THE CHALLENGE: CHAMPS VS. STARS 3 – Episode 4 – Breakdown & Scoring

This week’s challenge is all about speed, yet the game is a kickball/football hybrid, which seems more about impact.

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Face Off Challenge – Ep4

Title: Face Off, Gloves On

Drake likes steak, Brooke Hogan is Hulk Hogan’s daughter, and Smashley feels good.

The Miz introduces us to this week’s challenge. Since Champs vs. Stars is in L.A., this is yet another challenge at a track and field location. It’s called Face Off, which is described a kickball/football hybrid, high-impact game.

Giant emoji balls are the “weapon of choice” being used to knock down the player with the kickball, trying to score. The kick must be at least 10 yards. It’s a female elimination, so the pressure is on the women.

Shane is trying to get CT to explain to him what football is in the five minutes before the game starts.

Red Team goes first, with Jozea kicking off. He is run out of bounds before scoring. Selita fails to kick the ball 10 yards. Shane is taken down quickly. Kailah and Lil Mama don’t get much going.

Blue Team goes next. Aneesa has a good kick for the Blue Team and runs a little bit. By the time she’s run out of bounds, Smashley is down and thinking she may have broken her nose. She does not.

Louise is next and she takes a big hit from Devin. Drake gets hit by CT and it hurts. Tony gets knocked down. No one can score in this game. Wes talks strategy with Casper, uses him as a blocker and gets five yards away from scoring.

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Casper Scores the Lone Goal – Ep4

That means there’s another round. Brooke has seen the hits and she is scared. She doesn’t want to even kick the ball. Brooke forfeits her turn and volunteers to be LVP and leaves the game. Her teammates are surprised to see this from Hulk Hogan’s daughter. He didn’t quit in wrestling (according to them) and he certainly didn’t quit on banging his friend’s wife.

Aneesa gets hurt next, taking a hit from CT. She limps off the field. Aneesa’s ankle is blowing up. She cries (10 points).

Devin does a clever fake move, gets everyone else offsides then kicks while they reset. It doesn’t work, but hey, he tried.

Casper kicks next and scores a goal for the win! Blue Team’s first win means 15 points each for Wes, Aneesa, Tori, Casper, Drake, Louise, Daniel and Tony.

Wes and Louise do some hurdles and then talk strategy. Wes wants MVP and lays out a whole, “you do stuff for me now and I’ll get you later” plan that Louise is not interested in.

At the Blue Team meeting, Aneesa is in the hospital. Casper wants MVP and the Champs try saying that the a girl should be MVP on a girls week. They are at a stalemate.

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Brooke Cries – Ep4

The Red Team meeting isn’t so good. Brooke tries thanking her team for understanding her desire to get out of the game, but she doesn’t get it. CT is disappointed that Brooke quit. He expresses that feeling and walks away. Brooke cries (10 points) and cries in an interview (10 points).

CT apologizes for making her cry, but she did it to herself by quitting.

Back at the hotel, Aneesa has a broken fibula. Aneesa cries about it (10 points). Tori wonders how to manage strategy with this new development.

At breakfast, the Stars talk about voting Louise MVP. Daniel “Booby” likes the idea that Louise and Casper are the villains and he can just sit back and get the memo on who to vote for.

At nominations, Miz reminds us that CT used his power play from being MVP last week to grant immunity to Selita. But it doesn’t matter now because Aneesa is hurt and can’t play anymore. She gets some money for charity and says goodbye to everyone.

The Blue Team still gets to choose MVP. Tori and Louise vote for themselves. Tony votes for Tori. Wes votes for Casper just to mess with everyone. Drake votes for Louise, as does Booby. Casper votes for Louise. Louise wins MVP (5 points) and $1,000 for her charity. Her power play is that she can trade anyone from her team with someone from the other team. Casper whispers in Louise’s ear. Louise says they’re going to trade Tori and take Smashley.

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Angry Smashley – Ep4

Smashley immediately stands up. She is bitter. Tori wants a hug and Smashley simply walks past her. Smashley snaps at Brooke and/or Shane (5 points for verbal attack) saying, don’t f***ing touch me,” and stomps off outside. Smashley cries (10 points) as she is convinced that she was traded to the Blue Team to be thrown in by the Stars part of that team next. Smashley comes back to flip out at Louise (5 points for verbal attack). Smashley gets mad at the Champs on the Blue Team for “letting Casper and Louise” run the show… which doesn’t make a lot of sense. Louise was MVP so the trade was her call and the Stars do have the numbers, so they do have control. Smashley threatens to lose every challenge for the Blue Team (which would not help her avoid elimination at all) and she cries again (10 points).

Stray observations:

  • Louise wanted to rock the boat and she did it. She really has learned a lot from Wes. Also, shout out to Louise for sticking to her story of “Ashley’s been playing well” and keeping her cool during Smashley’s rage attack.
  • Wes may have overplayed his hand by trying to sell Louise on that ridiculous post-hurdle plan. He did, however, make an interesting strategic choice of voting Casper MVP to show Louise that he’s got a bit of a free agent mentality.
  • Someone on Reddit said Smashley is like Camila 2.0 minus the racism.  But didn’t Smashley say her family could buy Cory’s on The Real World: Ex-plosion?
  • Brooke was seemingly the most threatening female Star competitor in the game. However, her quitting shows that the Stars are just not cut out for this game the way the Champs are. Also, the “he made me cry” is super lame. You’re crying, Brooke, because you got called out on being a quitter and, hey! Actions have consequences? People judge you by what you do? What is this?!

Episode 4 scores below:

Champs vs. Stars 3 – Ep4 Scores

A link to an Excel sheet of scores here: The Challenge Champs vs. Stars 3 – Ep4 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Aneesa (35 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Lil Mama, CT, Kailah, Shane, Jozea, & Devin (0 points)

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