best 2-of-3. If Kyle loses, Bananas can use one of 3 grenades on him: Do 50 jumping jacks, enjoy a glass of water or make him bury a log.

Bananas deals Kyle a Queen, which is easy to bet lower on. Then Bananas pulls a 2, which is a lock for Kyle on the higher front (well, I suppose the next card could be another 2 and they’d push, but that didn’t happen). Kyle is off the hook and onto the next thing.

Leroy shows up in the dungeon next. Bananas pulls an 8, Leroy guesses higher and Bananas’s next pull is a King. Bananas’s next pull is a 5, and Leroy correctly goes high again. Bananas pulls an Ace, so Leroy also wins and is off on his merry way.

The Challenge Vendettas – Leroy Plays High Low – Ep14

Zach shows up next. He gets the guarantee-win combo of 2 and an Ace, so Bananas can’t use a grenade on him either.

Cara Maria is first for the girls. Melissa pulls two 2s for Cara Maria for another easy win.

Tony is next. He gets a King. Then he gets a 9 and incorrectly guesses a lower card is next. But in his rubber match, Tony gets a Queen and probability is with him. Tony wins, too.

Kam is next. Melissa pulls a 10, and Kam stupidly guesses against probability and says higher. Kam is right to go lower on the Jack pulled next, but her third card is a 7, which is more of a coin flip. Kam guesses higher and it’s wrong. Kam loses. Melissa chooses the grenade of making Kam bury a log.

Kailah is last of the girls. She’s dealt a 5 and a 10 and plays it right. She wins and is spared the trouble.

Next stage involves putting on armor. Kailah has a hard time getting the armor on.

The Challenge Vendettas – Kyle at Backstabber Game – Ep14

Kyle is the first to arrive at the Backstabber game. The first player has to wait for the next player. There’s a board with swords. You can remove 1, 2 or 3 swords… whoever removes the last sword loses. The winner can choose if the loser drinks some yummy hot chocolate, eats some weird cheese or has a bowl of spicy tripe soup.

Leroy shows up next and beats Kyle, instructing Kyle to eat some gross cheese. Zach and Cara Maria don’t really play, they just want to get it done. Zach wins, but only makes her drink the hot chocolate while he runs ahead.

Tony arrives next and has to wait for Kailah or Kam to show up. Kailah finally shows up and Tony’s like, “let’s go.” They also don’t really play, but just pull swords. Tony wins, tells Kailah to drink hot chocolate.

Zach passes Leroy, then he passes Kyle.

Because Kam has no opponent, she plays the game by herself then runs for the final token.

Zach finishes Stage 1 first. Kyle finishes second. Leroy isn’t too far behind, but 3rd place isn’t good enough. Cara Maria finishes next. Tony shows up in his armor, so I guess he skipped the last lap?

Kailah secures second place for the girls, thus leaving Kam out of the 2nd stage of the final. This also makes Kyle the Rookie of the Season, as he’s the last rookie standing this season.

The beginning of Stage 2 is a memory game. Each competitor has a board with colors on it to memorize before they run to the puzzle ad recreate the answer key. First person to solve the puzzle wins the season. There’s only one winner.

As far as money is concerned, everyone remaining will win what they have in their bank accounts. 4th place additionally gets $5,000. 3rd place also gets $10,000. 2nd place also wins $35,000. First place gets $150,000 plus the $220,000 left behind from the eliminated contestants’s bank account.

Zach and Cara Maria get a 30 second head start since they finished first in Stage 1.

Next week is the reunion with the Champion revealed… though it also looks like another two-part reunion so what’s up, MTV? What are you doing to us?

Stray observations:

  • This cliffhanger before the champion is shown works a lot better with the final this season vs. last season, when we got a weird edit of the race because MTV wanted to hold back on the reveal of the winner.
  • In the After Show we learn Nicole Z. sprained her ankle and tore two ligaments.
  • Kam is the only one who lost the High/Low game and suffered the worst possible punishment. Did it make the difference? Without the log burying, would Kam have beaten Kailah? It’s hard to tell from the edit.
  • I figured out what I don’t like about Kam: she plays it up for the camera too much. Tori does this, too. In the game, she’s a good, tough competitor. But in her interviews, she dials up the attitude with sass like saying Melissa must live in the dungeon and other such nonsense. Meanwhile, Cara Maria is almost the opposite to me. In the thick of the game, she is easily shaken and very emotional. But to the camera, Cara Maria is cool and calm… she serves as a smooth narrator.
  • 7 and 8 are the worst cards you can get in high/low, with 6 and 9 also not ideal. Of the 16 cards dealt, only two were the worst and one not ideal.
  • Tony Time has ended.

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Episode 14 scores:

The Challenge Vendettas – Ep14 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Vendettas – Ep14 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Nicole Z. (30 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Kailah, Kam, Kyle, Leroy, Tony and Zach (0 points)

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