The finale of the trilogy within this series is The Final Reckoning. Set in South Africa, there’s $1 million prize at stake (how that’s divided out is unknown at this point, of course).Cast 1

E! calls this upcoming season “rivals on steroids,” which is quite nice. One could simply call it Rivals 4 with a new name. Cast 2Let’s take a quick look at the cast.

  • Amanda Garcia (Original series: Are You The One? season 3)
    • Jenna strategically eliminated Amanda in the first episode of Dirty XXX and Amanda was unable to return from the Redemption House. She was not on Vendettas. However, Amanda scored over 100 fantasy points on her other two seasons: Rivals 3 & Invasion. Amanda is a good competitor, knows drama and has a strong partner in Zach.
  • Angela Babicz (Original series: Bad Girls Club; rookie)
    • Angela is a rookie paired with another rookie. That means this is a team that’s an easy target for elimination.
  • Brad Fiorenza (Original series: 2004’s The Real World: San Diego)
    • Brad was not on Dirty XXX, but had a good run on Vendettas. He scored 265 in 13 episodes. Brad and Britni are seemingly still together, so that means they will both generate plenty of kissing and coitus points… assuming they don’t get eliminated early and remain shamelessly into public displays of affection. But this couple made themselves a target last time around, because of their obvious alliance. Brad has a temper that makes drama points available to him. Veteran Brad is teamed up with Kyle, who had a surprisingly good rookie season on Vendettas.
  • Britni Thornton (Original series: Are You the One? season 3)
    • Britni made it to episode 15 on Dirty XXX, scoring 140 points. She did well last season, too, especially as she got into a relationship with Brad. Britni made it to episode 11 on Vendettas, and scored 205 points. With Brad on this season, too, there are a lot of potential hook-up points for Britni. But being a couple makes her a target. Also, Britni is paired with rookie Chuck, an ex of hers. This is good for drama, but may not mean she lasts as long in the game.
  • Cara Maria Sorbello (Original series: Fresh Meat II; last season’s winner)
    • Cara Maria is the strongest female challenge competitor, save for maybe Laurel or Emily, who seem to have lives outside of the show. Cara Maria earned 180 fantasy points on Dirty XXX, where she came in 2nd place, behind now-ousted veteran Camila. Cara Maria won last season of Vendettas and, thanks to a season of hooking up with Kyle, Cara Maria scored a season-best 285 points. Social media has revealed that Cara Maria hooks up  with Paulie. Cara Maria would be a very strong #1 fantasy pick, but since she’s partnered with Marie, it’s unclear how good her chances of winning this season really are.
  • Chuck Mowery (Original series: Are You the One? season 3; rookie)
    • Chuck is a rookie paired with Britni, his ex. Britni’s current man is on the season. Because all of these reality show relationships are odd, this could mean a lot or absolutely no drama.
  • C.T. Tamburello (Original series: The Real World: Paris)
    • CT came in 3rd place on Dirty XXX, scoring 130 fantasy point that season. CT was not on Vendettas, but has earned two Champs vs. Stars victories since Dirty XXX. CT is a strong veteran. He even had drama on Champs vs. Stars, as he fought with T.O. on Champs vs. Stars 2 and walked off the set of the reunion for Champs vs. Stars 3. While there are rumors that CT and his Baby Mama broke up, there’s not a lot of CT hook up potential. As CT is tough and partnered with Veronica, he may find himself the target of elimination if any rookie wants to try to go after the old folks.
  • Da’Vonne Rogers (Original series: Big Brother 17; rookie)
    • Da’Vonne is a rookie paired with Jozea, who can’t swim. Calling this team underdogs is an understatement.
  • Derrick Henry (Original series: Are You the One? season 5)
    • Derrick’s first season was Dirty XXX, where him and Tori were “ride or die,” which I means they were in a relationship. They broke up after the season. Most of Derrick’s 65 points in 5 episodes of Dirty XXX was from kissing Tori. Now Tori is his partner. It’s unclear how good of a competitor Derrick is, but Tori had a great rookie season on Dirty XXX, was used as a mercenary on Vendettas and has been on two Champs vs. Stars seasons.
  • Faith Stowers (Original series: Vanderpump Rules; rookie)
    • Faith is a rookie paired with another rookie. That means this is a team that’s an easy target for elimination. In a preview, she thinks Kyle is hot.
  • Jemmye Carroll (Original series: 2010’s The Real World: New Orleans)
    • Jemmye had an incredibly chill Dirty XXX. She cruised through 15 episodes, scoring just 20 fantasy points. On Vendettas, Jemmye looked like she was in better physical shape than ever before, and scored 90 points in 13 episodes. Jemmye has not looked even interested in hooking up these past two seasons, but she can be involved in the drama.  She was part of the trio of torture that pushed Kayleigh to quit Vendettas. Jemmye has a strong partner in Jenna. The two of them will certainly be able to strategize well.
