The Challenge: Final Reckoning – Episode 7 – Breakdown & Scoring

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Redemption House Peanut Gallery with Chef CT – Ep7

It’s Episode 7 and only three of the sixteen original teams have been eliminated. Now a team of mercenaries may join the game. At this rate, by the time this season is over, Veronica will be old enough to collect social security.

Season 32 – Episode 7

Title: Big Little Lies

We pick up where we left off, Shane vs. Da’Vonne.  Da’Vonne is yelling at Shane that she’s her own person (5 points for verbal attack), while Shane’s partner Nelson tells him to step down. Da’Vonne slaps a wall in frustration.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Faith & Angela – Ep7

At Armageddon, we learn that Derrick & Tori got the most votes. Kam and others in the house are not pleased. Burning votes is like shooting at random and there are still rookies to pick off.

The following teams voted for them: Angela & Faith, Joss & Sylvia, and Brad & Kyle. Derrick & Tori choose a challenge, and decide to go against Joss & Sylvia.

The elimination is called Ramp It Up. Teams will start at the base of their own quarter-pipe and run across to their opponent’s quarter-pipe, climb up (there are ropes), grab a ball and bring it back to their bucket. Whichever team gets all seven of each of their opponent’s balls in their bucket first, wins.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ramp Up Elimination – Ep7

It is very close. Joss is climbing up and helping Sylvia. By the end, Derrick is doing the same to help his partner. Joss & Sylvia pull off the win, 7-6 (25 points each).

Back at the house, Kam & Kayleigh talk strategy with Cara Maria. Kam has a plan, but she can’t reveal the details. She just needs to win the next challenge.

The next challenge is Dig Deep. Four teams will be trapped in a mine shaft. Each mine shaft has three puzzles. Each puzzle is connected to a tool that will help them dig out. Once out, the teams will run along a path to a finish line. The first pair to cross the finish line from the winning mine shaft, wins the challenge and gets the power vote.

The groups in mine shaft are:

Blue Team: Jozea & Da’Vonne, Bananas & Tony, Cara Maria & Marie, Faith & Angela

Green Team: Shane & Nelson, Brad & Kyle, Kam & Kayleigh, Joss & Sylvia

Since Zach & Amanda won the last challenge, they get to choose which team they can go on. They choose the Green Team, where Zach sees the muscle.

The first puzzle is a three-dimensional block puzzle. Brad tries taking the lead on the Green Team, and it’s not working. Kam steps in and works with Shane to get it done. On the Blue Team side, Marie steps aside and Cara Maria puts “the hardest puzzle” together.

Zach breaks out first for the Green Team, but Amanda is lost in the crowd in the bunker. Cara Maria butts in front of Da’Vonne because she solved the puzzle.

Kam & Kayleigh are the first team to have both players wiggle out for the Blue Team. The Blue Team wins, so these girls win (15 points each).

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Dig Deep Challenge – Ep7

Kam has a strategy she’s been thinking about for days. She tells her partner Kayleigh to use the double vote not to get someone in, but to save a team she likes. But Kam also tells Kayleigh to let her do her thing. That thing is having Bananas get the entire house in one room for Kam to announce the two teams she’s choosing between voting for (while also disclosing that Kayleigh is letting her make the decisions for the team).

Kam proceeds to tell everyone that they will either be voting for Brad & Kyle or Joss & Sylvia. Sylvia is mad because these are her friends voting for her, yells at Kam (5 points for verbal attack), but Joss pulls her away to calm her down.

Meanwhile, Kam tells Kayleigh that the actual plan is to let the house flip out with this information, burn votes on each other (because no one will want to go against either of those strong teams) and then actually vote in whoever they want in.

Even though Kam told her buddy Sylvia about the plan, Sylvia sells it by crying (10 points) and acting upset. Kyle also knows the plan, and plays up that Kam says what she means and means what she says. Kam spends some extra time telling Faith that Kyle voted her into elimination her rookie season and Brad used a grenade on her, so they’ve earned that. Kam goes on to say that she never promised Sylvia anything. Faith thinks Kam is shady, buying the Queen Kam on a power trip act completely.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Calculating Kam – Ep7

T.J. comes to preside over the secret vote. Nelson & Shane vote Cara Maria & Marie. Cara Maria & Marie vote Nelson & Shane. Zach & Amanda vote Bananas & Tony, who return the favor. It’s all going as planned. The rookie teams vote for each other. Sylvia explains to Joss the plan to vote Brad & Kyle and Joss either doesn’t get it or doesn’t trust it. Kyle then tells Brad the plan to cancel out votes by voting for Joss & Sylvia, and Brad freaks out because he hates this plan. Brad doesn’t want to trust Kam & Kayleigh, but has no other choice at this point.

Kam & Kayleigh feel like they have the votes that matter as they lock in their choice.

Back at the house, Kam reveals that she set everyone up to really make it so their power vote matters. Shane and Marie are wildly impressed. Kam wants the teams she didn’t vote for to feel “saved” so they feel like they owe her one.

At Armageddon, we see that the power vote that mattered went to Faith & Angela. When T.J. asks how the rookies feel about it, Faith moons everyone else (10 points for nudity). The teams that voted for Faith & Angela are Kam & Kayleigh (who are safe) and Jozea & Da’Vonne. But Jozea & Da’Vonne aren’t going in, because T.J. reveals mercenaries Hunter & Smashley to go against the rookie girls.

We’ll see this elimination next week.

Stray observations:

  • We finally got an elimination and a challenge in the same episode! That was terrific!!!
  • MTV teased the mercenaries in a preview today. STOP TEASING THE LAST SCENE OF THE EPISODE! That’s not really the point of a tease. The tease is to get you excited for what will happen in the next episode, not what will happen in the episode after next.
  • “[Derrick] is as useless as the ‘g’ in lasagna,” -Joss
  • The Challenge is brought to us by the U.S. Army. Paulie: blow off some steam. Join the army.
  • Is it me or is Veronica loving life in the Redemption House? She gets to just relax and be a challenge spectator.

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Episode 7 scores:

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep7 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep7 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Sylvia (40 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Lots of people (0 points)

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