The Challenge: Final Reckoning – Episode 3 – Breakdown & Scoring

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Kyle & Cara Maria Talk Paulie – Ep3

Kyle, Paulie and Cara Maria “love” triangle is a thing? But it’s Faith getting the lovin’!

Season 32 – Episode 3

Title: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Paulie apparently called Kyle a “pussy,” which means, since elimination voting is going to be soon, winners Kyle and Brad talk to Paulie. Paulie says that he didn’t call Kyle a pussy, just said that Kyle would be a pussy for voting him in or something. Paulie tells Kyle he should vote in Shane, who made fun of his hair plugs on social media.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Kam talk about how Kayleigh “outed” Natalie on social media. It’s worth noting that the Bananas/Natalie “relationship” is quite suspect. We never saw them do anything besides flirt. It seems, from reading between the lines, that Kayleigh didn’t appreciate Natalie having the house turn on her for kissing a guy (Bananas) that Natalie was never really with and/or interested in. But Kayleigh did incorrectly claim Natalie is a lesbian when Natalie identifies as bisexual. Nonetheless, this is one of the messy, yet legitimate issues between cast members this season.

Kyle and Cara Maria have a weird flirty talk about their relationships with other people in the house. Kyle goes under the covers with Faith, who admits in interview that they had sex. Kyle has a funny moment of asking for a good edit. It’s coitus (20 points).

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Kyle & Faith Coitus – Ep3

More talk… Tony has gained weight (since he won Champs vs. Stars 3? Nah, must be Bananas noticing since last season they were on together – Vendettas), CT is resigned to the fact that he probably won’t win with Veronica as his partner, Angela and Bananas flirt.

Finally, the game moves on!

T.J. comes in and tells the cast that this season elimination nominations will be a bit different. Everyone can be voted in except for winners Brad and Kyle, whose vote will be “the power vote,” meaning it’s worth two votes, while all other teams have votes worth counted just once. Instead of voting in front of everyone else, votes will be placed in private deliberation rooms.

Nelson & Shane vote first, they pick Angela & Faith. Angela & Faith vote Nelson & Shane. CT & Veronica vote, but we don’t see for whom. Kayleigh & Kam seemingly vote for Tori & Derrick. We don’t see Tori & Derrick’s vote. Cara Maria & Marie seemingly vote for Angela & Faith, but the key takeaway is that Marie asks Cara Maria to not tell anyone else their vote. Tony & Bananas vote for Nelson & Shane. Joss & Sylvia and Amanda & Zack vote for Natalie & Paulie. Natalie & Paulie vote for Joss & Sylvia. Finally, we don’t see who Brad & Kyle vote for.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Cara Maria & Marie Deliberate – Ep3

Here’s the vote tally from the votes we see:

Angela & Faith –  2

Nelson & Shane – 2

Natalie & Paulie – 2

Tori & Derrick – 1

Joss & Sylvia – 1

The teams going into elimination won’t be revealed until elimination. T.J. tells everyone who is not Brad & Kyle to pack their bags.

Back in her room, Cara Maria tells Natalie and Tori who Marie wanted to vote for. Marie walks in, hears what she’s doing and gets mad. Marie asks if they can talk, Cara Maria declines.

Meanwhile, at the Redemption House, drunk Jozea announces Truth or Dare. Jemmye and Jenna are using this opportunity to mess with exes Britni and Chuck because there’s nothing else to do and because this can be considered strategy for the game somehow. It quickly turns into Britni getting mad at Chuck, and then Chuck and Britni fighting (10 points each). Afterwards, Britni cries (10 points) about how much pain Chuck caused her.

Chuck comes back and tells her to get over it because they are on a team together. Britni just looks at him.

The eliminations this season are set in Armageddon because there’s always a new name for the dome or whatever where they have the eliminations.

T.J. reveals that four teams got votes. Tori & Derrick from the above list didn’t get votes. The most votes went to Natalie & Paulie. T.J. then explains that this season you have to own your actions and he’s going to say who voted for them. It was: Joss & Sylvia, Kayleigh & Kam, Amanda & Zach, and Kyle & Brad. Natalie & Paulie get to choose from the teams that voted for them (minus winners Kyle & Brad). Paulie suggest Joss & Sylvia, but Natalie wants Kayleigh, her vendetta.

They select to go against Kayleigh & Kam.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Think Outside the Box Elimination – Ep3

The game is Think Outside the Box. One partner is in a box and the other has to get them out. The partner outside of the box is attached to a bungee cord they have to pull against to get the puzzle pieces to the partner in the box. Kam and Paulie are outside of the box. It’s clear that Paulie has more resistance than Kam, which makes sense because he’s a guy, but did they overdo the handicapped? Unclear. Kam is having a much easier time getting pieces than Paulie.

Kam is coaching Kayleigh on how to put the puzzle together, yelling at Kayleigh. It seems like it would be annoying more than productive, but it works. Kayleigh & Kam win (25 points each).

Stray observations:

  • MTV showed Tony smoking a cigarette and Chuck smoking! It seems like they have been trying really hard to not show people smoking the past few seasons.
  • The cast is really keeping the word “vendetta” alive this season.
  • Kam says she’s 3-0 in eliminations, but that doesn’t include Champs vs. Stars 3.
  • Okay, now that the season is set, can we get a challenge-deliberation-elimination? No, because next episode we see the Redemption House people pulling the double-cross.
  • Shane saying that his apology to Kyle is from the heart and not because he (Kyle) has power over him is hilarious.
  • Natalie says she’s been getting “gay-shamed” everyday. I find that difficult to believe. Maybe shamed for being fake? But gay? In 2018? Also, come on people, just ignore haters on the internet… unless

Stuff on Twitter:

Episode 3 scores:

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep3 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep3 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Kam & Kayleigh (25 points each)

Worst player performance of the episode: Most everyone else (0 points)

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