THE CHALLENGE: CHAMPS VS. STARS 3 – Episode 5 – Breakdown & Scoring

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Smashley Still Upset – Ep5

We pick up where we left off. Smashley is crying  (10 points), this time at the bar.

Title: Fire in the Heart, Ice in the Veins

Drake and some of the other Stars see hypocrisy in the Champs. The Champs want to run the game, but when the game gets played on them, they freak out. Casper is not having Smashley’s drama. He makes a comment about playing the game and Smashley yells at Casper to kindly give her some space… but a little more colorfully articulated than that (5 points for verbal attack).

Out dancing, Tony flirts with Lil Mama. Back at the hotel, Selita and Lil Mama tell Tony to marry his “ride or die” Baby Mama, Alyssa.

In the hot tub, Jozea tries to feel out Devin. Could Devin vote Jozea MVP? Devin says that it’s not likely he could vote that way. In interview, Devin is like, “yeah, no way at all.”

Miz announces that this week is all about focus. Today’s challenge is Table Hockey, because filming in L.A. means human-sized versions of arcade games. The players will go up and down the floor in their designated zones. Six players per each team will play each period, but everyone has to play at some point.

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Table Hockey Challenge – Ep5

The team with the most goals at the end of the three periods will win. MVP gets $1,000 for their charity, to pick the LVP (least valuable player) and the Power Play. It’s a guy’s elimination week.

In a pregame interview, Smashley says she’s going to try to score in her own goal to help her new Blue Team lose. It’s a guy’s elimination. Shouldn’t she want to win to make money for her charity?

Sitting out the first period for Blue Team is Smashley, obviously. For Red Team, Kailah, Selita and Lil Mama get benched. No scoring that period. Sitting out the second period is Smashley again, and for the Red Team, Tori, Selita and Brooke.

CT and Daniel “Booby” are defending the goals well. No score after the second period. Smashley is in for the third period with Louise out. Daniel asks Smashley to take note at how hard he’s playing and be a team sport. Kailah, Lil Mama and Tori sit out for the Red Team.

Shane goes kind-of nuts and screams at Jozea (5 points for verbal attack) for not using his feet to better position himself against Tony. Taking his time and focusing, Tony scores the lone goal of the game. Blue Team wins. That’s victory for Daniel, Wes, Tony, Smashley, Louise, Drake, and Casper (15 points each).

Daniel and Tony are the obvious Blue Team MVP choices. Since the Stars have the numbers on their team, it’ll likely be Booby and Wes will have to go in. Wes isn’t pleased, but over at the Red Team meeting…. it’s probably Jozea going in, so Wes shouldn’t be worried.

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Selita Not Wanting to Hear Anything from Jozea – Ep5

Jozea desperately tries to blame Devin to deflect that he’s bad. Selita isn’t having Jozea’s attitude and yells at him for being not focused during the challenge (5 points).

Wes sits down with Booby and begs for him to put someone else in. Wes says he’ll put Drake or Casper in when the time comes. Daniel says he’ll sleep on it.

In the morning, Booby tells Wes he’s going in because that’s how the game works.

At nominations, Miz asks Jozea if he’s going into the elimination and he ends up in a verbal fight with Selita (10 points each). During this argument about, not sure what it’s about, CT pressures Jozea to nominate himself and get up there.

Then Blue Team picks Daniel for MVP (5 points), who picks Wes for LVP. As MVP, Booby gets the power play… which is Switch. He can switch Jozea with any male member of the Red Team to go into elimination against Jozea. Louise pushes for CT to go in, but Booby picks Devin to replace Jozea, who is thrilled that he’s saved.

Devin is bitter that Jozea is still in the game, even though he’s terrible at it. Devin also doesn’t want to go in against Wes because of course he doesn’t.

The elimination is called Popping Tags. Devin and Wes will be tethered together to wrestle three tags off each other. In Round 1, both grab each other’s vests and play some defense. Devin grabs a tag, for a 1-0 lead. Booby and Louise really want Wes to win. Daniel says he chose Devin instead of CT, so Wes could win. In Round 2, Wes throws Devin up and grabs a tag.

The Challenge – Champs vs Stars 3 – Popping Tags Elimination – Ep5

In Round 3, Wes rips a tag off just before Devin gets one of his. Round 4 puts the pressure on Devin, as he needs a tag to stay alive. Devin gets it to tie up the elimination game.

Round 5 is intense, but Wes gets it for the win (25 points). Devin gets money for his charity and bids the game farewell.

Stray observations:

  • If the Blue Team had figured out that the Red Team was going to put Jozea into elimination, the Blue Team could’ve turned to Wes and been like, “dude, don’t even worry.”
  • Daniel “Booby” Gibson has gone from a guy who was casually hanging out, flirting with Kam and taking it easy… to a man who completely understands the strategy and nuances of the game.
  • There are only three episodes left, so a purge is coming!

Episode 5 scores below:

Champs vs. Stars 3 – Ep5 Scores

A link to an Excel sheet of scores here: The Challenge Champs vs. Stars 3 – Ep5 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Wes (40 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Lil Mama, CT, Kailah, Tori, Brooke, & Devin (0 points)

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