  • Jenna Compono (Original series: The Real World: Ex-Plosion)
    • Jenna is back! After destroying her ankle on Champs vs. Stars 2, Jenna has returned. Jenna made it to just before the final on Dirty XXX, but scored only 65 fantasy points. She’s on this season with her best friend Kailah and her ex-boyfriend and now boyfriend again, Zach. It’s unclear when Jenna and Zach got back together, so we don’t know if they will be kissing and more all season or not. Jenna is paired with Jemmye, which doesn’t make them a dominating physical force, but they actually could run a good strategic game, especially since Jenna is no longer scared to make the tough, but smart moves needed. Jenna and Jemmye initially beefed after Jenna spared Jemmye from the Purge in Dirty XXX but Jemmye didn’t return the favor, throwing Jenna into an elimination.
  • Johnny Bananas (Original series: The Real World: Key West)
    • MTV favorite child Bananas is back, of course. He scored 105 points in 15 episodes of Dirty XXX. On Vendettas, Bananas scored 100 points in 10 episodes. Bananas is a pot-stirrer, so he’ll end up in at least a couple of fights during the season. Bananas is also single, so he now has hook-up potential, though we didn’t see any hooking up of his on Vendettas. Bananas will not physically fight because he knows this is his meal ticket to not mess up. Because MTV thinks he’s a God, his partner is not announced. However, Wikipedia had indicated that Tony comes in as a replacement. It’s a pretty good guess that Tony and Bananas get partnered up. We’re taking that guess and allowing Tony to be drafted. If Tony and Bananas are partners, that’s a strong team, but one with a big target.
  • Joss Mooney (Original series: MTV U.K.’s Ex on the Beach)
    • Joss’s first season was Vendettas where he only scored 15 fantasy points in 8 episodes, but he was impressive. The ladies drooled over him, he won the first challenge which was a race of the entire cast and he fought Derrick K. long and hard in a tough mercenary elimination. If Joss hadn’t stepped out of bounds, the two may still be wrestling right now. Joss is paired with Sylvia this season. This team could very well be underestimated.
  • Jozea Flores (Original series: Big Brother 18; rookie)
    • Jozea is a rookie, but not because he was on Champs vs. Stars 3. Jozea made it episode 8 out of 10, but scored just 40 points. While Jozea is willing to argue and does not get along with Shane (who is on this season), Jozea also showed he’s not an intimidating player at all. Jozea didn’t show much skill in anything and he can’t swim. He’s paired with rookie Da’Vonne and it doesn’t seem like anyone would be intimidated by this team.
  • Kailah Casillas (Original series: The Real World: Go Big or Go Home)
    • Kailah scored 135 fantasy points on Vendettas, when she just missed the finals. She scored 165 on Dirty XXX, where she also just missed the final. Kailah is a hot mess, always good for drama. She cries and looks like she pushes someone in the trailer. Kailah is not the best competitor, as her fitness doesn’t help her strategize well. Kailah seems to make all the wrong choices when it comes to choosing the order for a challenge or forming smart alliances. Kailah is very anti-Cara Maria. Her best friend Jenna is on this season to have her back. She will need support, as Kailah is partnered with Kayleigh, who quit last season.
  • Kam Williams (Original series: Are You the One? season 5)
    • Kam’s first season was Vendettas. She scored 135 fantasy points in 14 episodes, just missing the end of the final. “Killer Kam” doesn’t lack confidence, but she was eliminated in the first female elimination by Brooke Hogan on Champs vs. Stars 3. Social media shows us Kam and Leroy are close, but they have yet to come out as a couple (though their possible relationship was alluded to on the Champs vs. Stars 3 reunion). Kam is paired with scrappy Melissa to form a team that could go boom or bust.
  • Kayleigh Morris (Original series: MTV U.K.’s Ex on the Beach)
    • Kayleigh’s first season was Vendettas. She scored 85 fantasy points in 10 episodes. Her time on Vendettas ended when she quit. Jemmye, Britni and Kailah (who are all on this season), threw her stuff around and gave her a tough time for flirting with Nelson after she secretly hooked up with Bananas. Nelson and Bananas are also on this season. Kayleigh has strong drama potential and a strong partner in Kailah.
  • Kyle Christie (Original series: MTV U.K.’s Geordie Shore)
    • Kyle had a strong rookie season on Vendettas. Kyle came in 3rd place in the final and scored 160 fantasy points. In an MTV preview, we learn that after hooking up with Cara Maria on Vendettas, Kyle “ghosted” her after the season.
  • Marie Roda (Original series: The Real World: St. Thomas)
