The Challenge: Final Reckoning – Episode 1 – Breakdown & Scoring

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Six Feet Under – Ep1

Welcome to a new season! The 3rd and final season in a trilogy we didn’t know we were in. It’s essentially a mix of Rivals and Exes, but littered with the words “dirty” and “vendettas” because of the previous two seasons.

Season 32 – Episode 1

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Nelson Digs – Ep1

Title: Six Feet Under

This time in South Africa! Once we are reintroduced to the cast and introduced to some of the rookies. T.J. lays the concept of the season on thick. Half the cast is told that their partners are buried in unmarked graves. There will be a radio for communication, but the buried partner’s voice will be disguised so that they don’t know who their teammate for the season is until they dig them up. The buried partner has to help the digging partner find them in the field.

Oh, and the last two teams to finish are eliminated.

The cast, who probably has some idea who is on the season, seems mostly interested in who CT’s partner will be. At this point in life, CT is pretty friendly and doesn’t really have enemies, save for maybe Bananas?

Zach digs up his partner Amanda first (15 points each for winning the challenge). Shane & Nelson come in 2nd. Natalie & Paulie take 3rd. The last three teams are Britni & Chuck, Jozea & Da’Vonne, and Jenna & Jemmye. Jozea & Da’Vonne finish first (12th overall) to save themselves.

Then we find Bananas. He’s alone in a grave because his partner “didn’t bother to show up,” according to T.J. NOTE: According to Reddit, Devin was supposed to be Bananas’s partner, but Devin’s dad died, so he had to go home. Bananas will get a new partner soon… and thanks to Wikipedia, we know it’s Tony.

T.J. informs us that when you win on Final Reckoning, you get power. Winners Amanda & Zach get to send another team straight home. They opt for rookies Jozea & Da’Vonne. Da’Vonne is annoyed and says Zach has made a vendetta. Is this a set-up for Vendettas 2? I thought this was a trilogy.

As the three eliminated teams leave, Britni stops by her man Brad and kisses him goodbye (10 points each).

More information about the game from our host, T.J.: winner take all. $1 million. Now go home and figure out how to work together.

At the house, Angela and Shane have a verbal fight about closet space (10 points each).

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Faith & Kyle Kiss – Ep1

Joss and Amanda flirt, then kiss (10 points each). Kyle and Faith make out (10 points each).

We’re then shown that this season has a Redemption House (just like on Dirty XXX).

Back at the real house… Annoyed that Kyle was kissing Faith, Cara Maria wants to make Kyle jealous by flirting with Paulie. Paulie has a girlfriend back home, so Cara Maria awkwardly tries to convince him that hooking up with her is a good game strategy.

Kailah and Kayleigh verbally fight (10 points each) about how much they dislike each other. Kailah says that Melissa and Kayleigh have been lying by saying that Kailah hooked up with Tony last season. Kailah has a boyfriend, and doesn’t appreciate these rumors on social media that could mess up her relationship. Melissa didn’t like Kailah talking s@#% about her on Twitter, so Melissa said Kailah and Tony kissed. She claims it’s “what she was told.” Kayleigh repeated the misinformation.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Melissa vs. Kailah – Ep1

Melissa shows up and jumps into a big verbal fight with Kailah about this social media drama (10 points) and it gets intense quickly. Kailah shoves Melissa, who pushes Kailah back and they go down for a quick wrestle before being pulled apart (25 points each for physical fight).

The next morning, Kailah tells Shane that Melissa was in her face and then swung on her. Bananas comes in and cuts off Kailah’s self-pity party. Bananas does not want to hear Kailah complain about being attacked by Melissa. He tells Kailah that she had a part to play in the fight, too and that she was not punched in the face. Kailah gets mad at Bananas and yells at him (5 points for verbal attack). He cooly is all, “whatever, Kailah the victim.”

Meanwhile, Kam and Kayleigh are worried that their partners are about to be kicked off. Kayleigh thinks that both Kailah and Melissa will be sent home. T.J. shows up and gives the news: Kailah and Melissa are kicked off (100 points each).

Stray observations:

  • T.J. calls out Kailah and Melissa for not even caring about their partners. Isn’t that the point of rivals? I mean, vendettas? I mean, well… you know what I mean.
  • Is this how people are these days? If you unfollow someone on social media, it signifies the end of a relationship?
  • On the one hand… if Tony & Kailah didn’t kiss, why is Kailah so bent out of shape about it? There’s no known footage… would her boyfriend believe Kailah’s two enemies over her? On the other hand… Melissa actually tagged Kailah’s boyfriend in the post in question. That is really digging for unnecessary drama on social media, a public forum.
  • We were amused by Sylvia’s random blue wig she was wearing during the Kailah/Melissa fight. Gotta love that half the cast was in the room for that.
  • Oops on us for not including Redemption Win as a category this season.
  • Bananas is annoying, but he calmly calls out Kailah’s revisionist history and her overdone lip fillers.

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Episode 1 scores:

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep1 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep1 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Kailah (150 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Many (0 points)

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5 thoughts on “The Challenge: Final Reckoning – Episode 1 – Breakdown & Scoring

  1. ZSG says:

    do we pick new teams each week or is it one pick for the season? In one spot, it says you pick your team for the whole season, but I also see that we can set lineups for week 2 so my league is confused.

  2. Jessica says:

    When do our teams lock? I didn’t see anything about that this week and I just went in to set my my week 2 team and it’s already locked.

    • rachelarbeit says:

      On fantasizr? I dunno. Comment and Dan will comment back.

      If you’re using our scoring for your own league, same team every week, unless you came up with an alternative plan when you drafted

  3. will you be adding redemption wins as a category? thanks for doing this every season!

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