The Red Team and Blue Team face-off in an untangling challenge, even though it’s still more Champs vs. Stars than Red vs. Blue.

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Release the Rainbow Challenge – Ep3

Title: Stars From Rainbows to Storm Clouds

After last week’s elimination, we touch back with Brooke who is learning the game and into it, and Casper who reminds us of his promise to put Tony in an elimination. The Blue Team have the numbers on the Stars side, which means Tony knows he’s on Casper’s radar.

The challenge game is Release the Rainbow. There are five lines of ribbons tangled in a jungle-gym structure. The goal is for the team, tethered to these lines, to untangle all the lines. If you’re done, you can no longer help your team.

Wes may be benched (from the MVP move Smashley made last episode), but he still wants to discuss a plan and create a strategy. Hennessy and Casper aren’t into the talking and walk to the side and would rather box.

On the Red Team, Shane and Selita argue and it’s so stupid, I can’t even tell you what they’re arguing about (10 points each).

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Red Team Working Through the Release the Rainbow Challenge – Ep3

It’s time to play the game. Aneesa and Tori are struggling. Selita and Smashley call for CT’s help as we see the Red Team working well together. CT is letting the girls use him as a step stool.

Tony is having a tough time, while Casper races through and finishes. He leaves his mess of a team behind. They are not pleased. But they have also learned, and when Drake finishes they yell that he should not run out of the course, he should stick around and help.

The Red Team works together and pulls through. Smashley, Devin, Jozea, Shane, Selita, Lili Mama, Kailah, Brooke, and CT get 15 points each.

After Red Team celebrates, they discuss CT as MVP. Devin tells the team that no matter which guy goes in, they should consider the save because their team dynamic is very good right now. As they all walk out of the room, and Shane pulls an immediate u-turn. He has an idea for fellow Champs CT and Devin: put Shane into the elimination, because it’ll make it look like they’re past the Champs vs. Stars thing, and if Shane wins, cool he gets money for his charity, and if he loses, the Red Team should save him.

Meanwhile, the Blue Team deliberation dinner is a mess as the group endures some Hennessy “doing her thing” which is being annoying, saying nothing that contributes to the game plan and kinda freaking out. Her attitude is that she knows she’s going to get thrown into an elimination next time, so she doesn’t care about this deliberation. Tony is trying to talk about this elimination, because it matters, and Hennessy is still ranting on.

Wes tells Hennessy to let Tony talk, and the woman who is being disrespectful gets mad, saying she’s being disrespected. Hennessy’s ranting and freaking out is a verbal attack on the Champs on her team (5 points). She inevitable says sorry and lets Tony plead his case.

Tony knows the Champs don’t have the numbers and Casper is an easy punching bag in this challenge loss, and he pleads a case for them to be one Blue Team, united. Tony really makes the effort. Then they break. Stars Louise, Lil Mama and Daniel circle back around to, yes, it’s Champs vs. Stars. They have the votes so they need to use them.

At nominations, the cast is sitting around waiting for Hennessy so they can start filming. People are getting restless. We see a “30 minutes later” indicator and then Hennessy walks in.

A producer asks her to take off her sunglasses (10 points for Producer Interaction). Hennessy gets upset and says it’s her image and she doesn’t want to look bad on TV. She sits down and announces that no one should think they’re better than her. Devin says no one thinks they’re better than everyone, but they are sick of waiting for her.

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Devin vs. Hennessy – Ep3

Hennessy freaks out and Devin is sick of it. They argue (10 points each). Hennessy is ranting and raving on about whatever her problem is, while Devin firmly, but calmly says that the cast is sick of waiting for her. Hennessy hits Devin in the head (15 points for physical attack) and storms. off. She takes her sunglasses off.

Or maybe she broke her sunglasses on Devin’s head? The producers talk to Hennessy, who calms down and decides she’s ready to vote Tony out.

Miz enters to facilitate the deliberation. Red Team votes CT MVP (5 points) and $1,000 for his charity. He also gets to vote the LVP and gets the Power Play of Immunity that he can give to any girl next week. CT says Shane has chosen himself for LVP. The Stars are shocked. Jozea thanks his lucky stars. Louise and Casper see this move clear as day, especially since Devin and Shane oversell their hand.

Blue Team votes Tony. Even Wes and Aneesa vote Tony, who even votes himself at the end.

So it’ll be Shane vs. Tony. Interesting.

CT thinks about the immunity and gives it to Selita. Smashley thinks this is a dumb idea. In an interview, we see Smashley cry (10 points) talking about how she had to leave last season because her Dad died.

At the elimination, Miz announces that Hennessy is leaving the show. We see a clip of Hennessy telling a producer that she’s not trying to be disrespected and doesn’t want to be on the show anymore (10 points for producer interaction). This is great for Wes and the other Champs on the Blue Team.

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Shane vs. Tony in Throwing Shade Elimination – Ep3

The elimination is Throwing Shade. It’s a game of giant corn hole where the guys smash open boxes to fine the bags, tennis balls and other stuff to throw into the corn hole board. Tony takes a lead, but then misses a bunch. Shane start to catch up, but Tony pulls out the win (25 points).

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Throwing Shade Elimination – Ep3

Miz reminds us that there’s one save. Does the Red Team want to use it on Shane? They vote to bring him back. Lil Mama is not into it. Brooke was won over by Shane helping her in the challenge.

Wes and Tony are chatting. Wes is loving that they have the numbers and reminds Tony that last time there was a tie, winning the last elimination broke the tie.

Stray observations:

Episode 3 scores below:

Champs vs. Stars 3 – Ep3 Scores

A link to an Excel sheet of scores here:The Challenge Champs vs. Stars 3 – Ep3 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Hennessy (50 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Aneesa, Tori, Wes, Louise, Casper, Daniel & Drake (0 points)

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  1. vrod305 says:

    I hope this season leads to what we all need, and that’s Tony taking Brooke up on that offer and joining the WWE.

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