THE CHALLENGE: Final Reckoning – Fantasy Scoring System

The Challenge – Season 32 – The Final Reckoning

This summer MTV is entertaining us with another season of The Challenge. Time to get ready for your Final Reckoning fantasy draft!

Here’s the scoring system that will be used for our fantasy league for the upcoming 32nd season of The Challenge, Final Reckoning. This season is considered the finale of a trifecta within the series: Dirty XXX, Vendettas and now Final Reckoning. In other words, these three seasons have been a bizarre and interrelated twist on Rivals.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Scoring System

Producer Interaction: Points are given when behavior that elicits a producer to interact with that particular cast member. This does not include: producers intervention due to injury or discussions with producers in the confessional. Also, only the person(s) that elicits the producer intervention receives points. If Person A is throwing a tantrum and the producer steps in and briefly speaks to Person B, only Person A gets points
Backstabbing: If a player explicitly declares to another person that he or she will not vote for that other person, but nevertheless votes to throw the other person into the elimination, they receive backstabbing points. The declaration and the vote must take place in the same episode.
NOTE: Flashbacks from previous challenges do not count towards scoring.
The Marlon & Derek Rule: Anything that happened off camera/was not shown, does not count in scoring unless all participants in event (hook up, fight, etc.) acknowledge it occurred on camera during an episode of the show (not internet or After Show).
*Anything that happens in internet exclusive videos or during the After Show does not count towards scores, unless the Redemption is aired online or as part of the After Show. If the Redemption is aired online or as part of the After Show, the only points awarded will be for winning the battle.
Hook up clarification. If two players hook up (mouth kissing or more) more than once in an episode, they only get points once. If they hook up (mouth kissing or more) again on another episode, they get points again. So they can double up week to week, but not within an episode.

NEW(ish) this season:

We got rid of Backstabbing after Dirty XXX because it didn’t happen. But it did on Vendettas and Champs vs. Stars 3, so it is back! Also, from Champs vs. Stars 3, casting a tie vote is worth 5 points and bleeding is worth 10 points (limit one per episode).

The point value of winning, coming in 2nd or coming in 3rd place in the final has changed. Vendettas was solo, so it was worth more. This season they seem to be in pairs, so the value has been slightly reduced.

Season preview coming soon.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “THE CHALLENGE: Final Reckoning – Fantasy Scoring System

  1. Chris says:

    What do you think is the best way to do a draft? Draft players individually or draft teams? Its the first time that its not fully co-ed teams so i’m trying to figure out what to do. Also, drafting in about 20 minutes haha.

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