The Challenge: Final Reckoning – Episode 11 – Breakdown & Scoring

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Kam & Kayleigh Get Purged – Ep11

The conclusion of the eating challenge is here and it’s exactly what we thought it was.

Season 32 – Episode 11

Title: You’re the Worst

Winners Smashley & Hunter get an advantage next challenge. The bottom two teams were Cara Maria & Marie, who managed to beat Kam & Kayleigh, who only ate three plates. Kam & Kayleigh are headed to the Redemption House. Kayleigh & Nelson kiss goodbye (10 points each).

At the bar, Cara Maria tells Smashley that it hurt her that Smashley hooked up with Kyle. Smashley gets angry and calls out Cara Maria for saying she didn’t care, when she does. Smashley rightly points out that she can’t read Cara Maria’s mind. Smashley and Cara Maria have a fight (10 points each). Cara Maria almost cries.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Cara Maria vs. Smashley – Ep11

Back at the house, Cara Maria hears Amanda talking about her and goes to the room where Amanda is. Cara Maria and Amanda immediately get into a fight (10 points each). Joss kinda holds Amanda back. Kyle goes to hold Cara Maria back and she pushes him away (15 points for psychical attack). Smashley jumps into the fight by yelling at Cara Maria to go home, saying nobody likes Cara Maria (10 points).

Bananas comes in joking, yelling that Cara is a “loser” – fake jumping on the bandwagon. Cara Maria leaves the room.

Marie starts getting upset and provides her own perspective. This turns into a  screaming verbal fight with Amanda and Smashley (10 points each). Smashley is still yelling, now calling Marie a “loser” because Smashley is insane and/or drunk.

NOTE: There are some guys hanging out in this scene that are maybe security guards or production, but we don’t really know who they are.

Amanda comes back out and attacks Cara Maria (5 points), when Marie tells Amanda to calm down, Amanda verbally attacks Marie (5 more points).

In another room, Amanda tries to defend herself and Zach calmly, but assertively tells his partner to shut up.

Outside, the girls talk more. Marie says the “Lavendar ladies” went too far. Marie, Amanda and Smashley’s heated talk is a verbal fight (10 points each).

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Natalie vs. Kayleigh – Ep11

Back at the Redemption House, Kayleigh and Natalie try to hash things out. Right when it looks like they’ve maybe reached a peace, Kayleigh says sorry for outing Natalie as a lesbian on social media, but Kayleigh says that it was already public knowledge during Vendettas that Natalie was a lesbian. Natalie says she never told Kayleigh that directly and it spirals out of control quickly. They end up getting into a shouting match fight (10 points each)

The Challenge is called Sky Bridge. The teams have to repair a rope bridge 1,000 feet in the air, held up by a crane. Teams compete head-to-head. Whichever team goes the farthest the fastest (fifteen minute time limit), wins. Smashley & Hunter get to choose when they go because they won the eating challenge. They choose to go last.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Cara Maria & Marie Disappoint T.J. – Ep11

First up is Cara Maria & Marie vs. Kyle & Brad. Kyle & Brad move slow and steady, while the girls stay sitting on the platform. T.J. yells up to Cara Maria to try. Cara Maria is scared and says she can’t do it. T.J. and Cara Maria yell at each other. T.J. says the girls set the bar super low (-5 points for Cara Maria & Marie for disappointing T.J.) Brad & Kyle finish with 3 of 5 ropes tied.

Shane is so afraid that he vomits (5 points). Shane & Nelson are up next vs. Bananas & Tony. Shane & Nelson are moving along nicely, working well together. Nelson gets a rope tangled behind him and that’s the end of their steady moving. Bananas & Tony finish tying their five ropes.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Sky Bridge Challenge – Ep11

Joss & Sylvia are up next vs. Zach & Amanda. Amanda keeps saying she can’t, Zach yells at her (5 points for verbal attack). T.J. does, too. Amanda drops, giving their team a DQ. Joss hangs and then falls.

Last up is Smashley & Hunter vs. Jozea & Da’Vonne. To win, they need to finish in a faster time than Bananas & Tony. Smashley freaks out. T.J. yells at Smashley for being afraid to fall and not trying (-5 points). Smashley doesn’t know how to crawl past the first knot and she climbs up to the side and quits.

In their post-challenge interview, Smashley flips out and verbally attacks Hunter (5 points) as if he is the problem on their team.

Down on the ground, T.J. chastises Smashley & Hunter and Cara Maria & Marie for not even trying (-5 points for disappointment now reaches Hunter, too). T.J. also announces officially that Bananas & Tony win (15 points each).

We’re out of time. Voting next week.

Stray observations:

  • “I hope your horse dies” – Amanda
  • “Everyone hates you,” was the theme of the girl fights tonight.
  • So much is going on during this Cara Maria vs. the other girls fight. Sylvia is involved, but the final edit doesn’t show us enough for her to get fantasy points. Joss is trying to get Amanda out of the situation. Brad is pointing his toothbrush at someone. Bananas, of course, is loving other people causing trouble.
  • Natalie vs. Kayleigh was an interesting fight because, as Kam noted, it has direct and clear consequences in the game (if Paulie & Natalie pull the double-cross, they will not choose to go against Kam & Kayleigh… and vice-versa). Also, it is interesting… is Natalie a pansexual who was hiding behind Bananas and not wanting to be outed? Or is she fake, as many claim she is?
  • These cliffhangers are so annoying. Kam only ate 3 plates of food? What? That’s a pretty terrible performance. But it’s hard to care when that challenge was a week ago, we knew the outcome from trailers, and Kam & Kayleigh aren’t even out; they are just down in Redemption.
  • Smashley and Amanda talk a lot of crap about Cara Maria not going anywhere on the rope bridge, but then they do next to nothing as well. Come on, ladies. You can get along. Start with that fear of heights and go from there!

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Episode 11 scores:

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep11 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep11 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Amanda & Smashley (40 points each)

Worst player performance of the episode: Hunter (-5 points)

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