    • Marie scored 55 fantasy points  in 10 episodes on Dirty XXX. Marie upped to 70 points in 9 episodes on Vendettas (which is actually farther than she got on Dirty XXX, where she spent 3 episodes in the Redemption House). Marie set her eyes on a high prize, going after powerhouse veteran Cara Maria on Dirty XXX and Vendettas. Marie gets in fights, like on Vendettas, when she fought over pizza with Brad. Marie’s mouth is a bigger weapon than her challenge ability. This season she’s paired with Cara Maria. Can Cara Maria carry her or will Marie sink the reigning Champ?
  • Melissa Reeves (Original series: MTV U.K.’s Ex on the Beach)
    • Melissa’s first season was Vendettas. She scored 105 fantasy points in just 5 episodes. Melissa hooked up with Nicole Z., showing she will work whatever angle needed to position herself well in the game. Melissa is pretty scrappy. She fought a long, terrific battle with Sylvia on Vendettas. Paired with Kam, Melissa is on a drama-prone team that has potential.
  • Natalie Negrotti (Original series: Big Brother 18)
    • Natalie made her Challenge debut on Vendettas. She had a strong showing, scoring 140 points in 12 episodes. She made friends with the veteran of veterans, Bananas. Natalie flirted, performed well enough on challenges, and ducked out of the way. This season she has her buddy Bananas around again, but will also be around a lot of the same cast as Vendettas who don’t trust her (Kayleigh, Kailah, Kam, Britni). Natalie is paired with rookie Paulie.
  • Nelson Thomas (Original series: Are You the One? season 3)
    • Nelson had an incredible Dirty XXX season. He scored 275 fantasy points in 11 episodes, culminating in him getting kicked off for physically attacking Derrick K. Nelson followed that season up by scoring 85 fantasy points in 13 episodes on Vendettas. Nelson is a good competitor and can be dramatic. He liked Kayleigh on Vendettas and got burned. Unfortunately for Nelson, he is paired with Shane.
  • Paulie Calafiore (Original series: Big Brother 18; rookie)
    • Paulie is a rookie, teamed up with Natalie, who is in her sophomore season. Social media seems to indicate that Paulie and Cara Maria hooked up. Seeing as rookie Kyle had a terrific season on Vendettas while hooking up with Cara Maria. Could it work for Paulie?
  • Shane Landrum (Original series: Road Rules: Campus Crawl)
    • Shane was not on Dirty XXX, but was on Vendettas. He scored 40 points in 7 episodes. Making it halfway through the season was pretty good, but as a gay man, he seldom has hook-up potential on these challenges. Though, he has made out with girls in the past. Shane was on the recent season of Champs vs. Stars, where he did not get along with Jozea. Shane is partnered with Nelson, who is a strong competitor with a temper.
  • Sylvia Elsrode (Original series: The Real World: Skeletons)
    • Sylvia is an underdog who is working on her self-confidence. While she scored 60 fantasy point in 7 episodes on Vendettas, she did much better than expected back on Invasion. Sylvia got sick last season, so we saw her depart in an anti-climactic way. This season she’s paired with Joss, which is a great pairing for her.
  • Tori Deal (Original series: Are You the One? season 4)
    • Tori had a great rookie season on Dirty XXX. She scored 200 points and came in 3rd place in the final. MTV likes Tori a lot. Since Dirty XXX, Tori was used as a mercenary on Vendettas and has been on two Champs vs. Stars seasons. Her partner Derrick is her ex, and it’s unclear how good of a competitor he is, as he did not last long on Dirty XXX.
  • Veronica Portillo (Original series: Road Rules: Semester at Sea)
    • Veronica started this trilogy out as a “born again rookie.” She did well on Dirty XXX, scoring 175 fantasy points in 15 episodes. She had an awkward hook up with fellow veteran Aneesa that season. Veronica’s Vendettas season was a bust, 10 points in 8 episodes. Veronica is not in her prime, but has a strong partner in CT.
  • Zach Nichols (Original series: The Real World: San Diego 2011)
    • Zach came in 2nd place on Vendettas. He scored 160 fantasy points for the season. Zach is pretty chill, not too likely to fight. He is on the season with his ex-girlfriend and now girlfriend again, Jenna. We don’t know exactly when they got back together, so it’s unclear if we will see them reconcile on this show or if that happened during their time together on Champs vs Stars 2. Zach is paired with Amanda.


  • Tony Raines (Original series: The Real World: Skeletons)
    • Fresh off winning Champs vs. Stars 3 with CT, Tony is turning the corner from drunk playboy to dedicated Dad. Tony just missed the Dirty XXX final, scoring 150 fantasy points for the season. On Vendettas, Tony scored 165 points in 14 episodes. Tony is probably not hooking up anymore, but who knows with Tony. The big gamble with drafting Tony is that we are just guessing from Wikipedia weirdness that he is Bananas partner, either originally or via replacement (which would mean he’s on fewer episodes than other players).

DRAFT WISELY! Good luck!!!

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2 thoughts on “THE CHALLENGE: Final Reckoning – SEASON PREVIEW

  1. Liz says:

    Does pat mayo no longer rank the competitors? I can’t find this season anywhere and we used to use his rankings for our draft.

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