The Challenge: Final Reckoning – Episode 5 – Breakdown & Scoring

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Brad Has Nothing But Time to Think – Ep5

Because Challenge relationships (or “showmances”) are super stable, Brad is rattled by Paulie yelling at him that his girlfriend Britni was hooking up with her ex-boyfriend Chuck at the Redemption House.

Season 32 – Episode 5

Title: Breaking Brad

Now Paulie is back at the Redemption House, but the thoughts are planted in Brad’s mind. Jozea & Da’Vonne were in the Redemption House, but they want to use the information they have strategically.

Derrick and Angela are exes from Ex on the Beach. So Derrick has had two exes this whole time? We are finding this out in Episode 5? Anyway, Bananas and Angela flirt by the pool and kiss (10 points each). While it doesn’t seem to bother Derrick, this could matter politically, if Angela wants to recruit Bananas & Tony as a team that will vote against her ex.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Angela & Bananas Kiss – Ep5

We see a lot of the cast working out. CT wants his partner Veronica to work out, but she’d rather not and just drink a little less.

Brad asks Jozea what happened with Britni in the Redemption House. Jozea doesn’t lie and say anything happened, he just says that their behavior was odd and how she acted was “grounds for termination.”

Jozea & Da’Vonne reach out to fellow rookies Faith & Angela to be an alliance.

It’s a “purge” challenge. Whatever team comes in last will go straight to the Redemption House.

The challenge is called Shark Bait because it’s a signature “heights over water” challenge, and the body of water has sharks in it (or so T.J. says).

When T.J. says “go”, teams will race from one platform across a course of high-hanging steaks and ropes to a platform on the other side. There are four steaks total with three ropes in between them. The goal is to get across as fast as possible. If one partner falls, the other falls. The winner gets a significant advantage at the next challenge.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Shark Bait Challenge – Ep5

First up is Joss & Sylvia and Zach & Amanda. Joss leaves Sylvia in the dust. Joss gets to the other side and just waits, but Sylvia is his partner and needs help. Zach falls. Sylvia falls. Amanda decides she doesn’t care if it doesn’t matter, she wants to make it to the other side. She does and Joss even helps her onto the platform. Amanda & Joss kiss (10 point each).

The next heat is CT & Veronica and Kyle & Brad. Kyle & Brad finish in no time, while Veronica complains that it is hard because she’s short. Veronica falls jumping onto the first steak. CT is very frustrated.

Rookies are the next heat. Jozea & Da’Vonne and Angela & Faith are up. CT is messing with them from the ground, yelling to wait. CT is trying to mess with the rookies to save his team since they had such a bad performance. They eventually start moving. Angela falls. Jozea falls.

Nelson & Shane go up next head-to-head against Tony & Bananas. Tony & Bananas make it across very quickly. Shane makes it, Nelson falls.

Cara Maria & Marie and Kam & Kayleigh are next. The girls are moving slowly. Marie falls after getting to one rope, which is still more than CT & Veronica. Kam & Kayleigh get to the 2nd one before falling.

Derrick & Tori are next and they have one team to beat. Derrick gets to a steak, then slides down the next rope. Tori is frustrated, but trying not to be too mad because she knows they didn’t lose.

T.J. is proud that everyone gave it a go, and says two teams “killed it”: Kyle & Brad and Tony & Bananas (10 points each). But the winning team is Kyle & Brad (15 points each).

The losing team, going straight to Redemption, is CT & Veronica. CT is very unhappy. He doesn’t say bye to anyone. CT goes straight for the bottle of wine as soon as he enters the Redemption House. Veronica tells Natalie everything, including that CT is not talking to her.

Paulie is pumped to see his Challenge idol. CT just needs to vent about Veronica. Later, the two veteran partners have an honest conversation that, of course, it’s Veronica’s fault. After some more drinks, CT can’t help but vent that she didn’t pull her weight at all. CT & Veronica have a verbal fight (10 points each). Veronica has tears in her eyes, but we don’t see her cry. Even after Veronica goes upstairs and gets in bed, CT keeps yelling at her (5 points for verbal attack) and throws a chair (15 points for physical attack).

OMG – It’s episode 5 and Amanda says it’s their first night out. Bananas and Tori talk about how they don’t like Britni. Kyle & Brad are a happy partnership, focusing on how good they are as a team. Bananas & Tony, not so much, they have a quick spat about how Tony is not Bananas’s little brother (10 points).

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Brad Calling Britni – Ep5

Kayleigh is jealous that Nelson is flirting with Faith. Back at the house, Kayleigh & Nelson have a fight about it (10 points each). The next morning Kayleigh apologizes, and Nelson makes it clear that he wasn’t flirting or trying to make her look bad.

The episode ends with Brad getting five minutes to call Britni and ask her what happened at the Redemption House. We’ll see the call next week, along with a challenge, Cara Maria crying and probably not an elimination.

Stray observations:

  • Follow up on the green drink we saw Jenna and Jemmye drinking in the Redemption House. According to users on Reddit, MTV dyes the booze now, after some cast members were coming to Challenges drunk. It seems the green drink was white wine, dyed.
  • Jozea makes Derrick look like a good competitor.
  • The order for the challenge was random, but considering Kyle & Brad and Bananas & Tony are the tallest and strongest, they should have had to go first. They probably still would have won, but it would have been more fair, not that this game is ever about fairness.
  • CT tried very hard to be patient with Veronica, but her not even getting on that first steak really brought out some throwback angry CT.
  • Usually more than one team gets eliminated in a purge, right? What kind of purge is one team moving to the minor league house?
  • Since the Purge meant no elimination this episode, MTV editing stretched a half an hour of material to an hour. AT THIS RATE THIS SEASON IS GOING TO BE 100 EPISODES!
  • Is Brad worried about his relationship with Britni? I wasn’t sure until he said it for the 20th time.
  • Nelson & Kayleigh have a 0% chance of a healthy, happy relationship, but it is cute that he appeals to her Britishness by saying he “fancies” her.

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Episode 5 scores:

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep5 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep5 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: CT (30 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Almost everyone else (0 points)

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