The Challenge: Final Reckoning – Episode 4 – Breakdown & Scoring

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Redemption Double-Cross – Ep4

Natalie and Paulie join the Redemption House to make for four teams in the Redemption House at the start of Episode 4.

Season 32 – Episode 4

Title: The Affair

The morning after their frustrating fight, Chuck makes Britni coffee. The two of them make peace.

Paulie notices that there seem to still be feelings there, and tells the exes that he’s going to get back to the Main House and tell Brad that Britni and Chuck are back together.

Kayleigh and Nelson saw each other in London after he was eliminated last season. It’s unclear exactly what their relationship was, but it seems sour now. Remember, she also criticized him pretty strongly on the Vendettas reunion last season.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Bananas vs. Shane – Ep4

Shane calmly calls out Bananas for voting him and Nelson into the elimination last time. Bananas questions Shane’s “math” and tries to keep his cool, but they have a tense, albeit quiet, verbal fight (10 points each). Bananas didn’t like that Shane asked him about his vote in front of other people, but Shane wanted to call out Bananas in front of other people before he could lie to them.

Bananas and Angela flirt, even though she has a boyfriend back at home.

Kayleigh and Nelson have a weird conversation about how they have liked each other and hurt each other. It’s odd. Doesn’t seem sour now.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Brad and Britni Kiss Gooddbye – Ep4

FINALLY, Jenna gets a text that it’s time for their reckoning.

The double-cross will be used to determine which two teams will compete to get back into the “main game”. Whoever pulls the double-cross gets to choose their opponent. The other two teams are done and going home. Jozea & Da’Vonne get to pick first. They pull a single-cross.

Paulie & Natalie go next and pick the double-cross. They will pick who they go against at the Armageddon elimination, with the Main House all there to watch.

It’s pouring rain when the Redemption House teams come out. Zach gives Jenna a kiss (10 points each).

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Natalie Trying to Get Her Sledgehammer Out – Ep4

T.J. asks Paulie & Natalie who they want to go against. Paulie looks at Brad and Zach and says he’s sending home their girlfriends, and chooses to go against Jozea & Da’Vonne. Brad kisses Britni goodbye (10 points each). There’s more kissing, but you only get fantasy points for one per episode. Sorry, those are the rules.

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse elimination is Balls to the Wall. Each team will be in a cage facing a wall with a sledgehammer sticking through it. Each team member has to break their sledgehammer out of the wall. Then they have to break out of ice in a window, climb out and go ring a bell. Whoever rings the bell first, wins. Losers go back to the Redemption House.

Paulie gets his sledgehammer out very quickly. Jozea gets his hammer out of the wall next, and the two guys switch to coach mode as they need to help their female teammates through their struggle. Da’Vonne finally gets it and they break out (25 points for an elimination win).

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Balls to the Wall Elimination – Ep4

Brad starts with Paulie immediately, and Paulie freaks out. Kyle and Zach are yelling at Paulie… it’s a giant verbal fight of Paulie vs. Kyle, Brad and Zach. The testosterone rage between these four yields 10 points each. Once Paulie is not being held back by bodyguards, he stares at Brad and says he did Brad a favor (sending home Britni), that Britni was hooking up with her ex (Chuck). Brad stays cool and tries not believe Paulie, but is a little concerned.

Paulie & Natalie are heading to the Redemption House alone. Natalie feels like the loss was her fault (because it was) and cries (10 points).

Stray observations:

  • Just a Redemption elimination? You’re killing me, show runners. At least there were some fights.
  • A Jenna/Jemmye friendship is cute. Jenna is the athlete, Jemmye is the strategist. We could call them Jennye?
  • Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Final Reckoning, Armageddon… this season is littered with end of the world language. It’s like season after season of “this is the most intense challenge ever” has come to this… but where will MTV go from here?
  • The Purge isn’t really a purge if there’s a Redemption House AND loser of a Redemption elimination go back to that Redemption House. Teams like Paulie & Natalie could have nine lives!
  • Amanda saying Paulie is a loser for not facing “their boyfriends” (Brad and Zach) is laughable. That’s not the position he’s in. He can only work with what he’s able to work with, which is eliminating their girlfriends.
  • Paulie is following through on the political strategy Cory tried. If Paulie & Natalie get back into the house, do you think they can recruit enough other teams for a counter-alliance?

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Episode 4 scores:

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep4 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep4 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Jozea & Da’Vonne (25 points each)

Worst player performance of the episode: Almost everyone else (0 points)

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